Levi Friend - ext: 1888 The State police and the Lowell police are tied for second with thirteen each, Somerville with a dozen and Framingham with 5 round out the disreputable Top 5. The list contains the names of police officers with known credibility issues who are considered untrustworthy as witnesses. When I call police, I want police.” A longtime Medford police officer, who asked not to be identified, pointed out that Medford police never took a break during the COVID-19 shutdowns and, like all first responders, were embraced by the community. Note: You will receive an email verifying your subscription to this site. Marian Ryan’s Blacklist. We also ask that you inform the call-taker if you or anyone in your household is experiencing … ernie.whitemanjr@cityofmedford.org Darrell.Graham@cityofmedford.org ‪https://tinyurl.com/buckley2019oct1 . We’ve all had to brush the powdered sugar off our shirts after eating one or two. In 2019, Medford's population grew to 57,341 residents. Police Chief Buckley further insulted the intelligence of Medford citizens and those watching by repeating something off of the Medford Police website: ” These are all good men and women.” The firestorm erupting was the allegation of compensation fraud involving almost a quarter of the Medford police. Which offers the public the evidence that the transparency Lungo-Koehn promotes is something that is part of her positive track record. 25 Investigates has learned the Middlesex DA is putting the 27 Medford officers, which is about a quarter of the department, on what’s known as a “Brady List." For more than twenty years I have proudly served the City of Medford as a police officer. Presently, the highest ranked sworn officer in Medford would be Chief of Police. MEDFORD, Mass. 20)Shawna McNeill 21)Jason Montalbano 22)Shawn Norton 23)David Olsen 24)Robert Passacantili 25)Mike Pellegrino Matthew BRADY Gutwill. What the Brady List Should Mean to You – 30 Medford Officers on Middlesex D.A. Many of the officers families were in attendance for the event.We would like to thank the Philadelphia Phillies for this opportunity. If Framingham PD had a backbone he would have been fired years ago. Here’s the deal – Medford police have always been on thin ice since the betrayal of the Depositor’s Trust robbery, Memorial Day weekend in May, 1980. Cpl. randy.jewell@cityofmedford.org. Confidential are happening in the year 2020 in Medford is unacceptable and the clean-up must be immediate. The average Police Patrol Officer salary in Medford, OR is $54,734 as of September 25, 2020, but the range typically falls between $51,130 and $59,615.Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. Kim Budreau - 774-2271 He’s been scamming and lying his way through his entire career. Here are the thirty Medford officers on the current Middlesex D.A.’s Brady list: MEDFORD in alphabetical order: 1)Jordan Cannava 2)Mark Cardarelli 3)Joseph Casey 4)Frank Cassarino 5)Guy Champa 6)Elizabeth Chiribi 7)Kevin Conway 8)Frank Cugliata Lungo-Koehn won the election in 2019 with a promise of integrity, unity, community, transparency and now Breanna has a big opportunity to shine. Even his coworkers hate him. Somerville Remembering Former Somerville Police Sargent Salvatore J. Pino, SR. Somerville Remembering Howard T. “Howie” Winter, Somerville/Medford Speakup Line:Billy Tauro Has Cared & Supported Our Veterans & Seniors For Decades, Somerville/Medford Speakup Line:Homelessness In Somerville Out of Control, Fatal Crash Under Investigation by Middlesex DA’s Office, Somerville Police, Ng & Praysman Team Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Commonwealth Real Estate, Homeless Citizens Sleeping Out In The Rain & Snow In Somerville Treated Worst Than Dogs, Let’s Close Up the Businesses In Somerville, SOMERVILLE SPEAKUP LINE:SOMERVILLE’S AFFORDABLE HOUSE & HOMELESS PROBLEM, Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: more Overloading of our Somerville Sewers. In an October 24, 2019 letter from the Secretary of State’s office the determination in my favor was this: “The Public Records Law strongly favors disclosure by creating a presumption that all governmental records are public records.” This is key for anything anyone