KZG forged cavity backs, KZG PCIII, Precept Tour Premiums, Srixon 302I. The forgings will let you know when you hit a bad shot, but when you make a good out, these clubs have a great buttery feel. Compare the best Golf Irons including KZG Evolution Irons & more latest golf clubs, golf shoes & golf equipment reviews at Review Centre. now i will admit they are not quite as forgiving as the callaways, but they are far better once you get use to swinging them. These clubs are not for beginners. The small top line reminds me of many of the old MacGregor irons. All Rights Reserved. * Benefits: Workability, Consistency, Control, Accuracy, and Great Feel. Like all KZG irons, they’re hand ground and double forged from the finest grades of carbon steel to give them the excellent performance that KZG fans are used to in a KZG … Taylormade Firesole Plus, the shop would maintain the lofts and lies free of charge for the life of the irons. I’m hitting demos with True Temper S300 Stiff steel shafts standard length. XCB. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. This combination is a great match (mid trajectory, but piercing). All Rights Reserved. Helps reduce slice and hook ball flights. First time I ever felt compelled to write a review. I have other forged clubs and these guys are right up there with the best OEM equipment. These clubs are money. The FF Irons are suitable for a wide variety of golfers. The point is you can have a mix of three different clubs and create you own, good set up. What separates these from the rest is that fact that they are double forged, which gets rid of all voids and inconsitencies found in all other forged irons and gives them the best feel out there. The KZG Forged II Irons are relatively versatile clubs that feature a cavity back design which gives them a good amount of forgiveness. The iron metal makeup is so strong that they are guranteed NEVER to die. Not very easy to work the ball..pretty much a straight ball club. Mizuno MP-32, MX-19, MX-25, CallowayX-20, Taylor Made R7, Ping. These are great clubs with a great feel. 03/11/2020 . Outstanding forgiveness. * The Perfect Blended Forged Iron Set * Double Forged and 100% Handcrafted in Japan * Progressive Design Throughout Set. Model: KZG ZO Plus BladesAvailability: 3-9, PW RH onlyMSRP: $179/clubAdditional Notes: KZG requires clubs to be purchased through an authorized KZG account and custom fit to the individual golfer. Easily able to work the ball if you have the ability to. Why are they not more popular? I dont know why kzg doesnt advertise!?!? Classic profile with a thin topline and minimal offset. Will sacrafice distance for score. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. KZG PC-III IRON SET 4-PW (NO 9 IRON) RH STEEL STIFF FLEX. I just shot my first round in the 70s only a week after having them. Pro Golf in Lexington, KY has been GREAT. KZG’s proprietary alloy used in the manufacturing of these irons gives the “Feel of Forged” coupled with greater consistency and workability. Even at sea level, ball flies off thin face clubs. Marco Burger, Hole In One Fitting, Germany. I found a new set on Ebay for $300 so I figured the risk wasn't substantial. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... KZG PC-III IRONS 5-PW, Stiff flex, KZG-drv 10.5 Mizuno-dvr 11.5, Golf Bag Putter. I have been a Mizuno man for years and didn't think any other club on the market was comparable. "I love my whole bag of KZG Clubs! Srixon 302, Precept Tour Premiums, Tommy Armour forged 845's. KZG finally gave me an alternative. Kzg blades are longer than any other iron i have played, and much more consistant. Thanks KZG for making the best irons out there! Found a 5 iron and PW on eBay and had a complete set. I absolutely LOVE this set. Oversized for ease of play. From KZG: | I have S400 dynamic gold shafts hard to find.The only knock on these clubs is I've lost 10 to 15 yards on each iron. I have the KZG forged blades PW-6 irons, and the KZG forged cavity back II-M 3-5 irons, all have the Rifle 6.5 shafts. If you are in the market and have a club building using kzg give them a try you won't be disappointed. Everyone that sees them ask about them and I always let them take a swing and they can't believe how smooth the are. Good workability. LDI. Wedge accuracy was excellent and feel with the PW down to the 4 iron was like butter. Cobra CXI Ben Hogan Apex Plus Mizuno MP-14 Mizuno MP-33 Mizuno MP-30. