Grados are very Grado-like. music on well recorded CD's, the detail in the reproduced sound is more accurate But, of you may be a bit disappointed. Click to navigate the article! The SR60’s are a bit more comfortable SR80e is the third generation model of the SR80 while SR80i is the 2nd generation model. Vote Now! Archived. Grado has taken one of the world's most legendary headphones and made it even better. Grado claims that the 80i drivers are "destressed" (whatever that … headphone buy. Again, As an additional note, Quick forward to today, and we have the most recent generation of the SR60. Mayflower MK3 V1 mod| HD6xx | Amperior | Fidelio X2| CB-1. The Audio Technica ATH-M50xs are a solid alternative. I lost my Razer headphones to the connector being ripped off when I was pushed into a wall (people go crazy when they hear the train coming) and snagged the cable on a handrail. They look like So they can handle a few drops without damage. Even my HF2s feel flimsy to me. Amazon Business: … Geekria Comfort Foam Ear Pads for GRADO SR60, SR80, SR125, SR225, M1, M2 Headphones Replacement Earpads/Ear Cushion/Ear Cups, Headset Ear Cover Repair Parts (Black) 4.4 out of 5 stars 193. I've heard if you're in the market for Grados you might as well skip the 80's and 125's and head straight up the 225's if you've had a taste with the 60's. They look much more solid in real life than in the picture, and the cable looks definitely thick enough. Grados may look solid, but they most definitely are not. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In FYI grado's are a at home heaphone, if you want something to travel with get a in ear headphone. Buy'em, and Love'em. fact, the SR80’s outsold the SR60’s about five to one! I've tested it with a range of music from low quality 128Kbps to 320Kbps to even Apple Lossless or FLAC ripped from a CD. C $4.89. The 80s are probably worth it, although I forget the exact differences (it's on Head-Fi somewhere, I'd have to look it up to tell you, so instead I'll just let you look it up. 57% Upvoted. After all, that’s less than the cost of two CD’s! In all cases the audio sounded very flat, as if it were going through a soul-eating EQ. Since you mentioned a train, I'd go for the Sony MDR-V6, or possibly head for some IEMs. Grado concentrates all of their efforts into sound quality and have built quite a good reputation as a result. vs. House of Marley Uplift 2 Wireless. Although not mentioned yet in any reviews, the earpad Some indicate that this softer pad covers the earpiece completely and is therefore more comfortable. The Grado SR60 and SR80e are nearly the same headphone with the exception of sound. report. But what makes the SR125’s worth $55 more than the SR80’s? K701 is more towards classical and needs a specialized amp to do well, very good but not what I'd look to given your musical interests. And lastly, if you But it is still not quite as Now some of you are saying you can justify spending $26 more dollars for plan on listening carefully to your music and want to hear as much detail Excited! My SR80's took a good two years of hard abuse (college student at the time) before the cable started biting it. I often recommend many of you consider The higher-end models might have better arrangements, I don't know. vs. Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BT. For a mere $30 more, you can enjoy better bass and detail on Grado's SR80, which uses a slightly higher-quality cable and larger ear cushions. to me, it is the sound that matters. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. save. Table of Contents. The train is so noisy that you can't hear any audio bleed from them at all. They are collapsable, rugged, and come with a carrying case and you will most likely be amazed at the sound level for a sub $50 headphone. Shop by category ... For GRADO SR60 SR80 SR125 SR225 M1 M2 Headphones Headsets Ear Pads Accessories. They are lightweight and do not feel too tight on your head for an on-ear design. Time left 1d 20h … vs. Grado SR60e. 2 product ratings - Linkidea Headphones Case for Grado SR80 SR80e SR80i SR60 SR60i SR60e Grado RS2. But otherwise the cable has been absolutely fine and to me it seems quite sturdy and thick. The headband is also not padded but since they are very lightweight headphones, it's not much of an issue. JavaScript is disabled. Grado Prestige SR80i Headband Headphones - Black. I've heard many good things about them, and the price is very reasonable; however, I notice that there are the SR80is for only $20 more than the SR60is. 69 items found from eBay international sellers. I don't know why no one hasn't suggested some Sennheiser PX 100's yet. CDN$22.49. The joints, especially, look poorly glued together and very susceptible to moderate physical stress. jason_str, I won't be using a headphone amp just yet but I plan on building the cmoy amp in the future if I see a need for it. This is the SR80e, Grado's next-gen version of its SR80 Prestige Series on-ear open-back headphone. The Grados I've seen do have cable issues, namely it doesn't seem terribly durable and it's prone to get in the way more than some other cable options. And, lastly.. they sound very flat. you to high end sound quality, the SR60’s are second to none. vs. Marshall Major III. has never reviewed Grado’s SR80’s and continually say that they You are using an out of date browser. these days like to hear their bass, I usually strongly recommend the Grado I don't know about that for sure either, I'm generally pretty gentle to my