In my mind this would cut a lot of the top end, warming up the mids and add sustain but not sound like a ‘bucker. Or are they completely identical in every way? If you’re changing stuff for appearance purposes you might think about tuners with pearloid buttons or something but otherwise I wouldn’t bother unless you’re constantly breaking strings or something. There you go, find yourself on here and it might all begin to make sense: We were wondering whether it was a replacement for a push/push or perhaps a slightly later model that dumped it? A quick Google found this diagram for a 112. I’ll post a link once you’re an officially satisfied customer. To advertise this Yamaha offered the 112 in a natural finish. I say get an eq pedal! Any use? I’ve replaced the pickups in all my Pacifica Teles to give them a little more personality. Message Seller. Good job, thats what my pickup workshop walls are made of! But seriously what wood a guitar is made of is way down my list when looking for a guitar. This series was first launched in 1990 and had delighted musicians for the past 30 years. I taped masking tape between the frets, having first stuck each strip to the back of my hand a couple of times to reduce the stickiness, and followed with electrical tape on top so that everything was nice and protected. I’ll check them out, thanks. Has it got a Warmoth logo on the BACK of the headstock and the logo on the final fret just above the neck pickup? However since I received theses pickups why is it I find my stock pups ever so sweet. Could you send a picture? $15 + $10 Shipping. $15 + $10 Shipping. I suddenly realised that a song of mine could do with just such a solo over 8 bars but instead of adding punch, everytime I record the solo it just sounds a bit weedy. Takes 15 minutes and removes 90% of the hum. If it works for other people it might be a problem with my browser. Hi. I really recommend GFS pickups, they’re cheap and their customer service is fantastic. My amp controls don’t seem to be able to save the day. As long as you know which are the live leads and which are the earths you’ll be fine. What made you go for the Fishman active pickups? plus shipping if any ones interested. That said, other than the buzz, the single coils are pretty nice, with a thick mid-range and quick dynamic response. Thank, for your comment. It is PJ16058. Cheers. Thanks for visiting the site and your kind words. Your first stop should be here in the United Kingdom. I was amazed by the quality/price ratio and since then have bought seven Pacificas for myself. And of course vice versa. Let us know how you get on with them. It’s no better than modern poly, it catches fire and it reacts with rubber (my 76 Les Paul was ruined!). Would you care to elaborate on that last comment about the latest Pacificas? What a dope. If they don’t sell in enough numbers there won’t be much of a second hand market for Revstars but the new prices may suddenly crash. [QUESTION] [NEWBIE] Hi fellow players! I have bought a Yamaha Pacifica 112M that is in almost unplayed condition as a father-son project guitar. Greetings from Costa Rica. I really think compression and a phaser/flanger are going to help me get there. Nothing wrong with my stock tuners mind they rock solid this thing holds tune well…so maybe it not worth touching them.? But eBay is your friend for used Pacificas at great prices. Even the 1511 has the same neck as the 02s but with the neck humbucker. Hi Jason, in my experience, there can be quite a bit of variation between supposedly identical models, depending on when they were made, things like the screw positions on the scratch plate, different logos etc for example. They look similar at first glance but they aren’t. (will post all of my pacificas and yamaha guitars to soon), If you are looking to play lighter styles of music that require less distortion or output, then go for the 102, but honestly, you have a heck of a guitar already. Expecting to receive my new Yamaha Pacifica 612vii , about which I have a couple of questions: 1. I did this for some replacement nuts here in the UK and the service was excellent…so was the price. On a different topic I was at the gentleman house not to long back who sets up my guitars every now and again sort of my local guitar guru ( he does it way better than me). I just wanted to let your forum members know how the Ironstone business is very different to many of the cheaper ‘pickup shifters’ out there (very reasonable as some of their pickups are). Simon. Doug, Check out the old Yamaha brochure in the link above. Regarding the 904 – it should have a warmoth stamp on the back of the headstock, also it should have a black Yamaha name plate on the 23rd fret. Hi Daniel and welcome to the site. I have a Fender US tele which retails around £1200 now but I hardly ever play it (funnily enough it’s the one with the 2 x GFS noiseless strat pickups in it) I play my three Pac 102s almost exclusively, especially the natural wood one with the 112 maple neck and the Sonic Monkey pickup. 