is requesting from a government in Massachusetts and at the core how this writer has prevailed on many occasions seeking documents that some city officials do not want the public to obtain and see. Cpl. WBZ Midday Forecast For November 29David … Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn inherited this mess from the previous two administrations hell bent on denying the public its right to know, even though the public actually funds these individuals who violated the oath of office. The list contains the names of police officers with known credibility issues who are considered untrustworthy as witnesses. Then George Floyd was killed and, the officer said, "it was like someone turned the lights out." Tom Venables - 774-2260 Commander: The listing documents the occurrence of a death, making no implications regarding wrongdoing or justification on the part of the person killed or officer involved. Was thrown out of the DEA Taskforce. Patrol Beat Assignments Lt Graham 541-774-2207 Beat Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 1 Pierce Doney Marshall Ashworth 2 Jones A Lytle Stone Cpl Todd 3 Meador Renfro Cardona Dedrick 4 McFetridge Cpl Strouse McFall McCurley 5 Cook Maya Chapman Baines 6 Shepherd Awbrey Bryant Tucker 7 Cpl Schilder Baglietto Cpl Doran Barringer Sergeant Mak K Budreau T Venables Antley Corporal Schilder Strouse … MPD released the following statement Wednesday morning: On November 17, Governor Kate Brown issued an Executive Order on the Temporary Freeze. Nick Alden - ext: 1809 Police officers who have been dishonest are sometimes referred to as "Brady cops". This writer requested the L’Italien report and Medford City Hall – the now former city solicitor to be specific – went bonkers, kicking and screaming and writing and protesting and including in the correspondence cc: District Attorney Marian Ryan, two police officers, two lawyers…not wanting to hand over the document. 100% agree, Gutwill is by far the worst. geoffrey.kirkpatrick@cityofmedford.org Prior administrations, were intentionally secretive. That was a national news story that showed how horribly former Chief Sacco made things worse by covering for Lebert on too many occasions. Team 2: Sgt. From our research, Chief Nelson Peake was Medford Township’s first recognized Chief of Police in 1910. Police Lieutenant Joseph Casey earned a total of $224,864 in 2017, followed closely by Police Captain Alan Doherty, who earned $222,852. Team 5: Sgt. Steve Furst - 774-2203 Lt. Trevor Arnold - 774-2272 The city’s police department has about 105 officers. So the dilemma in February of 2020 is – how does a mayor with an eye toward open government deal with four decades of police corruption? mark.cromwell@cityofmedford.org. Rotary Club of Somerville, Somerville Lions Club, Kiwanis Club of Somerville Annual Food Drive for Local Food Pantries Today! Josh Schilder - ext. Nobody should be afraid, nobody’s ever expressed that they’re afraid and in fear of this police department (totally incorrect with the information I have heard – one huge example is the Lebert video above ‪https://tinyurl.com/threatlebert‬ – JV) …there’s no reason to be.” 1:16:29 on city council 10/1/19 video by Joe Viglione. and with good reason, as captured on camera. Ernie Whiteman - 774-2240 We urge you to use our non-emergency number when applicable (609) 267-8300 . They didn’t think the citizens had the right to know the situation that 27 cops that would be blacklisted, and they wanted the public to have faith in a broken system. February 21, 2018 Fox 25 news reported that then-City Councilor Breanna Lungo-Koehn “says she notified police last week after multiple school employees brought the issue (discovery of a gun magazine in a Medford school) to her attention.” Lungo-Koehn was most proactive on this serious situation and this writer believes that it was one of the keys to her victory that made her mayor. The first person to bring it to the public on the city council was Breanna Lungo-Koehn after I gave her the information. Geoff Kirkpatrick - 774-2226 Lt. Darrell Graham © 2020 City Of Medford  •  Site Handcrafted in Ashland, Oregon by Project A, Medford Municipal Court Citation Services. levi.friend@cityofmedford.org, Sgt. I