See more of this duo on my personal blog, E&T. She had been spayed. We’re interesting. If a cat continues to follow you outdoors, maybe she’s an indoor cat that’s lost. 20 Answers. Cats definitely must thing we do weird things – from the perspective of them being curious enough to watch to seee what we will do. Do you think they all follow you for the same reason? Cats sometimes do strange things like bite at human feet and ankles when they want to play – because, well, if you were a cat you’d understand. There are many causes that can make our cat follow us, specifically to the bathroom. Pet favoritism occurs when a shared pet exhibits a preference for one partner over the other. It's getting to a point where we think it's a bit annoying to be honest. Glad you guys are getting on so well, Baris! When I clean the litter box in the laundry room he jumps up on the washing machine and watches me. Only a happy and trusting cat will show you her most vulnerable side. If you've told someone, "My cat follows me everywhere and sleeps with me," then that's a clear sign you have a strong bond with your cat. Its fabulous he feels so close to me! Do your cats follow one person more than another in your household? When cats are young, a little older then a very small kitten, they are safer if they trail around their mother, following mother cat around everywhere she is. There are assumptions we have, guesses we make, as to why this behaviour is common amongst cats and how it might line up with other things we know to be true of cats (how they’re territorial, curious creatures). The way of acknowledging love can depend on the unique behaviour of each cat. It is common for those who have a good bond with their cat to notice their best friend following them all around the home. Do you have any advice on how to get him to let us eat in peace though without having to lock him up? Everyone whos ever met him knows how much he loves me. Cats in the wild are vulnerable when they sleep, so sleeping next to you shows they feel secure. She always seems to be following me everywhere! What Can I Do. We feed them and play with them, and groom them. Reply. But as soon as we take the food onto the table to sit down he is all over the table trying to get us to give him attention instead of eating. My cat is 12 years old, and my mum is the one that feeds her most of the time, but she only sleeps with me at night almost every night. I know this article doesn't quite deal with that, but can you (or somebody else) explain, what one can do in such a case? It starts when they are sucking milk from their breasts. He follows me everywhere i go, if we're in my room and i leave to go to the bathroom, he follows lol. Recently, as soon as I get up she follows me and even waits outside the door while I go toilet. Sleeping with you may simply be one of the ways your cat shows you affection. But to cats, we’re likely way more interesting than anything else going on around them. She sleeps with me everynight, and stays with me until I get up. Find out Everything about this Hybrid, Differences Between Deer, Elk, Moose and Reindeer, The 10 Most Solitary Animals in the World, What Does It Mean When a Cat Shows Up at My Door. Experiment by giving your cat playtime when he or she follows and if that’s readily accepted, maybe that’s what he or she wanted! Sparklepop. Which is why, a lot of times, when a cat follows me around at a certain time of day and that’s typically the time of day I allow them access to a specific room that’s usually or often off limits – I know part of the reason they’re following me is because they want access to that room. However, not all cats do that. They want to be with you and show you, love. 1- Why does my cat sleep with me? Study more of that. I'm a 30 year old guy but real men love cats! My lovely cat Mumi follows me wherever I go. Cats can think people, places (like rooms), and things (like litter boxes), are their territory. If cats are bored, and they’re curious, following you could be a source of entertainment for them, sort of like we are entertained watching people, cats, and other animals on TV or online on videos such as those uploaded to YouTube. r/cats: Pictures, videos, articles and questions featuring and about cats. She isn't always right next to me, but she is always in the same room. Even a cat who misses bedtime in the summer can turn into one who follows you everywhere and sleeps … Yes, cats and animals know. He follows me everywhere i go, if we're in my room and i leave to go to the bathroom, he follows lol. If you came home from your long day at work and your cat literally will not stop trailing you around the house from the moment you walk in the door, you absolutely could have a cat with seperation anxiety on your hands. A Cat Blog for Cat Lovers & Kitty Keepers, May 25, 2020 by Elise Xavier | Updated: November 14, 2020 - Leave a Comment. Hi, I'm Elise! There will sometimes be exceptions to this rule – like when my cats are fast asleep and can’t be arsed to follow me because they’re having a really good cat nap. – Because he needs your warmth. Likewise, street cats occasionally follow unknown people, especially if they already have cats at home. Take