Joshua Pidgeon: It depends on which terrorrites you fishing in large mouths or small mouths and where, what water and how many you can catch within an hour. If you want to get more in-depth, you can look at their jaw structure. Smallies pound for pound are the most fun fish I’ve ever caught. Landen Krey: When Ur fighting a smallmouth it feel like you have a monster but when Ur fighting a largemouth u know how big it is. Smallmouth bass possess vertical strips that line their bodies, while largemouths have horizontal stripes located around their bellies. SIZE: The length of smallmouth bass most commonly caught is between 12 and 16 in (30.5 cm to 40.6 cm). Jb Sprague: Rock Bass fight as hard as any small mouth or large mouth bass and they are from the sunfish family and better eating! Largemouth bass like weeds for cover to ambush prey; cruising walleye, not so much. KRend Ill: Inch for inch pound for pound champions! Smallies are very active and there not picky eaters at all. We’re going to fish for them this summer. Their aggression and strength cannot be matched by most North American freshwater fishes, let alone lazy largemouth. A fw quick searches on the web wll show you some pictures of these two species as seen here. Jeremy Dirstine: i agree largemouth hit hard.but smallmouth fight to the death. Oh yeah, and the ones up here launch themselves out of the water like missiles! A smallmouth bass has an elongated body and is brownish-green in color fading to a yellow-white underside. Craig Coffman: Smallmouth are better fighter than largemouth and lots of actions from jumping out of the water, Trevor Ochs: Smallies fight better and look cooler. Not in every lake. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The current world record for the largest smallmouth bass ever caught is 11 lbs 15 oz. Drop Shot Baits for Largemouth vs. Smallmouth Bass - Duration: 2:15. I go to south Dakota for walleye fishing and will catch smallies up there. Largemouth are thrown back. not to say largemouth don’t fight, they do. They r so aggressive. Fishermen everywhere would be glad to point out exactly what differentiates a smallmouth and a largemouth bass. There is just something about the leopard spotted beauties exploding out of the water,especially when it’s a top water bite! They’re native to north america. Well I’m in north Idaho we have a bunch of both species and smallies are the shit. Your email address will not be published. If it looks like something good to eat. The heaviest reported weight for a smallmouth bass is 5.4 kg (11 lbs., 15 oz.) I guess my smallie fishing is a bit more masculine and I don’t use have to burn up gas or have a $50K rig to get ’em!!!!!!! I’ve got a few customers that’ll tell you why fishin for smallies is the most fun. I would feel a little under-gunned if I didn’t have a couple of these in my fly box. I have done both. Jonathan Lynn: Witt Smallies all the way. John Sickert: Smallies are a fish with an attitude. Although it may be inferred from the name that the two species difference is in the “mouth,” there are actually more obvious characteristics that define one from the other. I was really happy with the flies I bought on Amazon. The upper jaw of a largemouth bass extends beyond the rear margin of the orbit.. Both fish are great to catch it all depends on what one wieghs more to put cash in my pocket. Nelson Jones: non-stop fight! Jamie Lanning: I enjoy catching both and a 4lbs smallie will out fight a 6lbs large mouth no doubt but im still a largemouth pursuer but also aint gonna pass up and toad smallie either!! Largemouth Bass: 12 inches: No more than 10 combined total of smallmouth, largemouth, redeye, spotted bass or their hybrids: Lake Robinson (Greenville County) Largemouth Bass: 12 inches: No more than 5 combined total of smallmouth, largemouth, redeye bass or their hybrids. Gerath Bradley: I love going into a wait inn with a bag of brown fish and takeing the money from the sad green fisher men.. Confluence Outfitters VA: Fishing for smallmouth is always an adventure. Sean Cummings: very close call but i have to say, i love a smallie fight theyre like lil mike tysons..pack alot of punch ! Michael W Houston Whatever fish I’m catching at the moment is my favorite lol. The smallmouth snapped up Iaconelli’s lures soon as they landed on the bottom at 15 feet. Kyle Grosvenor: Both. Why Smallmouth Bass Are More Fun Than Largemouth Bass. Males are generally smaller than females. Barb Elliott: more fun cause they NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!! Here’s a link – Double Barrel Popper I don’t have a … That characteristic is usually a dead giveaway for me. Jim Smith: I LIKE CATCHING BOTH BUT THE SMALLMOUTH PUTS UP A BETTER FIGHT, Joe Heitschmidt: 2 of my favorite bites are hookin a 4lb browny in 20’+ of water and flippin a big jig in milfoil mats and seein the mat jump knowing a giant largy just sucked ur bait in. Your email address will not be published. If your looking for some good fights and amazing acrobatic action go chase river smallies on light to medium tackle your mind blown and you will be hooked for life.