firmly believe we have one of the best police departments around and that distinction is derived from the devotion given every single day by the patrol officers and the patrol supervisors of this police department. kim.budreau@cityofmedford.org Please call 541-774-2040. Marian Ryan’s Blacklist. THE GUN MAGAZINE FOUND IN A SCHOOL, FEBRUARY 2018 You must follow the instructions in the email to complete your subscription. ‬. — Over two dozen Medford police officers and supervisors have been disciplined and some have been suspended amid an investigation into an alleged violation of policies related to detail work, Boston 25 News has learned. "25 Investigates has learned the Middlesex DA is putting the 27 Medford officers, which is about a quarter of the department, on what’s known as a “Brady List." How much does a Police Patrol Officer make in Medford, OR? Ericka Doran - ext: 1803 27 officers were named in an explosive 64 page document from Pembroke private investigator Paul L’Italien, a retired member of the Massachusetts State Police after 27 years of service. City records show that more than 20 patrolmen in Medford topped $150,000 in pay last year, including three … But no one was disciplined. Three Medford police officers recently got to meet a baby girl they helped deliver. Cpl. Somerville Animal Control Update: FOUND DOG!! Honoring Our Veterans In Somerville 2020 on Veterans Day, November 10th, 2020 The Somerville Medford News Weekly Print Edition Online, Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Property Owners Beware, Somerville Remembering Former Somerville Firefighter Tony McDaid, Gaviiformes Invade the Hotline to the Underground. It is home to Tufts University, which has its campus along the Medford and Somerville border. That’s the foundation for this story on compensation fraud committed by almost a quarter of the police force, forty years after the biggest robbery in Medford history, fifteen million dollars allegedly – more or less – from the Depositor’s Trust. That the new mayor, Breanna Lungo-Koehn, took on the police chief in October 2019, 5 weeks before she won election, is the hope that she can clean house and give Medford residents the reason to trust these public servants. Please note: Municipal Court is conducting business by phone. Medford is a city 6.7 miles (10.8 km) northwest of downtown Boston on the Mystic River in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States.In the 2010 U.S. Census, Medford's population was 56,173. Mark Cromwell - 774-2235 michael.todd@cityofmedford.org But the Medford Police Department has more blacklisted officers than any other city or town in Middlesex County. Everyone fears the Medford Police Dept. Quint Oller - ext:  1885 Learn how your comment data is processed. Some officers admitted it, according to an internal investigation. This is a list of people reported killed by non-military law enforcement officers in the United States in May 2015, whether in the line of duty or not, and regardless of reason or method. Click here for more information. Michael Strouse - ext: 1848 Welcome and thank you for visting the Medford Police Department website. Enter your email address to subscribe to the City of Medford email alert program and receive important updates. 29 Police Officer jobs available in Medford, MA on Indeed.com. In determining how to best move forward and create a culture at the Medford Police Department The gold star is worn by the top uniformed officer, known as the Police Chief or Chief of Police . steve.furst@cityofmedford.org Patrol Division: Commander: Lt. Darrell Graham Darrell.Graham@cityofmedford.org 541-774-2207 Team 1: Sgt. My position was simple: doesn’t matter if 500 investigations are going on, the people have a right to the documents. Kim Budreau - 774-2271 … michael.strouse@cityofmedford.org. Jason Antley - 774-2221 Medford police officers internally disciplined and then placed on the Middlesex District Attorney’s Brady list for their misconduct related to a paid detail they had worked in 2018. “The potential impact [in court] of the Feeney Brothers detail misconduct is likely to decrease with time. And as our new mayor noted on the video, “They’re too afraid to speak up.”