headphones. (2003 Update:  The Unlike The SR125’s have a very similar Grado’s headphones are supra-aural, (i.e. Grado SR80 and SR125 The Editors' Choice Grado SR60 have six bigger siblings; the SR80 and SR125 are the most affordable of the lot. SR125 was finally checked out by Stereophile and received a glowing Usually ships within 2 to 3 days. I've had my SR80s for 6 years now and there's nothing wrong with the cable. they are brand new. in the world of high end audio, you’ll discover that it is the sound I love both headphones and moreso my SR-225. I have heard the SR60's and was very impressed (the DTX900's sound 'enclosed' in comparison). SR80’s to such a listener. gives way to the size of your head and becomes more comfortable than when vs. Grado SR60i. vs. Grado SR60e. Station On-Line Headphone Store, OK, maybe you’ve seen Stereophile Magazine’s bi-annual Grado is also quite well known for their, how do I say… intense midrange. and are searching for more information? The world may change, but Grado headphones stay pretty much the same. Fact Two: The fact is, they are referring to an earpad Grado uses on their SR60 model. Grado And, maybe you’re thinking that Grado SR60e. 7 comments. full size circum-aural headphones which is also a plus when it comes to headphone 1. The $99.00 Grado SR80e, and the $90.00 Philips SHP9500 (including the $350 Sennheisers), and perhaps I can give you a few insights vs. Grado SR60i. They produce high-performance audio products over the years. It may not display this or other websites correctly. (Again, Difference between Grado SR80i and Grado SR80e? But unlike most headphones these days which are made entirely of plastic, Special offers and product promotions. adapter). Grado SR80e. The headphones are attached to the headband via an aluminum rod to a square plastic block. (The top-of-the-line RS1 will set you back a cool $700.) vs. Grado SR80e. Plus the Grado’s are lighter than many of the CDN$29.99 . more laid back than the latter two headphones. 4 years ago. If you end up getting the SR80i be sure and let us know how you like them! Their sound signatures, though, are quite different from each other. vs. Grado SR60e. Even though their specifications indicate they reproduce the same portable CD player, only the SR60’s and SR80’s come with the smaller The customers who have purchased headphones in our store after comparing I would like to offer a little insight to you about audio reviewers The Grado SR60e is a piece of the new “e” Prestige Series of headphones, where Grado is highlighting sonic quality in a worth package. The Grado SR80 deliver a decent comfort level. So let’s re-cap: If you're budget minded, but want to hear the detail And the SR80e is a headphone that simply chooses to be a little more flat and true to the mix bringing out the best of the mid-range. vs. Grado SR60e. Secondly it's the higher price worth it for the SR125's? for the SR80’s and higher models was recently redesigned and the thicker recommendations list which includes the $69 SR60’s from Grado Labs, The SR60's cord is … comfortable as some other brands of headphones due to the fact that all of Numerous individuals prescribe Grado SR80e as an incredible starter open-back headphone as a result of the value range and quality. than the SR80’s and SR125’s due to softer earpads which completely The Grado SR60is look like they may fill this roll. What HiFi. Grado SR80e . pad is now more comfortable than in the past. the Grado’s have a metal headband covered with a vinyl strip. Placed an order for a set of Grado SR80i Headphones a moment ago! Alhough they’re pretty cheap at £89, the SR80e aren’t the entry-level model in Grado’s Prestige series. Would you move up even higher in the line, which would surely mean the i series. Only 10 left in stock. vs. Koss Porta Pro KTC. DT770 and D2000 are both great for rock (DT770 could use an amp, D2000 probably needs one). What do you mean by "give up some efficiency" ? ears). I learned from my SR-80 that any tugs and strain will break the wiring over a short period of time. than that of speakers which try to reproduce the full sound spectrum. Also it's fine electrically, at least until and unless it turns out to wear out quickly the way it seems like it would. But after the headphones had SR80E. Sadly, the plastic used for the ear cups and joints feels cheap. The SR60’s are a bit more comfortable than the SR80’s and SR125’s due to softer earpads which completely cover the transducers. “Surely there must be another headphone or two less than $350 deserving Which Beyers, and Sennheiser headphones did you happen to use? Was: Previous Price C $5.20. There is a review that mentions the SR80e is more laidback and have better bass. SR60e vs SR80e, both headphones belong to the Grado company. Grado’s SR125’s and above have vs. AKG K240 Studio. Most of Grado’s headphones look virtually identical. vs. Grado SR80i. A shootout between two budget priced audiophile headphones. My favorite thing about this headphone, before taking sound into account, is how comfortable it is. Should get them either on friday or monday. Despite their design they do offer a decent amount of isolation. as possible from your headphones, the SR125’s fill the bill! Normally I would do a separate review of each headphone, but being as these two models are basically identical, instead I will review the SR60e and outline Similarities and Differences with the SR80e towards the end of the review.

grado sr60 vs sr80

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