Equipped with a larger sweet spot and an extended length, the Blade 104 V7.0 impressively covers the court for its users. Proprietary carbon mapping is placed strategically throughout the hoop of the racket for added flexibility and optimal feel on I strung it up with Head hawk touch (that I use for most of my tests) at 50 lbs and started to play. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tiffani - "This racquet feels comfortable, is quick to swing for an extended-length racquet and rewards players with easy depth.". It’s always fun serving with an extended length racket. The Wilson Blade 104 V7 does a pretty good job from the net, and that earned it a 7 out of 10. For players that want a little easier power and spin, without having to sacrifice on playability, we would say the Wilson Blade 104 V7 is a good option, and we gave it an 8 out of 10. I’ve had a lot of success with the Wilson BLX Tour 95. Balance: 32,99cm / 6 pts HL. Otherwise carefully read through the other parts of the review to learn more about the Wilson blade 101L tennis racket as you make your decision. Nice review! Here is the Wilson Blade 104 V7 racquet review. I don’t get that precise, crisp response from the frame on volleys as I would like, but hey, I only come to the net to shake hands after the match so no worries at all for me personally! With the extended length and large hitting surface, the flex is almost in the noodle category. The current version as of December 2019 is the Wilson Blade v7. This was the area where I did miss some of the control of the Blade 98. Have you tried the Wilson Blade 104 V7? The new Blade V7 series wears design language from the Clash family with the Blade’s hallmark green in the 12 o’clock position on the hoop. This should make the Blade 104 extremely easy to play with, whilst still maintaining some of that high performance the Blades are known for. Click Here To Get The Wilson Blade 104 V7 For The Best Price From RacquetGuys! This frame I will give some extra time from now on and if it feels like it does at the moment (hopefully it’s not just the honeymoon-phase), I will keep it and invest in some more of the same frame. Troy - "The Blade SW104 Autograph Countervail felt less consistent than the Wilson BLX Blade Team and Blade 104 racquets. Top Three Racquets for Intermediate Players. The one area where I was particularly happy with the Blade 104 was when the ball was floated to me and I had to attack the ball and put it away. This week I got to hit the new Wilson Blade 98 16×19 V7 alongside the Clash 98 and really get a feel for the two different racquets. The previous version of the Blade 104 had an 18/19 string pattern, flex of 66 RA, balance unstrung 32.5 cm and a swing weight of 318. Chris - "I love that easy power, spin and great comfort.". I never had the chance to test this frame so I can not comment on how it felt or played at all. With the Wilson Blade 104 V7 you’ve got the added luxury of a 104sq inch head, and a very manageable 290g unstrung weight. . This version replaces the Countervail technology with the new FeelFlex technology. This thing is really flexy. String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses . Swingweight: 321. It is no wonder since the Williams sisters have been using this model for quite a while. Again, this racket offers great comfort, even when the ball is coming at you with lots of power on it. The […] Equipped with a larger sweet spot and an extended length, the Blade 104 V7.0 impressively covers the court for its users. The Wilson Blade 104 has been one of the most popular racquets in the "over 100 square inch head" arena. With the V7 versions, we do feel they have taken another jump forward, and we were eager to see how that affected the Blade 104. G… I think the Blade 98 would be a good option. After awhile, the stiffness got to my shoulder. For this type of oversized frame, this version has a low 60 RA flex and it’s a bold move by Wilson! Hey guys, your reviews are incredibly helpful. While the RA is 62, it feels like a lower flex rating. If I was looking for an extended length racket with a 104 sq inch head that has a little bit of everything, then I would certainly consider the Wilson Blade 104 V7. The good thing with the Blade 104 here was that it’s pretty maneuverable for an extended length racket with a bigish head. Serena's racquet of choice gets a brand new tri-colored design to go with state-of-the-art innovations for next-level performance. The newest of one of the most popular tennis racquets on both the WTA & ATP tours, will be landing on a tennis court near you on August 8, 2019! The 104 V7 isn’t quite as good at the net, where we would have liked a little bit more control, but for beginner and intermediate levels, it does a reasonable job. The 2019 Wilson Blade V7 line. by thetennisbros | Mar 12, 2020 | Wilson Blade Rackets, Wilson Rackets | 2 comments. We particularly enjoyed groundstrokes and serves with this stick, where we were really able to make the most of the power and spin. It might be a tiny difference, but for some reason, you feel like you’ve got more power, and you can hit closer to the net. For developing