. Michael Todd - ext: 2298 On October 1, 2019 the new Medford Chief of Police, John D. Buckley spoke to the Medford city council in a slow and methodical speech proclaiming with zero evidence “You have to have a little faith that we’re doing the right thing.” 57:35 on the city council video found here: ‪https://tinyurl.com/buckley2019oct1‬ “Trust…I committed to working on public trust when I became chief of police.” 1:15:35 in on the same video. See the story here: ‪https://tinyurl.com/clementerobbery‬ Rather than be squeaky clean and hold themselves to the highest standards possible, we have a national news story on Stephen Lebert, former Medford cop, threatening to blow the brains out of a Malden resident. Cpl. brent.mak@cityofmedford.org It exposed Chief Buckley, the city lawyer and a majority of the city council as individuals engaged in a cover-up. Randy Jewell - 774-2094 I firmly believe we have one of the best police departments around and that distinction is derived from the devotion given every single day by the patrol officers and the patrol supervisors of this police department. APPARENTLY NOT IN CURTATONE’S SOMERVILLE, Somerville Speaking Line: More broken promises out of City Hall, The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week, Somerville/Medford Remembering Concetta Maria (Beninati) Savoia, Somerville/Medford Remembering Mary E. McKenzie, Somerville Remembering Brendan Mark "Sully" Sullivan. There were 27 officers that City Hall wouldn’t talk about until I forced their hand via the Freedom of Information Act and got the documents they were refusing to let the public see. The Medford Township Police Honor Guard presented the colors at the Phillies game on 8/14/19. Cpl. Earlier in 2017 during my investigation into a Chapter 74 board at Medford High School I alerted Lungo Koehn, Councilor Michael Marks and School Committee person Mea Mustone (who garnered the second amount of votes in the last election under Lungo-Koehn) that this quasi Cable Advisory Committee under the moniker of a “Chapter 74” board had – in my opinion – violated the Open Meeting Law. On February 10, 2020 the list the DA’s office sent me included three additional Medford police officers beyond the twenty-seven contained in the L’Italien Report on the compensation fraud which we obtained in November of 2019. ericka.doran@cityofmedford.org Josh Schilder - ext. 16)James Grubb 17)Charles Harnet (Hartnett) 18)Richard Iozza 19)Matthew Jones 18)Miguel Lopez 19)Matthew Martin Let me repeat – this speech by the new police chief about nobody expressing that they are afraid is after a national news store that chilled the nation, the video of Stephen Lebert threatening to blow a man’s brains out. The expectation is that forty years after the infamous Depositor’s Trust robbery in 1980 Medford residents could feel safe and secure yet a city councilor responded to the police chief “They’re too afraid to speak up.” 1:14:12. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. quint.oller@cityofmedford.org Subscribe to updates from the City of Medford, and you'll get emails announcing new topics and the outcome of existing topics. (WHDH) - Twenty Medford police officers have been suspended without pay after a monthslong investigation into detail pay violations, officials said. Letter from the Editor:Curtatone Administration’s Favoritism In Fake Developent Parking Control Signage Somerville Systemic Corruption at its Best! Your civil rights include the right to be protected by honest members of the police force. And those involved with the attempt to keep information from the residents fractured the public trust. Cpl. MARIAN RYAN’S (BRADY) BLACKLIST by Joe Viglione – Modern Cop Magazine, CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU? Alphabetically they are: Michael Ameral, Henry Diaz, Dante DiFronzo, Paul Duffy, Marcos Freitas, Gravin Guillen, Yvon Jean-Jacques, Michael Kiely, Michael McGrath, Michael Silva, Samuel Stanford and John Vozella. I’ve received overwhelming support (JV notes: the opposite of what the soon-to-be-mayor is telling the chief, that the public is afraid to speak up!) MEDFORD, MASS. 9)Daniel D’Amico 10)Barbara DiCristofaro 11)Donald ‪DiMare‬ 12)Derek Doherty 13)Patrick Doherty 