2. It all depends what you’re looking for. Hi, can anyone tell me the thread size of a pacifica 604 trem arl.  Clearly the big-bellied, fat-forearmed Telecaster testers who helped Leo design the Strat had the same complaint here too. If it’s the 604W, which has the Wilkinson bridge, the trem is a push-in type, with no thread. You can measure all you like but if there’s buzz after measuring then the action’s wrong. Yes, just black ‘open frame’ style. For the price id definitely give these a go and when they start appearing used id be really interested to see what they going for then could be bargains galore…maybe it be better to sit on this gas for a while and get a les paul till there is a used market for these. My aforementioned PAC120SJ tele guitar, although great stock, is getting a pickup change. Just tried chorus. A humbucker is essentially two single coils next to each other of course, that’s how it cancels the hum and smoothes out the sound but it does look like the 604 takes this a step further construction wise. Now my mate wants me to get his down that low too. How on earth did this happen? Hard to know what the market is for these really. I got mine for about £80 I think! Hi, what do you know about Pacifica 412v guitar? Upon first look, the construction and quality of the instrument are outstanding for the price. I can’t seem to find any info on them…. It should also have the model type on the rear tip of the head stock – the YMAHA looks odd, usually these are abalone, and unlike Yamaha to make such a basic error – their qc is usually oretty good. I will post photos of them all later. But I got a new nut for one Pacifica from Yamaha. Get the guaranteed best price on Solid Body Electric Guitars like the Yamaha PAC112J Electric Guitar at Musician's Friend. The 120 pickups are just regular Yamaha humbuckers. don’t think thtat the redburst finish looks as good as the natural finish does. My feeling is the old 90s guitars are better made than the new ones but it may be just that they’re old and played in by the time I buy them! thanks for the post very informative . In this video you can see it. I’ve never seen a natural one before. I wouldn’t recommend it. Respect to guitar on the Barry Gibb band, The guitar player is Tim Cansfield and yes, I saw this Pacifica, but I don’t know which model it could be. Hi, Sounds like you are after a one size fits many sort of pup. From a distance I remember seeing the price and thinking I hope that’s a really high end yammy. Not sure if that helps! Guys does anyone know if the old style 112j pickguard will fit the newer 112 v…..? What are you recording into, software or hardware? Not sure about value. Scale length seems to be 24 3/4″ so Gibbo style. HI Simon. They’re very quirky looking, I’d be very surprised if they sell very many at all. Best £40 I’ve ever spent (and that was the whole guitar – ‘B’ stock, it said but I can’t find a single thing wrong with it! Other tgan tgat I been fancying a ltd ec256. Usually I played Schecters, a guitar made of Tom Anderson parts, Fenders and Gibsons, you name it. Its pickup configuration provides a wide range of sound, from bottomless … The Yamaha Pacifica 112 features three pickups. Should link to them really, now I think about it. Plus hundreds of Graphical Designs with choices like Abstract/Pattern, Pin Up Girls, Paisley, Horror, Patriotic/Flags, Naughty But Nice and many, many more. One person’s ‘dull’ is another person’s ‘warm’, one person’s ‘bright’ is another person’s ‘harsh’ and so on. Leaves a nice clean line between the top/bottom and sides) Finished with 4-5 coats of hand rubbed satin varnish. The 612v is absolutely stock and almost untouched since it was bought. Cheers! The new 6 series are marvellous guitars, I’m sure you’ll love it. The 120s are different from the 02s though, with a much bigger body and the two humbuckers of course. Skip to main content Skip to footer site51274115033936 site5127474186731188260 New 511077 Yamaha PAC112J Electric Guitar site51274115033936,site51274115033958,site51274115034243 false it’s possible that it MAY be a replacement neck fitted over the years and someone added new decals-. I have a white on black Pacifica 721 from the early 90s that looks exactly like the one posted above, and wanted