It comes in a variety of styles and colors to suit even the most discriminating homeowner. Such areas include entries and living rooms. For larger stains, you’ll need to do a hot water extraction. You can save favorite items, create a Flooring Pass for easy shopping, and request an appointment online. The carpeting is made with DuPont renewable polymer. If your carpet sees a lot of foot traffic, experiences a stain once a month and has a few pets and kids walking over it, this is the carpet for you. Copyright © ImproveNetAll Rights Reserved. Mohawk Industries © Copyright 2020. Helping you plan your home improvement project, from start to finish. It also … Get the lowest price when you call! For homeowners who are looking for an eco-friendly carpet option, the SmartStrand line from Mohawk may fit the bill. Each strand of SmartStrand Silk carpet is packed with 700 silk … Make the most of your experience with a My Mohawk account. If you’re looking for something a little softer than their base lineup, Mohawk SmartStrand Ultra Silk has 3x the fibers found in nylon carpeting and Silk Reserve … Mohawk SmartStrand carpet prices range between $2.29 and $4.48 per square foot. Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Prices. In addition to regular spot and stain removals, most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction every one to two years. (includes PermaStrand XtraSoft) (includes all EverStrand P.E.T. Item #3919 Model #LC24-12-7252 While only time will tell for certain if triexta, including SmartStrand… I was suckered into Mohawk's smartstrand 2 years ago based on their ads. How Much Does It Cost To Retile A Shower? As we said earlier, first try warm water and a rag. When ready, use ImproveNet to connect with the best carpet contractors near you. Introducing SmartStrand Silk Reserve… Average minimum cost of SmartStrand carpeting: $2.29 per square foot, Average maximum cost of SmartStrand carpeting: $4.48 per square foot, Cost-Competitive Compared to Other Eco-Friendly Carpeting, Get multiple quotes for any home improvement project, See pro's rating, reviews, projects and more. Carpeting by Mike is a family-owned company in Somerset WI that offers a wide selection of flooring options and professional installation. Our Flooring Pros are Ready to Help! Much like traditional carpet choices, SmartStrand stays mid-range in price because it offers the same styles and types. Learn About Installation, Cleaning and Repair Costs. connect with the best carpet contractors near you. One of the main advantages of SmartStrand is that it's environmentally smart. SmartStrand Silk is still stain-resistant but has more fibers than your average carpet. It's a soft and low-pile carpet. Pattern carpeting selections often have designs that are made up from the body of the carpeting. Mohawk's revolutionary SmartStrand carpet fiber now features "Forever Clean" and "All Pet Protection" Visit our blog for the latest news and trends from Mohawk Carpet. See accessories tab below for our recommended vacuum cleaner for Silk … If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning on your own, professional carpet cleaning spot removal services start at $40. Enter the email address you registered with and we'll send you an email with your password. Each strand of SmartStrand Silk Reserve carpeting is packed with 700 silk-like, stain-resistant fibers. SmartStrand also stands above the rest because it has built-in stain removers and soil resistance capabilities that are permanent for the entire life of the carpet. You’ll get your flooring samples fast with no extra fees. Save with the Low Price … Depending on where you purchase your SmartStrand carpet, that price may or may not include the SmartCushion technology or padding used to increase the lifespan of the carpet. Search for all retailers in your ZIP Code. In terms of price… This can be very challenging when trying to locate the carpeting at wholesale costs. Call now to get the lowest prices & SAVE BIG onSmartStrand Silk Carpet! What is Travertine Flooring & What Does it Cost? Very few flooring brands offer as many or longer warranties than Mohawk. Additionally, you have to consider labor costs as well. Call us anytime for your wholesale pricing and receive 30% - 60% off … Finally, the overall durability makes it a cost-effective choice for homeowners who are looking for a long-lasting carpet that doesn't show the wear and tear normally found in busy households. While this is preferred and recommended by Mohawk, it can cause the your total Mohawk carpet price to rise. SmartStrand Silk, for example, features around three times as many fibers as a normal carpet. (3’x3’). SmartStrand Silk Reserve achieves an all-new, astonishing level of softness in a fresh palette of exquisite colors and timeless patterns. That’s 3X more individual fibers than found in ordinary nylon carpet. Sign up to create