Do you? The flower heads, 20cm in diameter, appear in early summer on stems to 80-100cm in height. Light Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Shade yes Ornamental alliums generally range in height from 3” to 4-6’ tall. … Allium Globemaster has giant 10" diameter violet flower heads on 2 to 3 ft. flower stems and blooms in early summer. White Flower Farm is a family-owned mail-order nursery located in northwestern Connecticut. The scent of the bulbs and leaves, however, may remind you of onions. We will be adding many new varieties shortly. These Allium … no (84 Reviews) It works well when planted in drifts with … across (12 cm), densely packed with hundreds of small, star-shaped violet-blue flowers. Water well after planting. This is why it’s important to know which types of allium you’re … We invite you to browse our website, and to join our email list for special offers and useful gardening tips. Pests/Diseases: Alliums have few problems except when planted too shallowly or in wet soil. yes No special care is required in order to get a show-stopping display of these massive blooms.Height… Please refer to the Shipping Details box to determine the earliest shipping time. Allium ‘Globemaster’ is a fantastic choice for sunny borders, bearing rounded, deep violet flower heads, 15-20cm in diameter, from late spring to early summer. Plan for Contrasting Heights. Fertilizer/Soil and pH: Alliums prefer well-drained, fertile soil. Please include your order number or customer number when contacting us. The blooms were shorter than advertised and sort of pitiful. Light/Watering: Most Alliums grow best in full sun, with at least 6–8 hours of direct sun a day. New cultures and crossings add up to this all the time. Planted 6 of these last November and got 6 perfect plants with big globes that have lasted for weeks. Average Customer Rating: 'Globemaster' gets its size from its A. cristophii parent, but the florets are packed more … Globemaster… Do you? Small, silvery purple florets form 8–10″ flower heads. Planting: Plant Alliums more shallowly than comparably sized bulbs, just 1–2 times the diameter of the bulb deep. Plants typically produce showy flower umbels on naked scapes rising above a clump of linear grass-like leaves. Great ornamental value in the landscape and amazing cut or dried flowers. An allium flower head is a cluster of individual florets. Each type of allium … They came up in April and still going strong in May. If you've been searching for the biggest allium you can buy, look no further. We guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money back. They amaze everyone, and few plants create this kind of wow in the garden. Allium Globemaster A 1971 hybrid cross of A. christophii and A. macleanii, Globemaster transforms gardens with statuesque, aster-violet globes that grow up to 10"-wide. This fantastic ornamental onion Allium Globemaster is called master for no reason. no, 7 of 8 people found this review helpful. The longest lasting bulb flower in history! Allium 'Globemaster' (Allium 'Globemaster') will reach a height of 1.5m and a spread of 0.5m after 2-5 years. The Globemaster Allium… White Flower Farm • 1-800-503-9624, Blackmore & Langdon Begonias & Delphiniums, Customer-Favorite Annual Container Designs, All Preplanned Gardens & Plant Collections, Discounted Gift Certificates Available Now, Add a $50 Gift Card to Your Bouquet or Gift Set for Just $25. Gorgeous, stayed upright after lashing wind and rain. Allium flowers range from purple, burgundy, lilac, silvery amethyst, pink, blue, to yellow and white. 'Globemaster' is a true showstopper! Couldn't be happier. no Continuing Care: The leaf tips of many varieties, especially the tall ones, begin to brown before bloom time. Genus: Allium Species: x Variety: 'Globemaster' Item Form: Bulb Zone: 4 - 8 Bloom Start To End: Late Spring - Early Summer Habit: Upright Plant Height: 2 ft 6 in - 3 ft Plant Width: 18 in Bloom Size: 8 in … Here you will find a summary of the most attractive and most popular kinds as well as their characteristics: Allium Globemaster The allium globemaster shows off with particularly big florescence. Allium Globemaster Bulbs | Giant Flowering Onion The most famous of the truly giant alliums, Globemaster stands out even in the lush fullness and vibrant colors of the late spring garden. 1 bulb … Box 50, Route 63 ~ Litchfield, Connecticut 06759 ~ 1-800-503-9624 Each bee-loved, long-lasting … The longest lasting... Couldn't be happier. Companions: Place Alliums behind heavy-foliage plants such as Peonies and Iris. Ships: September through December Allium flowers form dense balls of color at the top of strong stems, and they make excellent displays in the garden or in bouquets. Suggested uses. Shrubs, Roses, vines, and other woody plants may be shipped bareroot or in pots. yes Planted in the fall. P.O. Very large, majestic purple spheres up to 8 inches across bear numerous star-shaped, deep lilac flowers in May and June. This is the biggest and many think the best Allium yet. We also offer gardening advice and how-to information to gardeners throughout the United States. Globemaster is a stunning allium that produces a colossal round cluster of purple flowers that often measure up to 8" in diameter. Planting Depth: 8 The Allium group gets more popular annually, from over 300 species to choose. Estimated dates for shipping are indicated in the Shipping Details box for each item. The individual kinds distinguish themselves especially through their height as well as their color and the form of their blossoms, which is why they can be combined so well in a bed. Drumstick alliums only grow about one foot tall with one-inch flower heads, while giant 'Globemaster' can top four feet in height and sport huge globes of … If you thought you’d seen all the Alliums, you’re wrong. This Allium 'Globemaster' variety offers unbelievably giant blooms in rich purple. Flower heads are good for drying. A Very Dark Purple Allium. … Tall and majestic, Allium 'His Excellency' is a most architectural flowering onion with its large globe-shaped inflorescence, 5 in. Boasting of the biggest flower heads, multiple award-winner Allium 'Globemaster' is a striking ornamental onion with its inflorescence consisting of dozens of small star-shaped violet flowers forming a 10 inch wide (25 cm) globe-shaped cluster! Allium ‘Globemaster’ is a true showstopper, growing to about 32 inches tall.  Certified buyer. Iris germanica 'Mother Earth' - Reblooming, Click here to read more reviews about this item (84 total). We must point out that many perennials will not bloom the first year after planting, but will the following year, amply rewarding your patience. The size of the plants we ship has been selected to reduce the shock of transplanting. Architectural, Cottage/Informal, Flower Arranging, Beds and borders, Gravel. Fertilize in fall and spring with any bulb fertilizer. Allium Globemaster - Common name:Ornamental Onion - Large, dense flowers, 10" across, with an abundance of violet-purple florets that bloom for weeks. … no, 10 of 10 people found this review helpful. Genus name comes from the classical Latin name for garlic. Globemaster is a stunning allium that produces a colossal round cluster of purple flowers that often measure up to 8" in diameter. We have organized the 12 most popular allium bulbs by height, flower size and bloom time. Plant 3 per sq ft. For more information on growing Allium, click Growing Guide.

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