Perisher – 2054m • Skiable Area – 1,245ha • Longest Run – approx. Over 100kms of marked trails for all standards. The Perisher ski area is a short drive from Jindy, while Thredbo is a resort town located 30 minutes drive up the valley and is more of an Alpine-style ski resort with all the hotels, bars & cafes etc located at the base of the slopes. Thredbo, located along the Alpine Way is the twin to Perisher … This tunnel is Australia's longest transport tunnel at 6.3km long, and at its deepest point it is 550m below the surface. 1. Getting there-DRIVE – Perisher is located around 2.5 hour drive from Canberra, 6 hours from Sydney and 1 hour from Jindabyne. In addition, Perisher has 5 terrain parks and over 100kms of marked cross country trails. Facts Mountain Opens: From the NSW June Queen's Birthday Long Weekend Mountain Characteristics: Highest Lifted Point - Mt Perisher Double Chair 2,034m Lowest Lifted Point - Base Ridge Chair 1,605m Lift Capacity 53,103 skiers lifted per hour Skiable Area* 1,245ha / 12.45sq kms / 3,076acres Vertical Metres Skiable** 355m Longest Run Approx. Although Thredbo does have a higher drop for the more experienced individuals, Perisher … OF LIFTS 47. Home; Features. The vast expanse of 3,076 acres makes it almost three times the size of Thredbo. The area was first explored by Europeans in 1835, and in 1840, Edmund Strzeleckiascended Mount Kosciuszko and named it after a Polish patriot. Perisher is Australia's favourite snow holiday destination. READY TO BOOK OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? Going to the snow is hard work but very satisfying. The resort boasts 47 lifts including an eight seat high speed chairlift, 7 quad chairs, 4 double and 2 triple chairlifts. In addition, Perisher has 5 terrain parks and over 100kms of marked cross country trails. The fortunes of Kiandra waxed and waned and, for almost 50 years thereafter, it was the site of the only snow sports in Australia. The longest possible descent in Perisher is 3km long and the most difficult run is the 'Kamikaze Double Trouble'. High country stockmen followed who used the Snowy Mountains for grazing during the s… Perisher Ski Resort (known as Perisher Blue until 2009) is the largest ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere. I thought about quad chair to top station than blow cow express way to perisher home run and then down pretty valley. Large scale intertribal gatherings were held in the High Country during summer for collective feasting on the Bogong moth. *In 2002, Perisher voluntarily excluded 5 ha from its skiable terrain by removing the Rough Rider area at Blue Cow in order to better protect the habitat of the endangered Mountain Pygmy Possum. Over the past 15 years, the average maximum snow depth throughout the Resort has been about 1.9m. 31 Perisher Road, Beaumont Hills, NSW 2155 ... making us the areas longest running agency. The longest ski run at the resort. Thredbo. Perisher Trail Map. Adult group lessons run for 2 hours with max 6 in each class. Michael Garrod does Perisher Huette proud at the annual end of season pond skim on Front Valley. Head over to Shifty’s Run and Wylie’s Run for expansive long intermediate trails. Perisher Valley (1720 metres), Smiggin Holes (1680 metres), Mount Blue Cow (1890 mtres) and Guthega (1640 metres), collectively known as Perisher, are situated with in the Mount Kosciuszko National Park of New South Wales. Departing from Perisher Valley or Smiggin Hole. Wombat’s Ramble, Falls Creek (easy) This is Australia’s longest green run at 2.4 kilometres. Thredbo is renowned for Australia's longest ski runs. It's the 4th of October and there's still a couple of meters on the ground. What is the difference between Mount Perisher and Mount Buller? Perisher Ski Resort is comprised of four areas – Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Blue Cow and Guthega offering 115 runs and a great variety for all levels. LEVEL OF RIDER MIXED . ANNUAL SNOW FALL 1.9M. Highest Lifted Point - Mt Perisher Double Chair: 2,034m / 6,673ft: Lowest Lifted Point - Base Ridge Chair: 1,605m / 5,266ft: Lift Capacity: 53,990 skiers lifted per hour: Terrain: Grading of Runs: Beginner 22%: Intermediate 60%: Advanced 18%: Skiable Area* 1,245ha / 12.45sq kms / 3,076acres: Vertical Metres Skiable** 355m / 1,165ft: Longest Run: Approx.

perisher longest run

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