intermediates, the new Wilson Blade 100L V7 offers a lot of the signature Blade DNA and new technology in a lighter, more forgiving package. The control was like in a 18/20 version and the power-level was good, particularly on serves. Again, we would perhaps have liked a little bit more control, but you do give up a little bit in this area to achieve the power, spin, and great comfort offered by this racket. I also used to play with the nTour 95/ 105. Once again, we really enjoyed the performance of the Wilson Blade 104 V7 and gave it a strong score of 8 out of 10 for the serve. Wilson Blade is a very popular racquet on the ATP tour. I did get to try an older version of the Blade 104 and enjoyed the experience. FeelFlex uses Wilson’s proprietary carbon mapping to add torsional stability. All in all, there’s not much to dislike about the Wilson Blade 104 V7 from the back of the court and plenty to help you play some good tennis. The low flex would normally be a bit too soft for such a frame as the 104 V7 but Wilson’s Feel Flex helps to add stability to the frame that bends and flexes in a somewhat different way than how a normal 60 RA oversize frame would do. Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph V7 Tennis Racquet - The Wilson Blade SW104 V7.0 is the latest and greatest, personal weapon of choice for Serena Williams-. 9. This meant we could get the racket into position quickly and swing through without being too late on the strokes. This frame is a confidence builder as you can swing away without fear of too many balls going long. Wilson’s Blade line of racquets has become one of the most popular and visible lines in recent years, showing up on professional and recreational courts alike thanks it its blend of control and punching power. This 102 popped into my head. I love orange.). I’m looking to upgrade to a new racket, I’m long overdue. From 2016 to 2019, the Wilson Blade used Countervail material. When you know you’ve got confidence on the second serve, it allows you to attack the first serve that little bit more and that was something we enjoyed with this stick. This new Blade is to be named “V7,” as in the seventh version of this frame. Technical details- Wilson blade 101L tennis racket The Wilson blade 101L tennis racket is an improved blade in the blade range from the Wilson Company with seemingly little but powerful additions. The Blade 26 V7.0 junior performance racket sports a fresh tri-color design along with new technology engineered for ultimate feel. You also have more than enough power but the only drawback is a slight lack of control if you already hit a big ball and string this frame too low. 2020.01.27 【Wilson】ブレード2019 V7.0 インプレッション!【比較・レビュー】 ... スペック:BLADE SW104 CV. Top players such as Stefanos Tsitsipas, Karen Khachanov, and Milos Raonic use the Blade. Comments: This is an update from prior review last September. This racket blends its unique specs with this new This frame also has Power holes that is being said to reduce vibrations and transfer more power to the ball, but I don’t understand how the larger cut-out can do this? Any modern rackets similar to that? Everything feels effortless, especially for an extended length racket, and if that’s what you like then this is a great stick to look at. We gave it a great score of 8 out of 10 on the groundstrokes. It combines easy playability, power, and access to spin nicely, whilst still giving you reasonable levels of control. A really solid feel, great power, spin like the best spin frames and some extra reach to top it off. 0 Shares. The biggest change is in the flex though. After the first playtest I added about 5 grams lead at 3 and 9 and 5 grams at 12. This does everything the Blade 100L does but in a more arm-friendly, softer flex package. This leaves you with a very good racket and one that works extremely well from the back of the court. Said and done, with some great support from Wilson in Sweden we got our hands on a Blade 104. This is the seventh iteration of this racquet. Glad Wilson made the new Blade 104 softer. Wilson Blade 104 Tennis Racquet Review. Wilson makes big changes to the Blade 104, but keeps the forgiving feel and user-friendly playability that has defined earlier generations of this racquet.With its 104in² headsize, this racquet is ideal for the intermediate player who wants something a little more comfortable and forgiving than a conventionally sized midplus racquet. Wilson Blade 104 is one of Venus and Serena William’s choice of racquet and is an upgrade from Blade Team BLX. I play with the Clash Tour (check out my Clash 98 review) so the Clash 98 felt super familiar in my hands.I’ve hit a few different iterations of the Blade, but I will tell you this one was my absolute favorite. The Wilson Blade 104 comes in an elegant case with adorable pink colored stripes which flow along the full length of the frame. Unstrung Weight: 290g/10,2oz. I’m thinking the Blade 98 – but not sure totally. I liked the 100L, albeit in a modified version with lead and silicone and I was very interested in seeing how this 27.5-inch version soft flex frame performed. Might have to try the blade line out again. Wilson Blade