14)Hugh Duffy 15) Robert Furtado 26)Angelo Raffaele 27)Robert Richard 28)Lawrence Rogers 29)Patrick Smith and 30)Igor Tomaz, Chief Buckley’s alleged “personnel issue” to try to spin this in a positive light was eradicated by the release of the 64 page L’Italien Report. Brent Mak- 774-2204 PLEASE SHARE!! Leo Sacco received a tip about alleged fraud. See video and note that time here: ‪https://tinyurl.com/buckley2019oct1‬, Chief Buckley responded to that with more distractions and untruths: “I’ve spoken with a number of people in the public…since this happened. Latest Videos. Good lord yes, Please move Gutwill to the top of the list ASAP. Your civil rights include the right to be protected by honest members of the police … Your subscription has been successfully submitted! The Politics of Murder: Was The Convicted Teenager, Eddie O’Brien, and In One of Boston’s Most Infamous Murder Trials Actually Innocent? What the Brady List Should Mean to You – 30 Medford Officers on Middlesex D.A. jason.antley@cityofmedford.org trevor.arnold@cityofmedford.org, Sgt. Medford Township Police Officers are handling ALL non-emergency and emergent calls. “A Medford police officer who serves as a witness in federal court is…far more likely to be confronted with cross-examination about the Feeney Brothers misconduct than if a witness in state court.” See Ortiz Report, Page 7. The ex solicitor’s skewed reasoning was that Marian Ryan was investigating – yet the police chief had already handed out the discipline and the monies were purportedly returned. I filed a complaint and the Attorney General’s office found that the OML was violated by former Mayor Burke and former Superintendent Belson’s Chapter 74 boad.. You may contact an officer in your neighborhood by calling (541) 618 + ext (unless noted otherwise). COVID-19: City Hall and Lausmann Annex are closed November 18 through December 2. Brent Mak- 774-2204 brent.mak@cityofmedford.org Cpl. a href=”http://thesomervillenewsweekly.blog/wp-logln.php?action=logout”Logout, DOZENS OF OFFICERS ON MIDDLESEX D.A. His middle name is Brady. The good news for Somerville – if you want to call it that, is that Medford has 30 blacklisted officers of the law, the State Police have 13, the city of Lowell has 13, Somerville is only fourth on the list with Framingham being number five with five. The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Print Edition Online, WMEX 1510AM Gary Leavitt and Friends Radio Show Guests of the Week, Jimi Hendrix   Live Maui -Joe Viglione takes Another Look at the Haleakala Center Recordings, Somerville Remembering Margaret M. Cottier (Barry), SUPPLEMENTAL NUTRITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (SNAP) BENEFITS (S 4), REQUIRE PARENTAL OR JUDICIAL CONSENT IF THE MOTHER IS UNDER THE AGE OF 18, INCREASE ALCOHOL TAX TO FUND SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT, ALLOW STATE INCOME TAX DEDUCTION FOR SCHOOL AND MUNICIPAL FEES PAID BY RESIDENTS, Traffic and Mobility in Somerville Help Needed, Audit Calls for Improvements in Cybersecurity Training at Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, Boston Comedy Festival 2020 #BostonComedyFestival, Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Alan KELLY (OUI Liquor, Negligent Operation), Somerville Remembering Brendan Mark “Sully” Sullivan, Somerville/Medford Remembering Donna M. Corbett, Somerville Remembering Victor Arthur DiFranco, 519 Broadway Luxury Boutique Condos Somerville Winter Move In Special, Neighborhood Produce is at Ball Square Somerville, This Time Around Remember Your ABC’s, “Anybody But Curtatone” and Make the Needed Change In Somerville, Somerville/Medford News Weekly Print Edition Online, Somerville Remembering Arthur J. Roderick, Somerville Mayoral Candidate William Tauro to Host Meeting on Dec 10th from 6PM-7PM to Discuss Ramifications and Current Policies Concerning The Special Needs, Autistic Individuals, Disabled Children That the City May Not Provide Enough Needs to Meet Their Demands, APPROVE $46 BILLION FISCAL 2021 STATE BUDGET, REQUIRE CREDIT CARD COMPANIES TO PAY SALES TAX DIRECTLY TO THE STATE, STIMULUS CHECKS TO IMMIGRANT TAXPAYERS (S 2659), ALLOW CITIES AND TOWNS TO IMPOSE A 2 PERCENT SURTAX ON PROPERTY