to know what it might be worth? Have at it and let us know what happens! As far as I am aware the differences are just cosmetic, as you say. They are about the same price — the 102s is already shielded and has a seymour duncan pickup upgrade. I’d second that. I bought mine last year for around the same price and just purchased a 302 in blue last month for twice the amount. Seen a dude with a HSH strat with rolling mill in neck and bridge and smokestack ll in middle on youtube and I got the visa out straight away. I changed my pickups on my 112vmx to overwound pig irons neck and middle steamhammer bridge. DEFINITELY check out Vintage. Plus hundreds of Graphical Designs with choices like Abstract/Pattern, Pin Up Girls, Paisley, Horror, Patriotic/Flags, Naughty But Nice and many, many more. I’ve done this before with Plasticine. Best Match Time: ... Gallery View Customize . So that will damp things down nicely, but retain vintage warmth. Just standard two wire construction. Of course, so much of tone is just in the fingers of the player. Designed to be player focused, the Pacifica range offers sound, feel and versatility ready for any style or stage. I’ve tweaked all the amp settings on my Fender Champ 25 SE and mixed up my pedal chain but it just won’t be BIG. ), I would recommend treating an HSS like a full humbucker guitar and going for 500k (log /A ) pots and a 22nF (0.22uF) cap. I can’t seem to find the pickguard anywhere. Im thinking bout putting back my 112vmx stock alnico 5s into my pacifica. Its strictly a home player I dont gig.? Guitars Electric. Save this search. Cheers. I’ll pm you the address. Kraft Music. He’s sent us this pic of an original big logo 120 that he’s customised beautifully. A bit love them or hate them, I think. Franklin, WI, United States. Yamaha Pacifica is the name of a series of electric guitars manufactured by Yamaha.The line was originally designed in Yamaha's California custom-shop by Rich Lasner, working with guitar builder Leo Knapp. We can stick it on the site. Listing Sold. So here are Neill’s ideas in pics. than the 112V. One of the guitarists in his band played a Pacifica, looked like a 904? The sound improvement would be far more noticeable. Cheers, Tony, OK, thanks for the link. Yamaha Pacifica PAC612VIIFM Electric Guitar - Black. I should know! 🙂, I agree with the admin (as I have before) and both are really great guitars but depends on what kind of music you like playing. Well there you go! Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. The body is flawless and glossy and will look great during a p… Willow has terrible mids, grassy tops and leathery lows. Unless it's a signature guitar, (upgraded) Pacifica isn't an investment in term of resale value. Your english is fine, too! Now after some experiments with pickup and wiring I decided that the default setup was the best for me. What is your opinion? Now I want to get my Pacifica back to stock setup, but I’m afraid I can’t restore all wiring. One has just the one cutaway like a telecaster, the other two have two cutaway horns similar to a stratocaster but one has a full sized scratchplate like a strat with all of the controls on it, the other has a smaller one with the knobs mounted on the wood of the body. I have read on some forums that a push/push is more prone to break but you can read ANYTHING on forums and I’m not planning to tour the world and switch it 20 times a night anyhow. If you want a guitar that sounds more like a Gibson or Tele Deluxe, stick with the 120. At this time I own about 14 Pacificas. Weirdly the whole guitar is about the same length as a strat and the short scale doesn’t feel cramped at all but does mean that string tension is much looser, especially with the crazily light DiMarzio XLs that Thomann put on them. Yes it does. Whatever the matter it sounds really nice and boosty in ‘bucker mode and Stratty enough for me and very clean when split although I notice that Music Radar weren’t overly keen on the split mode sound. I wonder what’s going on under the hood to explain £823 or £289. Thanks!!!!! Pacifica - Specs - Electric Guitars - Guitars, Basses & Amps - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha - UK and Ireland So I did and plain as day I counted 9. Link on this site. Video: turn your Pacifica into a mini travel guitar! Apparently the serial number is in the back, under the tremolo springs. You mean the 112v or in general? Sadly, they don’t make them any more. (used a water based stain so it couldn’t bleed into the already varnished sides. Once you pull them out and disconnect the leads, you could install them in separate guitars. My name is Oliver