SW 102 Autograph. The Wilson Blade 104 comes with a stiffness rating of 59 and is rated 4 points head light to achieve a proper transitioning on the court. WILSON BLADE 104 V7 - Najnovší rám z rady BLADE v novom dizajnovom aj technologickom prevedení ako FreeFlex, Top Grip Taper a s väčšou hlavou. The Blade SW104 V7.0 is the latest and greatest weapon of choice for Serena Williams. Model your game after Serena Williams with Wilson's all-new Blade SW104 v7 Autograph Countervail tennis racquet. We will be comparing the Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet to three other popular models: The Babolat Pure Aero 16×19, the Wilson Blade 98 18×20 Countervail, and the Yonex EZONE DR 98 Blue. Share. While more advanced players might be better off looking at the Wilson Blade 98 V7, there’s still plenty this stick can do for a variety of players. Borrowing from the popular Clash series racquets, the new Blade features Carbon Mapping strategically throughout the hoop and FeelFlex technology to increase frame flexibility and stability for superior feel. The Wilson Blade 104 is an upgrade from the Wilson Blade Team BLX racquet. Ultimately, this resulted in a pretty good returning experience, where we were able to harness our topspin to give ourselves plenty of margin for error. ... “It became clear to me that we weren’t getting the end result she was looking for with her 104. It is finally here! The Blade 104 is a good volley stick but here is the only part where I would wish it was a bit firmer in the flex. For a 290g racket, this is to be expected though, and players who are used to this weight of racket should find they have what they need at the net. For me the real standout feature of the Blade v7 is the plush feel and the ball pocketing. The 104 square inch head makes this racket very accessible to beginner and intermediate players who want something that’s comfortable to play with but still gives them plenty of power and spin. Wilson Blade 104 V7 Specs . Wilson Unveils New Blade SW102 Autograph Racquet You may never play with the power and control of Serena Williams , but next month you'll be able to play with Serena's signature stick. The first thing you notice is the flex! This racket combines extended length with a slightly larger head which results in plenty of power and access to spin. For me, the control isn’t quite there to play at more advanced levels, but for everyone else, this stick has pretty much everything you need. So how does it play? The word that comes to mind with this racket is effortless. Your email address will not be published. As this style of rackets goes, we thought the Blade did pretty well on the return and gave it a 7 out of 10. At just 285 g (10.1 oz) unstrung, anyone seeking a lighter frame with elements of added racket flexibility, stability and connected-to-the-ball feel should give this racket a whirl. The new frame has the same 104 sq.inch hitting surface with a somewhat rounder shape (that I personally love very much), same 22 mm beam but now a 16/19 pattern that is pretty progressive with tighter spacing in the middle and more open towards the outer parts. March 21, 2020 admin Leave a comment. We were very impressed with the Countervail racket, but with the V7’s Wilson has upped their game again. What did you think about it? Equipped with a larger sweet spot and an extended length, the Blade 104 V7.0 impressively covers the court for its users. A 16/19 pattern in a 104 frame gives a good amount of spin on the ball. A more predictable response from the stringbed. This time, with the Blade 104, I felt a little a more give on the racquet when trying to generate a lot of spin on my groundstrokes. Wilson Blade 98 Review – Updated for 2020! Strung Weight: 306g / 10,8oz. The previous Blade 104 had better control. FeelFlex technology throughout the frame consists of strategically placed carbon mapping at specific points for added racket flexibility and stability to better complement the modern, vertical swing path. A couple of weeks ago I tried the Wilson 98 16x19 racquet, which is slightly heavier, and I struggled to get topspin, especially on my forehand. Your email address will not be published. The 290 grams unstrung weight might for more serious hitting be a tad too light so I decided to customize it. Wilson Blade 104 V7 Tennis Racquet - Endorsed by Stefano Tsitsipas, Simona Halep and Milos Raonic - Blade Tennis Rackets are designed for today's big-hitting, aggressive game & serve as one of the top-played franchises on Tour for a reason: commanding feel. The large spacing in between the strings helped us to generate good spin, which allowed us to hit with plenty of margin on the second serve, whilst still making it difficult for our opponents to attack. Wilson Racquets Preview: Blade Pro, Blade 102 SW,... Making the Switch – with Daniel Rutkowski, Wilson Six One 95 nCode Classic Racquet Review. Wilson Blade V7 Racquet Review – More control, less pain. The Blade 100L packs the signature technologies and features of the new Blade V7.0 series in a lighter, more manoeuvrable frame. What follows… To give a rough idea of how the Blade 104 feels like you can think of Wilson