What makes the vérité-style Cartel Land so chilling is its street-level immediacy and the filmmaker’s warts-and-all portrait of these so-called do-gooders—they’re no saints. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. FLAVORWIRE -- “1000 People Can Watch the Film and Have 1000 Different Takeaways”: Oscar Nominee Matthew Heineman on the Dangers and Complexities of ‘Cartel Land’, Heineman: "There’s no silver bullet in this fight. We already know the sickening stories, and all of these are in the mind when we hear more, and see some very graphic images of those who were made examples of by the cartels. Courageous. I’m talking about Mexican drug cartels. KPCC -- Director of Oscar-nominated doc ‘Cartel Land’ details dramatic production. – United States of America Reviewer 11: “I hope this film will give voice to those trapped in the cycle of violence,” Heineman said in his acceptance. ", Indiewire (The Playlist) - Katie Walsh's Top 15 Films of 2015, CARTEL LAND named #9 film of 2015! Captures the mayhem and malice in the lands ravaged by the cartels.”, Filmmaker Magazine - Director/Cinematographer Matthew Heineman on Shooting Sundance Award-Winning Doc Cartel Land, “A tense, cinematically-styled verite documentary about the Mexican drug wars, Matthew Heineman's Cartel Land was one of the big winners at Sundance this year, nabbing both the Directing and Cinematography Awards.”, Paste Magazine - The 10 Best Films of Sundance 2015, “Cartel Land is staggering, stunning. CARTEL LAND "led the way with five nominations" - Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Feature Filmmaking, Direction, Production, Cinematography, and Original Music Score! In a small town on the southern border of the US, a small paramilitary team headed by Tim has taken such a measure to prevent the all kinds of trafficking. Even in this digital age where information exists from all sides of a conflict … often with corresponding video, the general public somehow remains complacent to issues that don’t directly and obviously affect their lifestyle. Couple of comments: first, this is another documentary from producer-director Matthew Heineman, and with this latest, he hits the bull’s eye. The editing is also extremely impressive. ), his true motive is to stop people from crossing the border because he has an anti-immigration ax to grind. Documentary competition. He successfully cleans up many of the small towns and he becomes highly respected around Michoacan. You feel it." Essential viewing! “Cartel Land” does things that I’ve never seen before in any documentary and does others better than I’ve ever seen them done. ", VICE - Watch the Trailer for the Sundance Award-Winning Doc, ‘Cartel Land', “This July, VICE will partner with The Orchard to promote the release of Cartel Land—a Sundance Award–winning documentary about two vigilante groups and their shared enemy, the drug cartels who wreak havoc on their towns.”, Collider - Cartel Land Trailer Teases Incredibly Intense, Unsettling Documentary, “Essential viewing! That’s why I simply disliked ‘The Act of Killing’. ", Indiewire - The 20 Best Documentaries Of 2015, Cartel Land named #1 Documentary of 2015 by The Playlist! ", Style.com - Seth Meyers Hosts a New  York Screening of the Kathryn Bigelow-Produced  Doc, ‘Cartel Land', "I think we all think the drug war is a big issue, and to see a film that really delves into it and to see how it affects people on both sides of the border is really fascinating. كلمات بحث اخرى ذات علاقة بمشاهدة فيلم Cartel Land 2015 مترجم: Cartel Land 2015 عدد مرات المشاهدة: 9,034 تم رفع هذا الفيديو بتاريخ: 2016-02-20T02:25:49+00:00 The opening scene was something like ‘Breaking Bad’, so I thought it might told from the bad guy’s perspective about how their network and business would work. ", "Whether he was filming desert meth operations at twilight or documenting grisly shoot-outs, Heineman went to extreme lengths to tell a refreshingly nuanced portrait about the war on drugs. family members, all brutally murdered by the cartel when their employer (owner of a lime orchard) couldn’t pay the cartel, so they shot his employees as revenge. ", INDIEWIRE’S THE PLAYLIST - 15 Films to See in July, "captures real-life gun fights on camera, is stunning to look at even though it was clearly made guerilla style on the fly", Harper's Bazaar - THE CINEMA SOCIETY & THE ORCHARD HOST A SCREENING OF 'CARTEL LAND', “Powerful, emotional 'This is a movie that's going to stay with you’", Slant Magazine - Film Review: Cartel Land, "A stunning work of war reportage nestled within a creaky study of ideological purity, Cartel Land reveals the extent of the chaos and corruption infecting Mexico's drug war. Chronicling an unseen