and I am buying and customising Pacificas until 1999. For example, 1.6mm on the low E to 1.2mm on the high E is a good starting point. But until that day this became my main guitar. Your thoughts on this? I have a hss alnico 5 set I took out of a pac 112v that you could have if your willing to pay postage. I agree with you that for useability it beats a push/pull hands down and is probably the only mod I’d make to my Pacifica and, even then, only if I was short of things to do. And I can charge very reasonable prices accordingly. Is this weird that there’s no “made in Korea” mark? That’s why I recommend the GFS ones so highly. It was about 10 years ago, but I recall the factory bridge pickup being a little too mellow for my liking. I’m not sure about the Tunomatic style brige and tailpiece though. Hi Simon, It’s quite easy to make your own too which is load of fun. I have other guitars to but guess which guitar I keep picking up.? Perfect for customising and generally mucking about with as you can see from the pics. Still at least you’re in the same camp as David Gilmour. Guys any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated. Tone does come from fingers to a certain extent also different picks can make slight differences. Send it to me and I’ll post it here. These are great, with the double threading string holes. In answer to this and a couple of other cap value questions on the forum, the value of the cap determines both the maximum brightness you can get (tone control fully off) and the maximum treble you can remove (tone control fully on). 75. Here are links to pictures, if you could take a look and give me any feed back at all that would great thank you! What do we think? It's a player. Tony., Anyone recommend a good semi-hollow, a cheapo Gibson 335 type guitar? Is it possible to find year from the serial number? Assuming the truss rod is giving the relief you like – ‘a bit’ to ‘none at all’ (my personal preference) – the nut is giving a bit of clearance over the first fret when fretted at the second (used to love Yamaha’s zero fret guitars as this fixes that problem) and the frets are all level, then I go with the expert in Dan Erlewine’s book who says, “lower the strings til they buzz somewhere then raise them till they don’t.” Seems like good advice to me. Have you tried any cort guitars im looking at the single cut les paul cr200 or 250 I need a les paul type guitar and was recently looking at a few epiphone ones the standard and traditional pro however the finish on the half a dozen or so I looked at seemed at best sloppy which put me right off..I cant find a cort round my parts down in rainy wales but they seem pretty reasonable. Where can I send you photos of my pacificas, to which e-mail adress? I’ll post a picture…Sergio, I’ve asked about this on the Yamaha Pacifica Lovers facebook page too. it only had the body, a pickguard and the neck and at first sight, I could see the finish very spoiled. See it on the My Guitars page. Not forgetting the skull and crossbones knobs! I feel the calling…any religion…it’s calling…it’s calling…. People who want a Les Paul won’t buy them when they can get a crap Epiphone. Hi, thanks for visiting. Im having a bit of trouble finding a replacement neck pick for my pacifica 012. Could anyone recommend me an approximate appropriate string height for this one? They were wired up to a 250k tone and 500k volume 22 cap however now I have 500k volume and tone with 47 cap. Now after a few changes i like it - my modifications are: 1. I have some irongear pups I want to put in my 112 mostly to see want these irongear pickups that id been hearing about are like..are they that good..? Other than that, have no more info to help. i have a modded Pac, what’s your email address? Cheers! Have you ever seen a Pacifica 904 with the logo on the headstock “YAHAMA” insted of “YAMAHA”? Early in 2007 Yamaha introduced an upgraded model in all but price. Playability amazing It’s a real beast. I haven’t played them either, but I like to think that they have the thin and comfortable necks that most Yamaha strat/tele bodies have. That link doesn’t go anywhere. His pickups are highly regarded by modders. Welcome to the site and thanks for all the extra info. Ironstone pickups (UK) website Tony pops to the site from time to time. Nightmare. I’m hoping this site can become a popular place to visit for like-minded Yamaha Pacifica fans all around the world. 