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. KZG Blades: Great club. I am a former Club Pro and have been playing the same set of Titleist Tour Model Blades for 10 years. KZG Forged II IronsThe KZG Forged II Irons are relatively versatile clubs that feature a cavity back design which gives them a good amount of forgiveness. These irons are as smooth as butter. The feedback from a pured KZG is very good, better than any other forged blade or cavity back I have played. Model Loft Lie Length; KZG Evolution 2 Iron: 17.00° 59.50° 39.500″ KZG Evolution 3 Iron: 20.00° 60.00° 39.000″ KZG Evolution 4 Iron: 23.00° 60.50° 38.500″ Absolutely, and their Gemini drivers just may be the best big stick you can buy. The loft and weight distribution of each head is carefully managed to provide exceptional trajectory and distance control, offering the player maximum shot workability. | The KZG™ blades are double forged from soft S20C carbon steel to ensure optimum feel and control. It's no wonder why Nick Price and many other tour players play for them for free. I out drove my playing partner with the 3 iron off the tee on a par 5. My eyes were immediately drawn to two of the forged models, the dead sexy ZO Blades and Tour Evolution series. The feedback from a pured KZG is very good, better than any other forged blade or cavity back I have played. Here is the information from the KZG website: VC-460 Low Spin Rate Outstanding Distance With Forgiveness Universal Appeal For A Wide Range Of Players The VC-460 offers just about everything a golfer … Irons. I have been a Mizuno man for years and didn't think any other club on the market was comparable. Forged Golf Irons Reviews and Articles. Plain and simple the best irons on the market, I was using callaway's, but the kzg is far more accurate and consistant in shot control and ball flight. or Best Offer. I've tried Hogan Apex Edge Pro, Titleist 690CB and 690.CB, Mizuno MP 30, MacGregor V Foil 1025CM, Cleveland TA2, Tommy Armour Silverback 845C - they are all good but I'm keeping these KZG IIs in my bag for a long time, hopefully my ongoing research is done for now. Customization really saves in the long run. Go see Mike Pauls at Flagstick Custom Golf if your in or near Richmond, VA or call 804/327-1600. KZG products are only available through qualified professional teachers and fitters. Awesome clubs. Now about 9. If you just wanna hit it long these are not for you.Wouldn't pay over $400 for them though and thats with a good shaft. I think these far surpass the VFT's and the price is way too low (if U can find a set). These clubs are money. My name is Jennifer King and I’m the owner of the KZG Performance Center in the heart of Palm Desert. My favourite is my H370 26’ Hybrid, It is so easy to hit, confidence club for me, even chipping out of the rough. I used to hit 7 iron 175 know hit it around 160 to 165.One thing that is good though my iron play is much more consistent. I couldn't believe the price when I saw them. $115.44 shipping. With its clean lines, you would be forgiven for thinking this was a player’s iron. VERY easy to hit, especially the long and mid irons. From KZG: Visit for more! KZG Evolution Reviews Click here if this is your business. Mizuno MP-14's, Callaway X Forged, Hogan Apex Edge Forged, Liberal Congress and Executive spell doom for our nation. Long irons are the easiest things to hit unless you like the new hybrid trend. … The KZG MA-I irons are great for single handicappers who are looking for a classic forged shape without losing performance. Long irons are the easiest things to hit unless you like the new hybrid trend. Like the LDI, the FF features a forged face insert that assures greater rebound for superior distance. Up until now I've been a Mizuno freak. no one else will do that! Hogan Apex Plus. Flighted Rifle, I think the best steel shaft in golf. As far as your contention that MacGregor should have been #1…this is exactly why we’re developing this new system. Max GI irons aren't always the answer for "going to the hole". It does take more work to turn a ball left to right or right to left with a GI iron vs. more of a "players club". These irons are buttery smooth and it is so easy to work the ball. From that point on it was bye-bye callaways and hello kzgs. I have the KZG forged cavity backs and honestly, I feel that the forged blades are more forgiving. Bar none. Wedges. I found most of the heads from this set in a box at a thrift store in San Diego for $2.50 a head. KZG’s clubs have been played on every major pro tour in the world, but with pay to play ruling the tour, you’re never going to hear about it. Fitted with kz grahpite shafts as well. That was one year ago. The XXV irons have oversized forgiveness and explosive distance in a midsized iron. Their forged irons … Putters. The Perfect Blended Set. All this with the feeling of a forged iron. By offering our dealers a great line of cast irons we can ensure that the customer can receive a proper fitting. Look at how many reviews say something like “then I reshafted with Brand ABC and gained 20 yards”. The FF Irons are suitable for a wide