#fishingismyhustle#waterismystadium#backwoodsbassin, James Gerrity: i like catching both but the smallies fight harder a 3 pound smallie could pull a 6lb largemouth backwards all day, Wyatt Jacobson: Never caught me a bigmouth bass before but I do love hooking into a big smallie, Brian Pentecost: They fight like bulldogs until the last amount of energy..they never give up….so much that they need a little care when releasing. ... Make sure to bring some baitkeeper hooks in assorted sizes and some split shot in assorted sizes also. Doyle Simmons: prettier and way much stronger. Scott Chapman: smallies are a little more challenging to catch than largemouth. Phong Chang: Pound for pound hardest fighting fish on the planet!! You might have an argument if Rock Bass grew to 20″. Smallmouth vs largemouth bass fishing techniques Posted by The Last Coco on 3/7/13 at 3:50 pm. i catch both ALL summer long trust me i know this! This may seem intuitive but it's worth mentioning: if you're fishing an 8wt fly rod (and an 8wt is the most popular rod choice for Bass), choose a 7/8 or an 8/9 sized fly reel. A proven favorite for largemouth bass in Size 2 and smallmouth in Size 6. Striping: Another easy way to identify between the two is the striping of the fish. It’s all about the fight. Anthony Scott: It’s because they would fight till they die! Angling pressures: Walleye of a certain size are caught and killed. Michael Leclercq: Smallmouth by far fight harder then largemouth but I do fish both. Largemouth bass, for that matter, have been caught at over double the size of the biggest smallmouth for hundreds of years. The impact of the strike is rarely subtle! The eyes of this type of bass are usually red. Largies prefer warmer spots and thrive in southern lakes like. They will rip into a top water lure – again and again – leaping thru the air – over that bait again and again – they want it SO bad!!!! Billy Suhre Kimbrell: I say large mouth because of the range. diesel craw trailer under road bridges they can’t resist a food craw imitation. They spend a lot of time and effort chasing them. My lic plate says “FISH4SMB” – once you fish for them – you’ll realize what you’ve been missing!!! Michael DiNardo: Jb, largemouth and smouth bass are from the sunfish family too. Bill Montgomery: If sharks were as aggressive as smallies, no one would swim in the ocean. Mike Massetti: pound for pound smallies fight harder, longer, and are more aggressive than LMB. If you are new to smallmouth bass angling, you may have questions about the differences between smallmouth and largemouth bass. They are by far the hardest fighting of the Bass. John H. Millspaugh: They don’t know the meaning of quit! Also its awesome when smallies jump completely out of the water during the fight. Largemouth bass will have a protruding lower jaw with an upper jaw that is above the eye level. The first and most obvious difference between Large and Smallmouth Bass is that Largemouth grow a lot bigger. When you get em near the boat they don’t quit. Smallmouth bass have 12 to 13 soft rays on their top dorsal fin, and an upper jaw that extends to the middle of the eye. Normally green in color, they have a broad horizontal stripe. Jeff Neels: When you set the hook on a river smallmouth bass that spends most of it’s life in current your at the mercy of the fish. Bobby Moates: Smallies are much better so much fun i cought one last week 7lbs i thought it was a catfish at first until it jumped out of the Donald E Hock: Smallmouth Bass are more fun than large mouth because of the aggressive nature of them.They pull harder,fight harder than ol’bucket mouth.And there is a mystique to catching a big smallie as well! Ryan Ortega: Smallies…..they fight harder and go airborne more. Absolutely fun to catch and a beautiful species of the bass family .But dont get me wrong nothing wrong with a nice 8lbs. Pose the same question about summertime largemouth to Iaconelli. I’ll take an 8 or 9 pound LMB over a 5 or 6 pound smallie anytime. Differences Between Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. Tim Darnell: More aggressive, more fight, more fun. The basic formula for calculating the weight of a largemouth bass or smallmouth bass is: length x length x length divided by 1600. Dennis Jay Jones Jr: My dream is to catch some Pickwick smallies, but I have caught a lot of Coosa River Spotted Bass which most pros say is the toughest ombré out there. But I love smallies because for me I really have to go out of state to get them, so for me they are special because it’s not a fish I can catch at home. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Length to Weight Conversion Chart Length in inches Weight in pounds Length in inches Weight in pounds 10 .63 17.5 3.35 10.5 .72 18 3.64 11 .83 18.5 3.95 11.5 .95 19 4.28 12 1.08 19.5 4.63 12.5 1.22 20 5 13 1.37 20.5 5.38 13.5... Continue reading Its common names include smallmouth, bronzeback, brown bass, brownie, smallie, bronze bass, and bareback bass. James Landis: I love all fresh water fishing, but smallies do have a somewhat mean streak in the,,lol that think an act like kings of their area, kinda like a badger, not the biggest, but all the other animals even the bears stay away from them, lol,. Lee Moskey: Smallmouth bass are really aggressive. Nick Harrington: I live in Nebraska and in eastern Nebraska there really are no other options for bass except largemouth. Richard Taft: a small mouth on a lite tackle rod is almost the best there is!! Its hard to say which is better lol. Hence their name, smallmouth bass have smaller mouths