Clash with a more controlled feel. The Wilson Blade 98 V7 (18X20) Tennis Racquet delivers the most precision to the Blade family but with this latest version, a new feel that’s res. With the latest updates to the Blade range, Wilson has really hit the nail on the head for combining performance with comfort. Great maneuverability and reach too!" Wilson made some appreciated changes to their Blade-line and we have previously tested both the Blade 98 and the Blade 100L. The sound at impact is also very nice and it feels like a large bang when you strike the ball. The ability to create controllable power on the stretch is one of the most impressive things about this racket, which means you can easily turn defence into attack and turn points around. For this playtest, we strung the Blade 104 V7 with Wilson NXT at 50lbs, to add yet more comfort, to this stick. Mark - "I like the easy power and spin I can generate with the Wilson Blade 104 v7. Share. I prefer something that’s geared a lot more towards control, so it took a bit of an adjustment period with the Blade 104, but with time I got the hang of things. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wilson 2019 Blade 104 V7 Strung - Quality String at Amazon.com. The Blade rackets are extremely popular, and for good reason, they’re great rackets that suit a variety of players. In the past, I have always felt that Blade, and actually most of Wilsons 16/19 patterns, have been somewhat erratic and unpredictable, but in this 16/19 it felt at home straight away. As with the heavier Blade models, this racket delivers a high level of precision on full swings. Head Size: 104 in² / 671 cm². In this article, we’ll go review the Wilson Blade v7, the Wilson Blade Countervail, and even older versions of the racquet! I was able to get over the ball quite well, but I didn’t feel as comfortable as I did with the Blade 98. When we tested the 100L some readers sent messages and wished we test-played the softer Blade 104. The new color scheme it comes in will make a lot of heads turn on the court. SW is a fraction higher at 321 compared to the old version despite the 32 cm balance in the V7-version. You get a really nice, plush contact with the ball, which is very easy on the joints, and allows you to play at 100% throughout long matches. Featuring a larger head size for an enhanced sweet spot and booming power, this racket now sports FeelFlex technology to help players feel more connected to the ball. I also injected 5 grams of silicone into the handle. Wilson Blade v7 104 Tennis Racquet Strung with Synthetic Gut Power Racket String in Custom Colors (Large Head Size for Enhanced Sweet Spot) 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 $199.00 Serves is fairly easy with this stick, but since it’s a longbody you have to generate some extra racquet head speed to get the longer frame into motion and it takes some getting used to. The frame is surprisingly stable already in stock form but with my customizations, this frame turns into a beast for me. Our Review . Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The head light aspect of the racquet makes it really easy to swing, but for all the hype around the extra length and the power it can generate, I was left a littl… They were also extremely stiff and let those frames go due to the same stiffness issues. FeelFlex features strategically placed carbon mapping throughout the frame for enhanced stability and flexibility that better complement the … With this update to Blade 101 L, Wilson gives intermediate players a light and user-friendly racket with outstanding control.The Blade 101 L should also work for the dedicated beginner who wants a racket that will reward continued improvement. When you’re playing with an uncomfortable racket, this is a shot where we find it really shows, but with the Blade 104 V7, you get nothing but comfort, and we really enjoyed our setup. Both the rackets have some similarities but the new Blade 104 is way ahead in performance and features. Likes. Wilson's Blade 104 v7 Tennis Racquet represents a bold new direction for the Blade franchise. It’s obviously got the slightly bigger head, but it still offers plenty of control and feel, and it’s pretty maneuverable, so you should be able to get plenty of racket head speed with it. More of how that played later. FeelFlex technology throughout the frame consists of strategically placed carbon mapping at specific points for added racket flexibility and stability to better complement the modern, vertical swing path. The V7 updates add extra comfort from the Countervail technology. Tweet. But now there may be some confusion as to what Blade 104 you want or are getting. Ah, the shot that often gets forgotten but is a hugely important part of your game, as our Singles Tactics Guide shows. Required fields are marked *. FeelFlex technology throughout the frame consists of strategically placed carbon mapping at specific points for added racket flexibility and … I was able to get great power and give my opponent no chance of getting to the ball – always a good thing!

wilson blade 104 v7 review

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