412 all day long if it were me. You haven’t got any pics of the work in progress have you? How do these pickups function/sound with the Pacifica’s much flatter radius of 13.75″ – 14″? As always, its probably best to immerse yourself in sound clips or seek out any mates guitars with replacements to the stock pups. Tony, the maker of Ironstone pickups is a great bloke and very helpful on the forum. These were S Korean ones before they set up in China. Cheers. Those specs look identical to the 112VM. As you rightly said, a lot easier and faster than I’d imagined – and the sense of satisfaction is immense. Aside from sporting the standard Alder body and Rosewood fingerboard, the 112 also comes with more color options. 75. I was just pondering a P90 there instead whan I got an email that alerted me to your post. Then I just used two files; one a standard DIY store file and the other a fine diamond encrusted nail file. Yamaha Pacifica Pickups This guitar has two single coil pickups that capture the sweat tones of a Stratocaster. Regarding the 904 – it should have a warmoth stamp on the back of the headstock, also it should have a black Yamaha name plate on the 23rd fret. Quality in every single one, from the low end to high end. I’m baffled as to what the difference is. Never played a Pacifica 112V but every low-priced Yamaha product I've experienced has been good for the money so I would be tempted to go for that. Easily as good as an entry level US Fender strat if not better. This one’s a mystery! Here are my Pacificas. You do seem them though.Mine is currently bright yellow with Rickenbacker style pickups, as you will have seen here. Bigsbys on both. Ironstone pickups (UK) website Tony pops to the site from time to time. Heavier music demands more output, and the 120 is perfect as it is equipped with dual humbuckers. 3 Ply Guitar Pickguard for Yamaha Pacifica EG 112 Eg112 MINT Green. You can see a couple here on the Telemods site: !20 sunburst And of course you can see my bright yellow one on this very site (although it started out as natural!). Hmmm!). Im going to check out ironstone website now…I have iron gear pickups and they are great, well I dig em anyway .I mean they are cheap and sound amazing for what you are paying but if they started getting more expensive would I still by them..? There is not much info about specs and reviews con internet. It sounds quite straight to me. Thanks for pointing this out, haven’t looked at it for a while. Cheers, Here’s the one that will probably fit I wouldn’t bother with the new Pacificas, myself. I thought the 611 and 510 look quite impressive, everything to the hardware looks nice on those! Thanks for your answers and comments. Did you want to send a pic of your modded Pac? Hope that helps! My pac seems to be rolled ever so slightly. First launched in 1990, the Pacifica … Also do you think I would be able to pull out the p90 in the neck of a 311h and put humbucker straight in if I got the hh pickguard. Si, Hello Simon, Hope that helps but do fire any questions back that you have. By the way he’s just done me the enormous favour recently of hand matching a replacement neck pickup with one of his Alnico 5s of similar resistance because mine had ridiculously wide pole spacings. You can end up searching for something you will never find…I myself as all of us at some point i suspect have got carried away trying to find that tone in your head..The problem is it doesnt exist, it an unachievable goal. .? Which all fits perfectly! Yamaha Pacifica 112J Left Handed Electric Guitar - Yellow Natural ... Versatile with their HSS pickup configurations, these affordable guitars also offer a comfortable feel with smooth, fast-playing necks. Crazy, really! But if it’s a Wilkinson bridge you should be able to get a direct replacement I’d have thought. I got back into electric playing after years of loathing my Ario Pro II Les Paul by researching and buying a Pacifica 112V. Cost me nil pence precisely. Good switches and ‘pots’ (the volume and tone controls) are a good investment and feel nicer, but not necessary for a great sound. It is in excellent condition – almost like new, and has spend all of its life in its hard case. Just think ahead and prepare well. I’ve just noticed a huge range of prices on this link. I have a 604w ‘Natural Finish’ guitar I found out that it was one of the first 604w guitars made, the 604w was only available in Black, Cherry Sunburst or Translucent Blue, so I wondered whether my guitar had been refinished. Admin any opinions on straight drop in replacement locking tuners? Haven’t read about those models in ages… and also, are you familiar with the RGZ112P? A lovely aggressive biting Telecaster sound but just the one! Bridge: Super Vee Blade Runner Tremelo with Brass Block, Electricals:, Dimarzio 5-Way switch and push/pull volume and tone for coil split and