the perfect formula for cat food? Reading the last point, that cats follow you because they love you really hurt me. Way more than they should be sometimes. Personally, my one cat only likes me and no one else. So, how can we make him play more without us being there? I keep plenty of rooms closed off to my cats throughout the day. You are the replacement exercise. - All Possible Reasons. but he purrs a lot though so It makes up for non meowing. Today he is staying under the bed. Answer Save. Either way, he’s not bothered by this behaviour because she never actually harms him and it seems to be cat for “playtime, now!” – sure is something they both understand. She sleeps with me every night right beside my head. He doesn't want our food but he has to be near us at all times which means as soon as we get up off the couch from being next to him he is also up and following us. I’ve had cats who were gentle and fun to play with, cats who were cool and reserved — and cats who absolutely would not leave my side no matter what. The female is more independent and goes off for hours outside. He likes to sit i… Why wouldn’t my cats be just as eager about their grub? It means you have bonded with your cat. For some ideas, take a look at our article on DIY Cat Toys for more. So what’s so appealing about us to a curious cat? Do you feel your cat might be following you around for attention? Determining what this is can be the hard part. Food. you are so lucky to have your cat´s love. Not trying to put down people-watching as an entertainment source for cats at all! if he isn't meowing, he doesn't want anything, he's just curious. 2 years ago. When I take a shower, she is either sitting on the toilet lid waiting for me, or she sits on the bathtub and waits. The reasons a cat follows you everywhere don't necessarily relate to where they follow you. I've always loved cats and having lost my lovely 'Maine Coon' breed male called Spyder in 2017 I have recently adopted two siblings. Although each cat and each person is a world, there are many homes in which cats sleep in the bed of their human friend. Maybe they follow us around in the same way they followed around their mothers. Ronnie just wants to make sure that you won’t forget to fill her bowl or reminds you that it’s been too long since she has eaten. The amount a cat meows depends on the individual, but there are some breeds which are naturally more inclined to do it than others. 0 0. Sammieblue. So we decided to keep her. But remember, showing the belly does not mean it is an open invitation to pet the belly. Why Does My Dog Look at Me While They Poop? If you notice that your cat is constantly rubbing against the furniture and you, it means that your cat is patrolling and marking its territory. There is also a possibility that they just want some food, water or a simple pet. He follows me around the house and sits on my lap at every chance he gets and he watches me brush my teeth, And tries to follow me into the bath room to bath he also sleeps with me and he is there when I wake up and if he does … Some things for instance – water changed, litter cleaned, a door opened – the list definitely goes on for ages but you get the picture here. Kittens tend to follow their mothers everywhere. He always sleeps with me, and not at the foot of my bed, he sleeps right up against me or on my chest(if im on my back). When I clean the litter box in the laundry room he jumps up on the washing machine and watches me. Glad to now know a bit more about my girlfriend's cat meowing and following us around all the time. I hae had her since she was 6 weeks old (now she is 9 yrs). 1- Why does my cat sleep with me? My cats used to follow me everywhere in the house, and my wife called us, "the pussy posse." My kitten follows me everywhere she is an inside cat she sleeps with me every night she is a Russian blue she gets kicked a lot and she let’s me belly rub her and I don’t get attacked by her. Best Cat Litter Mats for Less Tracking. Yes, my cat does too. Besides, there are plenty of other senses more actively engaged when they watch us – smell, sometimes taste, more intense hearing, sometimes touch. what does this mean? It is not the same for every cat, but scratching or biting you is a common enough reaction to having their belly touched. Do you find your cat follows you everywhere in the house, especially to the toilet or kitchen? I'm 14, and i recently found a little cat outside my house and one day she just ran in after me. In comparison to pretty well near everything else in nature, we sure must be interesting to watch! This means removing stressors in their environment, enriching said environment and generally tending to their well-being. Why Does My Cat Expose Their Belly to Me? She follows me from room to room. They learn everything from her and at the same time, feel much safer. to be fussed to get up and play. He likes to sit i… If a cat is following us everywhere for safety, it may be because they feel unsafe in the home. This stimulation is a replacement for the necessary tasks they would otherwise be carrying out in the wild.

my cat follows me everywhere and sleeps with me

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