side of the Iraq war while revealing the soul-numbing rigors of the modern battlefield, the film was hailed by Time’s Richard Corliss as “a near perfect movie,” and deemed “a classic of fear, tension and bravery which will still be studied twenty years from now,” by the New Yorker’s David Denby. ", Deadline - "How Directory Matthew Heineman Seized 'Cartel Land'", "Heineman sat down with Deadline’s Dominic Patten at the AwardsLine screening for the film to discuss his inspiration and the challenges of shooting in a country devastated by violence. Hollywood News - Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next”: Looking at potential Best Documentary Feature contenders, "This doc from Matthew Heineman is possibly the most exciting of the lot, with an added timeliness to boot. ", Twitch Film - Sundance 2015 Review: 'Cartel Land' a Moral Quagmire, "An astonishing journalistic achievement, the film brilliantly follows the trajectory of the story down a path that's as shocking as it is nihilistic. Watch Cartel Land (2015) online free stream However, in my opinion the filmmaker has made a serious and even offensive misstep in trying to create a parallel between the vigilantes of the Autodefensas and the vigilantes of the Arizona Border Recon. Nothing short of spectacular. When it comes to the filmmaking, I don’t know how it was made. Other recent projects include AMERICA IN PRIMETIME, a four part PBS series showcasing the creative minds behind the new golden age of television; the Peabody award-winning ABC News Special, TO IRAQ AND BACK; and the Academy Award nominated documentary OPERATION HOMECOMING. Heineman vaults us into a true heart of darkness.”, “Spellbinding! It’s the best of what documentary film should be.”, Indiewire - WATCH: Why Doc Contender 'Cartel Land' Is Must-See, CARTEL LAND is "a remarkable portrait of two complex and charismatic characters...worthy of a Hollywood action movie. U.S. Marine veteran Tim “Nailer” Foley leads a small paramilitary group called Arizona Border Recon whose volunteer members carry semi-automatic rifles and patrol Arizona’s Altar Valley (“Cocaine Alley”) for any sign of drug traffickers operating on the U.S. side of the border. After giving speeches in the various towns, he manages to put together a force called the Autodefensas, who use heavy artillery and group together in numbers to get the perpetrators out of the many villages. Then we get to know Dr. Mireles, a Michoacán-based physician who is sick and tired of the violence, and realizing that the official authorities will not/cannot do anything, he decides to start the Autodefensas, a grass roots movement to claim back the streets and towns of Michoacán. DECIDER - Watch 'Cartel Land' on Netflix now before it wins the Oscar for Best Documentary, "Heineman’s greatest achievement as a filmmaker isn’t the fact that he put himself in danger for these stories be told; it’s that he shot and edited the footage in a way that completely silences his voice, letting his subjects carry the narrative in their own words. Tom Yellin is Co-Founder and President of The Documentary Group, an independent production company. Matt Porwoll is a documentary cinematographer based in New York. I was not sure what to expect from this film. That is a darn shame, as “Cartel Land” makes for compelling, if at times uncomfortable, viewing. Delivers the narrative propulsion and satisfaction of a first-rate fiction thriller.". Recently, Bradley co-founded Manhattan Productions, a full service production / post-production company which creates commercials, trailers, network promos, television series and feature films. The film alternates between following both groups as they struggle to turn back the advancing tide of cartels operating in their areas and also deal with manpower and leadership issues and with the friction between them and their respective governments. And that’s the thing: While the documentary takes a stance against drug and criminality, it almost embraces racism on the other hand … either stay neutral or really make a good point. I don’t think it is going to win, certainly I can’t either rule out the chances as it made this far. Matthew Heineman talks with Ted Johnson for Variety‘s “PopPolitics” on SiriusXM about the drug wars and America's appetite for drugs. Listen to Matthew Heineman discuss the making of Cartel Land on the Brian Lehrer Show! VARIETY - ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Veep’ Score DGA Nominations. All of his fellow workers join the government force because they are allowed to use guns by law and Jose’s life becomes in danger because he has broken so many laws when he was in control. It’s everyone else that we must keep questioning and