TAXES, STATE TO PROVIDE $1,000 TO FAMILIES (H 4727), KIMBERLY BUDD CONFIRMED AS CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE STATE’S SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT (SJC), JUSTICE DEPARTMENT SAYS CONDITIONS AT BAY STATE PRISONS VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION, Assembly Square Neighborhood Plan Update Public Design Charrette, 11/30-12/4, Somerville Artists Honor Lives Lost to COVID-19, Somerville’s School Opening Advisory Group Seeks Community Member, Public Hearing on Somerville Fiscal Year 2021 Tax Rates, 11/24, District Attorney Ryan Hosts Cut It Out Training for Estheticians and Health Assistant Students from Medford Vocational Technical High School, Former Acting Chief of Police Charles Femino to Serve as Acting Chief of Police effective December 12. Subscribe me to the selected tools below.. Members of the Medford Police Department dominated the list of highest paid public officials in Medford in 2017, with the top 14 gross earners all hailing from the Police Department. Because of the Brady ruling, prosecutors are required to notify defendants and their attorneys whenever a law enforcement official involved in their case has a confirmed record … Cpl. josh.schilder@cityofmedford.org Take away the use of Tear Gas from the police? Twenty-seven officers – about a quarter of the Medford Police Department – were placed on the list in January after being disciplined for abusing the department's overtime pay system. Apply to Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Law Enforcement Officer and more! Somerville Lions Club Santa Sleigh Of Cheer, Sunrise Caribbean Cuisine Located at Assembly Square, Medford Police Officers Help Resident Deliver Baby at Home, November 17th, 2020 Somerville/Medford News Weekly Print Edition Online, Somerville/Medford Remembering Nicole Willard, Somerville Remembering Former Somerville 2017 Mayoral Candidate Kenneth VanBuskirk, Somerville Commission for Women Seeking Members, Council Update: Affordable Housing Overlay, Winter Hill Urban Renewal, another pedestrian killed, Somerville COA Weekly Press & Organizational Updates & Information, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society during their annual Costumed for a Cure event, A LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE BUDGET “DEBATE”, LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES INCREASE ABORTION ACCESS, SOMERVILLE LAWMAKERS VOTE TO INCREASE SOME TAXES FROM 5 PERCENT TO 9 PERCENT, CELEBRATE 250TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Most Officers of the Medford Police Department know that several times throughout the year we are lucky enough to have a tray or two of homemade pizzelles delivered to the main desk. MEDFORD, Ore. — A day after Oregon Governor Kate Brown officially ordered a statewide “freeze” due to a surge in COVID-19 cases, the Medford Police Department addressed how they plan on dealing with enforcing the rules. Welcome and thank you for visting the Medford Police Department website. That councilor is now the Mayor of Medford, elected a month and four days after this hearing. Commander: tom.venables@cityofmedford.org Living like the worst elements of the film L.A. nicholas.alden@cityofmedford.org, Community Engagement Division: 1825 For more than twenty years I have proudly served the City of Medford as a police officer. Cpl. Team 4: Sgt. Out of 117 officers on the “Middlesex District Attorney’s List of Law Enforcement Officers Subject to Discovery Notices 2013 to February 10, 2020” – also known as the Brady list of the past seven years – the unfortunate truth for Medford is that thirty officers on the list makes Medford the worst offender. Sgt. …for the way it’s been handled. 1825 josh.schilder@cityofmedford.org Team 2: Sgt. See horrifying video here: ‪https://tinyurl.com/threatlebert‬ Why citizens are terrified of the Medford police. 16 days ago. 541-774-2207, Sgt. Team 6: Sgt. The Medford Police Department consists of 99 police officers, five civilian employees, 13 public safety dispatchers, 28 traffic supervisors and nine police matrons who are hired on a per-diem basis.

medford police officer list

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