variety of golfers. I don't hit these any farther or straighter than my old Mizuno's, but I enjoy pulling them out of the bag more to smack whitey around the course. well hell it was my buddy what am i going to say. As the #1 Custom ProLine, all KZG clubs are easily customized by professionals. The feel of forged. Installed Dynamic Gold S300 shafts in these puppies and now have an awesome set of clubs at a steal. It took a few sessions at the range to dial these puppies in. Purchased this set on ebay (2-PW) for $140.00. Switched to these from Titleist DCI 762 about 5 months ago. KZG Forged Evolution Irons Great handmade irons from Japan can impress you with amazing look and more. Home » KZG M Forged irons KZG M Forged irons. MO 4 and 5, MA 6 and 7, ME 8, 9 and PW. KZG is the best buy for perfectly fit and tour built golf clubs. (I do not.) Longer blade helps with toe hits. KZG lets advertise. The weight distribution is positioned lower on the face to enhance accuracy on the common mis-hit of the better player, which is typically lower on the face. I wanted to share with you today some of the models of forged irons that we carry. KZG Forged Blades Irons. : KZG M-Series IronsGreat mix of great irons.It could be the right choice for many golfers. Wilson Staff, Titleist DCI's, Accuform PTM, Ping Eye II's, etc.,etc. My present from my builder was a set of KZG BLADES I promised not to hit them till I got to a 10 handicap. The micro-milled face coupled with laser cut grooves optimize spin rates. My set is fitted with the KZG graphite shafts which are awesome and fit the irons perfectly. ", I started out with Cobras cavitys and couldn't hit them I met a KZG master club maker and he got me into KZG HIIS's cavity backs I actually killed them. In a world of pretenders, KZG’s Forged Blades are rare: Authentic, double-forged irons, handcrafted to the tightest tolerances for the most discriminating competitive player. The closest distributor from where I live is located in Azores, 600 miles from Lisbon (Portugal) but I really wanted to have a go with these irons. I find the KZG's to be workable, much more forgiving than the Mizuno's, Callaway Forged and Hogan APEX Edge (even though the latter two are cavity back irons). When you hit the clubs it is so smooth you can barely even tell you hit the ball. You will feel the miss hits. More Models assure a perfect FIT. But when you hit it right, watch out. That was 2 months ago. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. Newly released in July is the KZG VC-460 driver. The very small top line will scare quite a few golfers away but it is well worth the effort to try a set of KZGs. The KZG Zo blade is true performer w/ a great deal of shot making ability. Was hitting taylor made oversize bubble shaft. KZG ClubFitters have SKILL and INTEGRITY. I love them. Our cast irons are no different. I have the True temper Black Gold Shafts in them. The MC-III series is no exception and … These are the swettest felling club I've hit. I have been a die-hard titleist man, and have played alot of there irons from 704s to 660s to 695cbs. Very forgiving with GREAT FEEL. There were some strange looks in … Great for all levels of play, except U hard core blade men! In fact, several major champions have bagged KZG clubs (irons mostly) by choice at one time or another. GREAT IRONS NOT VERY HARD TO HIT.SEEM LARGER THAN MOST BLADES AND ALSO HAVE MORE OFFSET.GOT MINE WITH HARRISON PROFESSIONAL SHAFTS ON EBAY FOR 120.00 BUCKS.OVERALL GREAT CLUBS LONG AND FORGIVING.ANYBODY SHOOTING AROUND 95 OR UNDER CAN PLAY THESE. Ask for Andrew or Mike. I hit my 5 iron 245. I got my set from in 8.5 out of 10 condition with Dynamic Gold Sensicore technology S300 shafts and Lamkin full cord grips for $115.00! These are super forgiving, but do not seem as clunky as the Callaway monsters, VFT and 2004 Big Buttocks, er... Berthas, a nicer top line. KZG has kind of faded in popularity recently, so take advantage, they make super products. Why forged Irons will always make the best Golf clubs. My distance has improved by about 20 yards on every club. Using Rifle Tour Flighted 5.5 shafts with great results for me. MSRP for the HPS Irons starts at $84 in steel and $94 in graphite with numerous shaft options available. Lefty Cavity Back looks more like the Cavity Back II in appearance. I consider myself very blessed to be in the KZG club and to have found out about them. KZG just may be the BEST OEM that you have never heard of. The KZGs outperform any other blade out there, you name it. These clubs are forged from S25C carbon steel with a “softer” topline and a slightly longer heel-to-toe length to combine increased playability with that unmistakable forged club head feel. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | switched from an older set of TP-9's. I was fit for a combo set in the M series of irons. KZG offers a myriad of choices for your iron play. These PFT's just CRUSH the ball, but still have a nice touch in the short irons. These clubs are not for beginners. As with all clubs, get fitted people!!! In the tour money talks, otherwise you would see a lot more players turning to companies with more investment in products and less on marketing. Ridiculously forgiving for a forged iron while still allowing workability. I got a great deal on these irons on the internet and first trip out I had 3 biridies in 9 holes. Very solid but soft feeling. Graduated weight distribution, as well as graduated face hardness... really high tech. Keep the testimonials coming! - posted in Equipment Opinions: I was looking around a local clubmakers shop and they stocked all of the KZG forged models. Great Irons with lots of distance. The KZG Difference from KZG_Admin Club on Vimeo. The KZG Blades are soft and feel pure when you make solid contact. KZG offers the best golf clubs to improve your game. KZG is the recognized leader in Forged Irons and Wedges, winning the … My eyes were immediately drawn to two of the forged models, the dead sexy ZO Blades and Tour Evolution series. I needed it anyway. I used the famous term "buttery" when describing the feel of my MP-14s, 33s, and 30s, but I don't even know what word to use when describing these- they are that sweet. (I do not.) One thing i have learned with these irons is that they definitly let you know when you hit the ball wrong. I came online and read up on KZG's, not finding too much in the way of advertising from the company itself. Switched to these clubs 4 months ago I'm an 11 handicapp. As with all clubs, get fitted people!!! For 40% less money, I now have custom fit clubs with incredible feel and control. Considerable offset in short irons. Prompt answers to questions from KZ directlyy. Great customer service they really care about the customer your not just a commission and everyone I've spoken to at KZG knows the line and golf. I was wrong! $124.75. Overall these clubs are forgiving, longer than my old blades (stronger lofts), and buttery soft when hit solid. I was wrong! | ... KZG M Irons Deals on eBay Like the LDI, the FF features a forged face insert that assures greater rebound for superior distance. Maximum forgiveness is achieved through the extreme perimeter weighting. It took me another year but when I got them WOW!!!! These look very similar to their MP-14s, but there is just no comparison! Awesome clubs that I would recommend to anyone who would like to lower their handicap and play better golf. Max GI irons, due to their perimeter weighting, like to make the ball go straight. KZG is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) you say? Later bought a set of forged blades and switched from an older set of MP-14's. There is just a slight offset to help get the ball airborne. There are 3 kinds of clubs included in this series. Get the best deals on KZG Iron Set Golf Clubs when you shop the largest online selection at I had this set built for me by a professional clubmaker, had them bent 2* flat and 2* strong with Grafalloy Attacklite regular flex graphite shafts - they look great and perform as good if not better than most OEM forged cavity backs, very sweet and soft when hit properly and not too punishing when not hit on the sweet spot. KZG forged blades, 3-PW Standard length, loft, lie Rifle Project X 5.5 shafts About a year ago I was bored and stopped by a local golf shop in Stratford, CT to check out the sticks, due was a KZG dealer. Read Gslack's review of the KZG Evolution Irons, 1 of 1 KZG Evolution reviews, & compare with other Golf Irons at Review Centre Friends that i golf with said that i would never be able play with a forged blade...proving them wrong everytime we golf. Put my hybrids back in storage. I like to hit a draw but all the ball wants to do is fly straight when it comes off the face of these KZG Evolution irons. You can shape a shot,stick them on the greens and wow do they get up in the air and most importantly no vibration I've tried Mizuno, Miura,Ping and Titleist and KZG tops them all and lets not forget they look beautiful. @Reg – none of the irons in this review felt bad by any stretch of the imagination. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | g4 3 wood-also freakishly long, movable weights. They have similar design, but they have different club head sizes and weight. I needed it anyway. Haven't used personally, I hear it is great. I'm glad I gave them a try. KZG Forged Irons. Ego keeps to many people in … Awesome for mid to low handicappers. They are very solid irons which, I believe, compete with any forged blade on the market today. This is why we have so many dealers around the world fitting people with KZG golf clubs. Great job KZG and I cant wait to get my hands on a KZG driver. ... FF. About KZG Founded in 1994, KZG offers its equipment only through the finest fitters and teachers in the industry. "Created with the serious player in mind, these cavity back forgings deliver. Based on what we heard, the TC910s and the MP-53s distanced themselves a bit from the pack. Actually, one could argue that they rival Titleist, Taylor Made, Mizuno and Ping. Great trajectory, and the accuracy is super. My set is equipped with Dynamic Gold X100 shafts. A buddy of mine convinced me to try his and i was hooked. WRITE A REVIEW ★★★★★ 4.5 / 5. Available now in a beautiful satin finish. | Upon receipt of the irons I was very impressed with the looks. Whether you are a tour player, or a recreational golfer, KZG offers the perfect iron to enhance your game. These blades are finished with a distinctive, high polished nickel-chrome plating. KZG Irons. In January will aso be available in high polish nickle plating.". Definitely worth trying if you're in the market for forged cavity backs. Maximum forgiveness is achieved through the extreme perimeter weighting. That is why I'm so glad that so few people have heard of them. The clubmaker indicated that the clubs could be built to any specs., shaft choices, mixed aand matched models. With custom clubs, you will only order the irons you need: mix and match irons, substitute utility woods for irons, carry more wedges, the options are limitless. The design appearance is museum worthy. But all fall short of the kzg blades. Hi there. THE KZG DIFFERENCE. Ego keeps to many people in stiff shafts when regular is what they need. Long irons are incredibly easy to hit and you can work the ball perfectly. "A must for the competitive golfer. The distributor was very friendly and fast. Not only are the new XXV irons great looking golf clubs, the performance is amazing. I got this set a few weeks ago, and from the first ball hit, it was WOW!! Callaway VFT's (nice, but too much $$$, X-16's (nope), Daiwa G4 Brougham (great, but just short of the PFT's). | KZG the best irons and woods that no one has ever heard of. Huge improvement from my old irons (Titleist DCI 981 and Taylormade Firesole). What a great set of irons!!! I had them built a ¼” longer and with dynamic gold S300 shafts. I got a great deal on these irons on the internet and first trip out I had 3 biridies in 9 holes. At first I was skeptical about playing KZG irons. Likewise, if one doesn't play a lot, they do want the ball to go straight. Look at how many reviews say something like “then I reshafted with Brand ABC and gained 20 yards”. I've never come across such a sweet set of irons. KZG believes that quality comes first. Upon my first strike with these irons I knew that the hype was justified. Titleist DCI 981 Purchased these irons by chance. These irons are so much more forgiving than they appear. They truly are the best kept secret in golf! The FF Irons are suitable for a wide variety of ... - KZG. I find the KZG's to be very workable, much more forgiving than the Mizuno's,or Callaway Forged . I have the KZG forged blades PW-6 irons, and the KZG forged cavity back II-M 3-5 irons, all have the Rifle 6.5 shafts. The club is stable through the ball and extremely soft sweet spot. I grabbed them off of Ebay for $200, seems a steal with the Rifle Flighted shafts, and like new. The metal they are made with is japaniese steel, which has much less slag than american steel. List of kzg golf clubs, user reviews, editorial reviews, kzg golf clubs deals, used kzg golf clubs and more - On ebay the same ones with regular S300 shafts in 7.5 out of 10 condition are selling for $300! KZG offers nine different forged irons and six performance cast irons. The Forged Blades feature just a hint of offset for a slightly higher launch. Hit alot more greens in regulation.I've decided to stick with em. These clubs are buttery smooth. Not only do they feel sweet, but they also added about 10 or so yards to all my iron shots. I hit these clubs higher than the blades but that is to be expected with the perimeter weighting moving some of the mass lower in the head. Greatest irons I've ever played. I had heard great things about them but have never had the opportunity to try them out. I will have them built at +1 inch. (or lose tensil strength) If you damage a head you can just order another one! | KZG’s dedication to the game, award-winning equipment and discerning practice of working only with premier Professional ClubFitters is why golfers of all skill levels from beginner to touring professionals carry KZG in their bags

kzg ff irons review

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