favorites, appointments, order samples, and more. SmartStrand Silk Reserve achieves an all-new, astonishing level of softness in a fresh palette of exquisite colors and timeless patterns. Special orders can increase the cost of SmartStrand carpet as well. Mohawk manufactures and sells a full range of carpet, hardwood, vinyl wood-look and tile flooring. However, like any carpet, certain costs must be considered. Luxurious Silk Fleck from Mohawk Carpet is available at a limited time discount price. SmartStrand Silk Reserve is Mohawk’s softest carpet ever, born from the maximum durability of the SmartStrand fiber. You may also try a combination of eco-friendly detergents and water. With our amazing selection of carpet, hardwood, laminate, tiles, and our affordable financing, you can have the floor of your dreams for a great price. Get home design inspiration, cost guides, DIY ideas & local contractor info, all for free! Being made from corn creates less waste and byproduct when it's being manufactured. I chose the same cut and loop style, in a close … The carpet pad is also eco-friendly because it's derived from recycled foam comprised of non-allergenic, environmentally-safe materials. You can lower your carpet installation cost by removing furniture yourself (if necessary). A smart carpet means that it took less energy to produce and manufacture, and it had less of an impact on the planet by reducing overall waste materials. The stain-resistant fibers are actually built into the carpet as opposed to other carpeting choices in which stain-resistant chemicals are often sprayed on. Of course, SmartStrand carpeting is not perfect and comes with a few disadvantages as well. This carpet offers a simple way to clean — with eco-friendly detergent and water. Shipping is built right into the sample price. Many of our retailers offer coupons when you order samples online. The carpet fibers form a loop that provides a stable cushioning — leading to a long-lasting and resilient finish. This new product combined over 700 silk-like fibers into just one strand of yarn. Do not use any spot remover with a pH level above 10. Would you like to continue? Launched in 2005, SmartStrand is made of triexta, which was the first newly classified fiber by the FCC in over 50 years. We do not recommend a DIY installation. All Retail Flooring Stores, We updated our Privacy Policy, which explains our use of cookies and similar technologies. We can provide a more personalized experience based on your location. ... Luxurious Fleck is a Smartstrand Silk carpet from Mohawk that comes in a vibrant 10 vibrant colors. Though SmartStrand was only released in 2009, the longevity of this third player in the carpet market is shocking the industry. The biggest disadvantage to SmartStrand carpet is that it has to be installed with SmartCushion padding. Overall, when producing SmartStrand carpeting, the process emits up to 60% fewer greenhouse gases than traditional carpet production. Use the icon under a product to add samples to your bag. Mohawk has joined with the Susan … Furthermore, not all flooring contractors are familiar with SmartCushion technology. Beyond reducing the carbon footprint, the overall durability makes it a cost-effective choice for homeowners who are looking for a long-lasting carpet that doesn't show the wear and tear normally found in busy households. Sorry, we don't have an account for that email address. We highly recommend you find a local carpet professional to install your Mohawk SmartStrand carpet. Finally, another disadvantage is installation. Nylon vs. SmartStrand Carpets: Price and Warranty. Below are costs for the major carpet brands today: Please note that the prices above are for materials only and do not include professional installation. The frieze carpet has loopy, twisted carpet fibers that are soft and bouncy to the touch. Seeking out a qualified contractor or flooring company who already works with or carries SmartStrand is recommended. If you’ve been looking for a durable and reliable carpet, your search is over. You can buy SmartStrand from Lowe’s, The Home Depot and of course, Mohawk. Loop carpet types are very soft and plush. First, try to remove stains with warm water. To figure the amount of square yardage you need, divide the square footage by nine. Don’t forget to include closets when you measure. Continue reading to see all SmartStrand carpet price factors and how it compares to other carpet types. The carpet padding has antimicrobial compounds that help inhibit the overall growth of fungus, molds and mildew, vastly decreasing carpet repair costs. Most carpet decisions come down comfort, maintenance and cost. WE'RE SORRY, CURRENTLY NO RETAILERS IN YOUR AREA. To get a real feel for the product, try ordering 4 samples and lining them up together. Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors Cost Guide. Mohawk Home and Office Inner Peace Textured Carpet (Indoor). Carpet is in high traffic areas, LR, … With a variety of styles in lighter shades of beige, white and grey, Karastan SmartStrand … If you want something even more luxurious and softer, SmartStrand Silk Reserve … SmartStrand carpeting is available at most major home improvement stores, but it can be challenging to find availability and may take a while to restock. In SmartStrand Silk, each strand of carpet is packed with 700 silk-like, stain … In SmartStrand Silk, each strand of carpet is packed with 700 silk-like, stain-resistant fibers. Terms of Use | Inspired by the elegant but natural feel of today’s décor, SmartStrand Silk Reserve includes an array of whites, creams, taupes, grays and blues in complementary shades with new patterns influenced by Mediterranean architecture to complete the sophisticated look. Depending on where you purchase your SmartStrand carpet, that price may or may not include the SmartCushion technology or padding used to increase the lifespan of the carpet. Mohawk SmartStrand carpet prices range between $2.29 and $4.48 per square foot. It's made with ViscoElastic memory foam as well as urethane foam to provide a long lasting cushion and outstanding comfort. And to convert a per-square-yard price … Adding this product will clear current selections. If you do not agree with our, Nanoloc™ Spill & Soil shield for easy cleanup, 3X easier to clean when it comes to dirt, hair, and pet dander, All Pet Protection and Warranty against pet odors and accidents. Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is environmentally friendly and can stand up to pets, children and stains. They may be staggered or uniform in design. It gets even better. When homeowners are looking for an eco-green carpet selection for their home, traditional synthetics just won't do. It has an underlying moisture barrier that helps protect the subflooring from spills and water seepage. find the right carpet contractor near you. A total of 32 tonal … Now SmartStrand is an even smarter choice for pets and pet owners. When producing SmartStrand carpeting, it uses 30% less overall energy than it does to create standard nylon materials that are used in other carpet brands. Sign up to save favorite items, request appointments, and more. Install or Replace Carpet Flooring, Timing is flexible, Single family house or condo, Install or Replace Hardwood Flooring, 1 - 2 weeks, Single family house or condo. Get The Lowest Prices on SmartStrand Silk Carpet Nationally! is a consumer price guide specifically designed to help homeowners research and budget carpet prices … Smartstrand Forever Clean Silk Reserve Astonishing Softness offers the softest carpet ever with maximum durability combined with a fresh palette of exquisite tonal colours. The result is a dense carpet that’s … If that doesn’t work, use a carpet stain remover or eco-friendly detergent to clean SmartStrand carpets. Now imagine all of the benefits of SmartStrand Forever Clean combined with the added luxury of supreme softness. To ensure you get a full SmartStrand pricing picture, you have to see how the cost compares to other popular carpets on the market. In a blind test, consumers preferred Silk's softness 5 to 1 over the competing premium soft nylon carpets. There are also two variants of Mohawk SmartStrand available with SmartStrand Ultra Silk and Silk Reserve. The padding provides a lightweight barrier that creates an insulating factor, making the room quieter as well as more energy efficient. fibers) ScotchgardCushion GuardianCushion SmartCushion GENERAL STAIN PET STAIN SOIL ABRASIVE The main advantages, aside of being eco-friendly, include: This carpeting can be used in new construction or to replace existing carpet. Privacy Policy | Then, use ImproveNet to find the right carpet contractor near you. However, a SmartStrand … Buy SmartStrand Carpet at wholesale prices! Some of the most common include: Textured carpeting often comes in a very short, plush form. The result – Mohawk launched SmartStrand Silk in 2012. A qualified carpet installer will be able to cut, measure and make sure the carpet and padding are a perfect fit. In fact, as their website says, “It’s the only carpet protection and warranty for all pets, all accidents, all the time.”. Undoubtedly, no matter what type of carpet you purchase, you’ll have to spend time and money cleaning it. It's generally used with SmartCushion technology — a carpet cushion that improves the life of the carpeting. Mohawk SmartStrand carpet prices range between $2.29 and $4.48 per square foot. Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is made with DuPont renewable polymer, otherwise known as triexta fiber. Sorry, that email and password combination didn't work. Your carpet cleaning cost will heavily depend on the stain in question and how long it has been present. Two years later, SmartStrand became the carpet industry’s first bio-based product. I replaced my home carpet after 15 years only because it was out-dated. Inspired by the elegant but natural feel of today's decor, SmartStrand Silk Reserve … Each strand of SmartStrand Silk Reserve carpeting is packed with 700 silk-like, stain-resistant fibers. Sound too good to be true? Get free estimates from local Carpet contractors. SmartStrand Carpet Prices vs. Other Carpet Prices. Furthermore, Mohawk also boasts their SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet. Save 30-60% CALL NOW! Comparing the prices is somewhat tricky because there are many nylon carpets of different quality and prices. That’s 3X more individual fibers than found in ordinary nylon carpet. With its Forever Clean and All Pet Protection technologies, SmartStrand Silk Reserve is the softest, easiest to clean and most durable carpet around, which makes it perfect for a heavily used family … Below are some of the most common questions homeowners have regarding SmartStrand Carpet. It may also void the manufacturer warranty if you install Mohawk carpet on your own. - The cost to install 1,200 square feet of Mohawk SmartStrand carpet will range between $2,748 and $5,376. Carpet Price Comparison Guides Compare Carpet Prices by Brand, Retailer and Quality. It offers a variety of colors, is durable, stain resistant and crush resistant! The result is a dense carpet that’s luxuriously soft to the touch without sacrificing durability. Award Winning Service! Stain removal costs as much as the products you put into it. It's meant to stay on even through cleanings — so it will never wash or wear off. We offer samples in 9” x 9” squares for carpet and generous sizes for hard surfaces. Being made from corn creates less waste and byproduct when it's being manufactured. Most recently, SmartStrand Silk… Shop and Save at Carpet Express! 715 N. Main Street, Moscow, ID 83843 Free in-Home Estimate - Schedule Now! There are of course other factors that contribute to your final carpeting decision. This makes these carpets much more dense, and normal vacuums frequently just can’t push … Our Karastan SmartStrand carpet is known for being luxuriously soft and extremely durable while also delivering the ultimate in stain-resistance and ease of care. It has been impossible to take care of. All rights reserved. Therefore, your total SmartStrand … SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet now features All Pet Protection and Warranty, the only pet-friendly carpet protection system that covers all pets, all accidents, all the time. This is a great selection for bedrooms or recreational rooms like dens or play areas. That's 3X more individual fibers than found in traditional nylon carpet. When it comes to carpet, as well as all flooring types, Mohawk is hard to beat. SmartStrand carpet is a good, reliable carpet. We offer SmartStrand products at some of the lowest prices available in the industry. Some contractors may discourage the brand and recommend going with another type of carpeting that is cheaper and more readily available. And also, keep in mind that some carpet is still priced and sold by the yard. It's important to check with the manufacturer prior to purchase. With its minimal environmental impact, it's a sustainable product that an eco-conscious homeowner will love. Therefore, your total SmartStrand carpet pricing may go up. To many homebuyers it feels like “the best of both worlds” – stain-resistance and texture retention. In fact, each strand has over 700 silky fibers which provide you with a thick, plush carpet underfoot. Since Mohawk manufactures Forever Clean, I decided to keep things as fair as possible, and selected another Mohawk carpet for the comparison. One square yard equals nine square feet. Frieze is a type of shag carpet that is much different than the traditional shag carpet styles of the 1970s. SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet features: Beyond carpet, Mohawk also specializes in hardwood, tile, vinyl and rugs. Due to the low cost of production compared to nylon, SmartStrand comes at a very reasonable price for the entry-level products and tops out with the higher end Silk styles. Finally, you should clean areas that see more foot traffic more often than others. For professional hot water extraction treatment, homeowners should expect to pay anywhere between $187 and $245. If that doesn’t work, apply a low-residue carpet spot remover. It may sometimes be referred to as a Berber carpet. According to our carpet installation cost guide, most homeowner pay between $3 and $5 per yard for professional labor. Like other carpet types, SmartStrand has a few styles and types. Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet Reviews Mohawk is analyzing vacuums so they can help clients that are irate since their current vacuum won't perform the job.

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