holding accountable. The film doesn’t shy away from the expected issues: citizen pushback, greed, abuse of power, and corruption. This exploration is what really makes this documentary great. ", Backstage - 5 Free Talkbacks With Film Visionaries, "Dubbed a “classic Western set in the 21st century,” “Cartel Land” follows the vigilantes on both sides of the Mexican-American border, and is likely to be on everyone’s mind come awards season. It’s a shame that it doesn’t work much better, since there’s a lot of potent, incendiary stuff here. ", PoliticKING -- "Where Have All the 'Missing' Migrant Children Gone". "Heineman’s documentary has the electricity of an adrenalized war film... (It's) the rare non-fiction work that routinely keeps one’s nerves on edge. This documentary is about Mexico and cartels, but it is also about vigilantism in general. This a very good documentary film, very gripping and interesting storyline with the characters. impressive footage. Cartel Land nominated for the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards! Ver Cartel Land | Pelicula Completa en Español Latino - Castellano - Subtitulado. -- CARTEL LAND, “El Doctor” & Assassination Attempts with Matthew Heineman, In this BYOD highlight hosted by Ondi Timoner, "Matthew Heineman discusses documenting Mexico’s war on drugs and capturing moments of gunfire and torture...as well as the life and motivations of “El Doctor” Jose Mireles. But the film amounts to much more than just amazing visuals. Find where to watch Cartel Land in New Zealand. not the cartel). ", Screen Daily - Matthew Heineman on entering the dangerous world of 'Cartel Land', Matthew Heineman on how he "picked up a camera and headed into the dangerous world of Mexico’s drug wars. I think what really allowed me to get in these very intimate scenes I wanted to get was time. “Cartel Land” is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Matthew Hamachek began his career working on the Oscar-nominated documentary STREET FIGHT with Marshall Curry and went on to collaborate with Curry again on RACING DREAMS (Best Documentary, Tribeca Film Festival) and IF A TREE FALLS, which won the Documentary Editing award at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. BUSINESS INSIDER -- Director of Oscar-nominated 'Cartel Land' on the blurring of good and evil among Mexican and American vigilantes, Watch Matthew Heineman sit down with Business Insider to discuss how "initial assumptions about right and wrong and good and evil prove far too simplistic for this complex war. Learning how desperate the vigilantes are to protect their homes, turf and way of life, we are left with little doubt of their mission. Instructions to Download Full Movie: “Cartel Land” made quite a splash at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and when out of the blue this showed up at my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati this weekend, I couldn’t believe my luck and went to see it right away. But his work on the feature documentary Cartel Land took him into both of those situations—and more.”, Rolling Stone - Alt-Summer Movie Preview 2015: Docs, 'Dope' and Demented Flicks, “Matthew Heineman's documentary starts out as a chronicle of everyday people taking on a national scourge; it ends up asking viewers to decide whether vigilantism produces folk heroes or merely a different kind of predator, and reminding us that to live outside the law, you must be honest.”, IndieWIRE - 'Cartel Land,' 'The Look of Silence' and More Set for 2015 Human Rights Watch Film Festival, “The festival will open with a fundraising benefit night featuring Matthew Heineman's CARTEL LAND.”, “One person's armed vigilante is another person's guardian angel and the border between these two ideas is wafer thin and easily crossed as Matthew Heineman's beautifully shot and probing documentary shows.”, IndieWIRE - The Ten Must See Documentaries, “A stark and immersive look at life in the battlefield in the war on drugs.”, HuffPo Live - Mexican Armed Vigilante Group Take on Country's Drug Cartels, “Award-winning director Matthew Heineman joins to talk about his new documentary.”, IndieWIRE - Why This Filmmaker Risked His Life to Track the War on Drugs in 'Cartel Land', “I found myself in really dicey situations; shoot-outs, meth labs, torture cells.”, Time Magazine - Watch a Clip From Modern Day Vigilante Documentary Cartel Land, “The story the film tells isn't the simple heroes-and-villians take he originally set out to make. ", Film Music Media - Cartel Land by H. Scott Salinas and Jackson Greenberg, “A chilling and textual score: evokes a sense of absolute dread at times, while still having this echo of humanity and life pulsing through it", THE