low cut (high pass) filter, Bridge pup: Seymour Duncan Screamin Demon. I guess a fret file with smooth edges would have made life a little less troublesome and more risk free, and if I was doing several guitars I’d definitely get one, but I wouldn’t bother with one of those crowning files that seem to cost the earth as I think they would give less control and would dictate the crowning profile too much. The Yamaha Pacifica 112J is a HSS (Humbucker in the bridge, single coil in middle and neck) alder double cutaway bodied, maple bolt-on … I was so angry with myself to have let this one go, but then I … I just tend to dislike the feel of brand new guitars. Well ive just ordered a overwound rolling mill bridge humbucker and neck and middle smokestack ll from new pots but at just over £70 for the pups its a no brainer a duncan humbucker alone has cost me that. They sound great and play like Butter. Another reason to visit her more frequently… I also have a PAC311S waiting for me at the post office today. Mitch Moser. Any Free Shipping Free In-store Pickup Free Local Pickup. Look forward to getting the pic, cheers! Can I use the pictures on the site? These guitars are INCREDIBLY bright in their stock form with the two single coils in the bridge. A whole wall of the stuff does not even register on a compass. Like that one, the Pacifica 112J is superbly made. Easy. These two models are well-designed and resiliently affirmed their position during three decades for guitar players. Tell me about it! You have great taste! I’m pretty lukewarm on locking tuners, to be honest. Kraft Music. You’re very brave. And you’d have to make the scratchplate to fit!! I’m sure they’re great – I’ve never seen a Yamaha that wasn’t, acually! Really well made, really tough hardware, great neck…a real step up from a basic 112. The dummy DID get rid of it! I am happy of course to supply an Ironstone HSS set based on the Ironstone bridge Humbucker and a couple of single coils (£50.95). I play it through a Mustang l Fender amp downloaded a Roland JC120 from the fender community software and sounds real nice. This is like the one the higher end Pacs have eg the 604w (where W stands for Wilkinson, of course)? Then any Stratocaster type pickups and wiring harnesses will work. Interested to know why you didn’t like the original Yamaha pickup? I went to the Facebook page to join but they seem to be taking a long time to approve my membership! Any pickup designed for a Stratocaster will fit, there are millions on ebay. I can’t see that on the pic. Essentially, though, it’s just a question of getting the right size, which I think is 5mm diameter, but check before you buy. Pickups are very very simple pieces of kit and the boutique ones are just a rip off really. Check out my page; Thanks again for this website and hope to hear from you soon. Can anyone explain the difference if I reverted back to the original.. Hi, 112v new or 412v used? Our old friend Wilkinson again, of course! My Pacifica 112 was bad right out of the box. I was pretty sure this should sound fine. Dengan desain yang berfokus pada pemain, jajaran produk Pacifica menawarkan suara, nuansa, dan keserbagunaan yang siap untuk gaya atau panggung mana saja. Do you have a wiring diagram that includes the push/push switch on the 604 that splits the two bridge single coils., Hi, this is not a Pacifica, it’s a Yamaha RGX I think. I was hoping it would attract the hum away from my gear. Would a 54 mm bridge make that much of a difference. I think this is the reason that we hunt the unhuntable. Love to see a pic of the 112J. They have a great range of really nice regular, under and overwound pickups. I haven’t seen one, no. They are not exact replicas of Les Pauls and they have recently been subtly moving away from the Big Two’s shapes to avoid legal wrangles and, presumably, so that Thomann will still be allowed to sell the real thing. Of course, I had to get a proper Mustang control plate for extra shielding (that’s what I claimed although it was just because I bloody love that look). What my brain meant was ‘two frets between the nut and your finger’ which, as Simon says, is indeed the third fret…unless there’s a zero fret…oh help!!!! Thanks again for giving me the confidence to do it! And by the way: I don’t work for Yamaha guitars, and I have absolutely nothing to do with the company. The volume knob is a push and pull switch that gets to work the bridge pickup and neck in series in the first position of the main switch. I haven’t played either but hopefully somebody else will have a view.

yamaha pacifica 112j pickups

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