compared to their green counterparts, and don’t grow as large as largemouth bass, topping out at around 10 pounds. Joshua Pidgeon: I have been hooking smallmouths all day today at the hudson river, new york till i ran out of the bait. Al Lindner breaks down the 5 rules that separate largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing. Timothy Legg: There is no quit in a Smallie. Theres nothing like a bronzeback leaping! Chris Mayes: If a smallmouth and largemouth were able to fistfight, the smallmouth would beat the crap out of the largemouth. Jimmy Blair: The fight is on big or small. The oldest reported age for smallmouth bass is 26 years. Joseph Wayne Heath: I like the ones that are biting. How to Identify a Largemouth Bass. Even the smallest smallie thinks he is the biggest, badest fish in the water. Source from Wikipedia, And this quick video by Blaine Mengel of the Backwoods Anger Guide Service, Any questions about telling the difference bewteen largmeouth and smallmouth bass? Paul Lopreato: Way more fun. That is why I favor them. Caleb Pierce: The fight is way better on a smallie hands down. If the rest of the fishing world got to experience fishing from a raft or jet boat chasing smallies, it would be commercialized bass fishing is now. Differences In Largemouth vs. Smallmouth Bass Behavior Smallmouth are much more acrobatic and put up a better fight pound-for-pound. A spotted bass dives deep and behaves quite similar to a smallmouth on the line when caught in a fishing hook, whereas a largemouth bass jumps and rushes to the top of the surface. I’d like to see the boys on bass boats go with me to throw a casting net or flip rocks for the sane net. You might have an argument if Rock Bass grew to 20″. I personally like fishing for Smallies better than Largies as they just fight different, and probably because i have an easier time catching Smallies! even when you fight a smallie for 5 mins you can hold him out of the water and sometimes he will still twitch so fast and hard there he goes back into the water lol and on top of that smallies are like shooting projectiles out of the water no matter what size i caught a smallie this year that was just over 5 pounds and he jumped almost 3 feet out of the water! Largemouth vs Smallmouth Bass – Physical Differences. Plus fishing river smallies can take you to some beautiful places. Came flying 3 feet out of the water did a flip all while trying to shake the hooks. When you hook up.the fight and the air show they put on is mind blowing I thought I was gonnafreak when my p.b smallie 4.9lbs. Largemouth bass also like their H20 a little warmer than smallmouth bass. Their average sizes can differ, depending on where they are found; those found in American waters tend to be larger due to the longer summers, which allow them to eat and grow for a longer period of time. Smallies usually top out at around 10 pounds, while Largies can double that easily. Jason Boothe: Pound for pound a smallie will fight twice as hard as a largemouth! Smallmouth VS Largemouth. Kyle VanDyke: A 1 pound smallie could drag a 6 pound largie around any lake multiple times!! Absolutely fearless fish and as stout as they come. They also appreciate places with lots of cover, such as vegetation and logs. It is the type species of its genus. Mark R. Bethel: Smallies are better looking fish, but the reason they’re more fun is because the fight hard and longer. But i do enjoy a smallie strike more though reminds u of a super jacked spot on feedN frenky, Dennis Kurczek: Smallies are a freshwater bone fish, Joe Jacobowitz: Smallmouth spend more time in the air and river smallmouth will always pull more line than a largemouth even a few pounds heavier. A lot depends on weather location and time of year. Small, relatively light streamers can be cast perfectly well with a 7 weight, or even a 6-weight rod. A spotted bass, in general, doesn’t get as big as a largemouth bass. Gary A. Lange: Waded the rivers of Illinois outside Chicago for years and caught thousands of Smallmouths. Was This The World’s Largest Smallmouth Bass? However, the chart above will give you a fair estimate of the weight of the fish. You know it when you have a smallmouth on the end of your line up here in NJ. We’ve never caught one. Smallmouth bass build spawning nests within 150 yards of last year’s nest. Description. One of the black basses, it is a popular game fish sought by anglers throughout the temperate zones of North America, and has been spread by stock to many cool-water tributaries and lakes in the United States and Canada. I can’t say because I haven’t caught any smallies, well that’s my two cents! I would rather catch a 3lbs smallie over a 6lbs largemouth!!! Jeffery J. Boyer: I have fished all over this country and pound for pound, the smallmouth is the scrappiest, most acrobatic fish on the end of a line . Most of the time you’ll have better luck if you ignore the breaks and concentrate on fast water. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass are members of the black bass species which below to the genus of fish that make up the Centrarchidae or sunfish family of freshwater fish that are native to the United States. Michael K Malak: No comparison, Smallmouth fishing over Large mouth any day.

smallmouth vs largemouth bass size

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