PLAYLIST/INDIEWIRE - 20 Best Documentaries Of 2015 So Far, “The drugs war south of the border, and its impact in the U.S, has been a popular one in film in recent years, from “Traffic” through “Breaking Bad” to Cannes thriller “Sicario,” but few have captured the complexities and horrors as well as Matthew Heineman’s film…The access that Heineman’s managed to get, from being caught in the middle of gang battles to a Mexican meth lab, is simply staggering: that he manages to produce such an aesthetically striking film, one that has images that wouldn’t be out of place in the Roger Deakins-shot “Sicario,” is almost ridiculous. Documentaries usually follows with the series of interviews and the recorded clips, in this it was a live shot like any entertainment film. Cartel Land is a 2015 American documentary film directed by Matthew Heineman about the Mexican Drug War, especially vigilante groups fighting Mexican drug cartels. There also are some intense shoot-outs which must have been extremely scary for the director, who was in the heart of the action. Reviewer 6: It’s all on Hulu. I’ve rarely praised either of these in other documentaries, but the cinematography and the score are both magnificent. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I personally would watch Matthew’s other documentaries because he really did get to the heart of the problem with this movie and put his life on the line, to the point were he didn’t put on his bullet proof vest during one of the shoot-outs because he wanted to catch all of the action on camera. Every nation has its flaws, but I wondered why Mexican government was so blind over drug trafficking as shown in this film, if the information was correct. VOX - All 5 Oscar nominees for Best Documentary are worth watching. His small force use heavy artillery and patrol during day and night to protect his home and infiltrate the cartels various methods of trafficking drugs. The director’s access has ensured that we get scenes of startling, real-life violence and hair-raising suspense. “I believe what I’m doing is good. Matthew Heineman joins CBS This Morning to discuss how he gained access to his subjects and the dangerous challenges he faced while filming. ", The Guardian - And The Oscar May Go To: 30 Movies We’ve Already Seen Which Could Win Big, "After winning best director at Sundance following its premiere, director Kathryn Bigelow signed on as executive producer, boding well for its Oscar chances. Reviewer 8: ", The Hollywood Reporter - Drug War Doc ‘Cartel Land’ Hits Home with Mexican Audiences. Great! ", Popmatters.com - “‘Cartel Land’ and the Never-Ending Story of the Drug War”, "Gorgeous! Beautifully filmed and fiercely evocative", FLICKERING MYTH - “Sheffield Doc/Fest Review - Cartel Land”, "★ ★ ★ ★ Unfolds like a great thriller! It’s informative and a thrill ride.”, Esquire - If You Thought Breaking Bad Was Terrifying, Wait Until You See the Real Drug War, NPR - Investigating The Drug Trade In 'Cartel Land', "Cartel Land is skillfully balanced. As there isn’t any laws to protect them, they basically take matters into there own hands and risk there life’s for there country and to make sure that things don’t get out of hand. It’s abundantly clear that in Mexico, to put it as neutrally as possible, institutions (government, police, military) have failed to protect citizens from cartel- sponsored violence. The more time he spent on the border, the more once-simple contrasts devolved into shades of gray.”, Variety - Cartel Land Filmmaker on Mexican Drug Wars: There's Danger Around You At All Times, “Cartel Land paints a portrait of vigilantism that is both galvanizing and deeply troubling.”, Vulture - 23 Movies To See At The 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, "EXPLOSIVE. ABC -- 'Cartel Land' Explores Deadly Consequences of Illegal Drug Trade. POV Blog - The Action-Packed Nuance of Cartel Land, “Jaw-dropping. OSCARS - 15 DOCUMENTARY FEATURES ADVANCE IN 2015 OSCAR® RACE. WNYC -- Oscar Nominated Documentaries: Cartel Land. Filmmaker Matt Heineman Dives Deep into Action on ‘Cartel Land’ – “Things That Happened Off Camera Made It Even Scarier”, ‘The Revenant’ Director Alejandro G. Inarritu Wins DGA Movie Award, "Where Have All the 'Missing' Migrant Children Gone", Jailed Mexican vigilante leader applauds Cartel Land’s Oscar nomination, Watch 'Cartel Land' on Netflix now before it wins the Oscar for Best Documentary, 'Cartel Land' tops iTunes charts in LatAm, The Look of Silence Wins Top Documentary Award at Cinema Eye, Media Frenzy Over Sean Penn’s El Chapo Interview Obscures Brutality, ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Veep’ Score DGA Nominations, BAFTA Nominations: ‘Bridge of Spies,’ ‘Carol’ Lead Film Awards Race, Matthew Heineman on entering the dangerous world of 'Cartel Land', "How Directory Matthew Heineman Seized 'Cartel Land'", Documentary contenders remind us there are many ways to talk about issues, Critics’ Choice Awards Nominations: Complete List, What to Watch: 'Going Clear,' 'Hunting Ground' and 13 Other Oscar-Shortlisted Documentaries, From 'Meru' to 'Cartel Land,' This Year's 13 Must-Watch Docs, The iTunes Top 10 of 2015: How Apple Cracked the Code and Turned Indies and Doc into Digital Hits, "Carol" and "Sicario" Lead the 19th OFCS Nominations, Cartel Land' Paints Stunning, Dark Picture of Mexico Vigilantes, D.A. While Tim is battling against the cartels, who are using the newest technology to communicate, Dr. José Mireles is also battling against the cartels but his war is to protect Michoacan and to gain control of the various towns which have many violent gang members, called the Knight Templars, who are causing havoc in there communities. I tell you, you know, one man was doing his task all by himself with the help of a few other buddies. You came to the right place! I thought ‘Heli’ was a fictional work. ", AM NY - Human Rights Watch Film Festival: 6 films to check out, "A compelling exploration of both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border wars.". But even with that unnecessary side story, “Cartel Land” is an unforgettable documentary. ", ABC - 'Cartel Land' Documentary Tells True Story Behind Drug Trade, "Fascinating and riveting. Second, the ‘parallel’ story of the Arizona Border Recon, with veterans taking it on themselves to patrol the border to keep migrants out, falls utterly short and frankly looks a bit silly as compared to the stuff we see happening in Michoacán. The best documentary I’ve seen in a very long time.”, Village Voice - The Fifteen Sundance 2015 Films You Need to Know, KPCC - Matthew Heineman Enters No-man's Land in 'Cartel Land', "Riveting...The film plays more like a drama than a non-fiction film. Cartel Land opens on a familiar scene, as we get a look at the masked men who are cooking meth in the middle of the night in Mexico, which will soon be shipped across the border. ", STUDIO SYSTEM INSIDER - Filmmaker Matt Heineman Dives Deep into Action on ‘Cartel Land’ – “Things That Happened Off Camera Made It Even Scarier”, "How often do you watch a movie and wonder how many times the filmmaker’s life was actually in danger while making it? ", New York Times - Documentary Filmmakers Talk About Manipulation in Their Work, "One particular outbreak of gunfire that begins when Mr. Heineman is in the back of a car is as slick as anything in a big-budget Hollywood production. – Our Time Projects, Country: "Shot with an assured attention to dramatic compositions and edited with a swiftness that generates uneasy, suspenseful momentum, Heineman’s documentary has the electricity of an adrenalized war film. I don’t think taking action again them won’t collapse the nation or the economy. Meanwhile, Jose Mireles leads the Autodefensas, whose members carry similar weapons in their quest to root out members of the ruthless drug cartel which operates in the area around the western Mexican state of Michoacán. And again, I’m not the right person here to analyse and predict the nation’s fate. Cartel Land’ Director on Drugs and Illegal Immigration: 'Cartel Land' is eye-opening and shows the shades of grey, 'Cartel Land' review: Vigilantes battle drug traffickers in riveting documentary, 'Cartel Land' goes deep inside vigilantes' fight on both sides of Mexico-U.S. drug war, Cartel Land' documents dilemmas of drug trade, ‘Cartel Land’ Review: Blurring the Line Between Hero and Villain, Jaw-dropping doc about vigilantes in Mexico, Cartel Land’ closely examines the entire drug ecosystem, Q&A Director Matthew Heineman followed vigilantes and survived shootouts for 'Cartel Land', 'Cartel Land' Documentary Tells True Story Behind Drug Trade, Examining The War on Mexican Drug Cartels, Through Film and Fiction, Cartel Land’ Documentary Tells True Story Behind Drug Trade, Review: 'Cartel Land' is the Kathryn Bigelow Movie You Wish She'd Make, ‘Cartel Land’ graphically shows Drug War’s unintended consequences, 'Zero Dark Thirty' filmmaker exposes horrors of Mexican drug war, ‘Cartel Land’ goes inside vigilante groups, Kathryn Bigelow Interviews the Filmmaker Behind the Mexican Drug War Documentary, 'Cartel Land', Review: In ‘Cartel Land’ Documentary, Vigilantes Wage Drug Wars, 'Cartel Land' review: Documentary looks at militias fighting Mexican drug cartels, BORDER MILITIA DOC ‘CARTEL LAND’ IS AN ASTONISHMENT, “‘Cartel Land’ Blurs Lines Between Good Vs.

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