} bottom: 18px; padding: 15px 5%; } position: relative; Stammering affects 5 in 100 children and 4 out of 5 children grow out of stammering, however there is a lot of evidence that if speech therapy is given as close to … margin-left: 0px; { .node-type-article .content-disclaimer p { { margin-bottom: 26px; margin-top: 174px; .my-pregnancy-page .multiple-articles-item h3.articles-title:hover, .my-pregnancy-page .multiple-articles-item .articles-title:hover, .my-pregnancy-page .multiple-articles-item h3:hover, .my-pregnancy-page .multiple-articles-item h3 a:hover { Stuttering in Toddlers & Preschoolers: What's Typical, What's Not?[Internet]. margin-top: 6%; This sounds irrelevant at first as speaking and reading are two different skills. My son's stutter is in and out, and will be "out" for months at a time. The Material is published without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. } Give children time to finish what they are saying. After age 7, it becomes unlikely that stuttering will go away completely. } padding: 12px 14px; } .tools-section .slick-initialized .slick-slide { .node-type-article .gigya-share .pane-content { } Co-existing speech and/or language disorders increase the likelihood a child may stutter. } { Read on. Parents also have the option to seek out a private speech-language pathologist with a child at any age. margin-top: -70px; Let them know it is okay to have "bumpy speech." } Talk about it. .gigya-custom-reaction .pane-title, .gigya-custom-reaction .pane-content, .gigya-custom-reaction #status { padding: 6px 10px; } .ta-step-4 div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer4] .form-item.form-item-submitted-allergy-answer4, .ta-step-6 div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer4] .form-item.form-item-submitted-allergy-answer4, .ta-step-4 div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer6] .form-item.form-item-submitted-allergy-answer4, .ta-step-6 div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer6] .form-item.form-item-submitted-allergy-answer4, .ta-step-4 div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer4] .form-item.form-item-submitted-allergy-answer6, .ta-step-6 div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer4] .form-item.form-item-submitted-allergy-answer6, .ta-step-4 div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer6] .form-item.form-item-submitted-allergy-answer6, .ta-step-6 div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer6] .form-item.form-item-submitted-allergy-answer6 { .page-my-profile .group-enrollgrp-4 .form-item-profile-main-field-enroll-direct-mail-optin-und { In such cases, telling your child how to talk is generally not helpful, you can model speech habits that help with stuttering, e.g., slowing down your own speed when you talk, putting in more pauses between sentences and speaking in a relaxed manner. Please consult a qualified doctor for any form of medical advice and guidance. text-align: center; .enrollment-page form.enrollment-form-indiaenfamama .group-enrollgrp-4 .field-name-field-enroll-agree-rules-optin .help-block { Many smart toddlers develop a stuttering problem sometime between 18 months and 4 years. .homepage-india .home-about .about-our-world .stage-selection .home-select-stage.stg-select-trigger { } In no event shall Reckitt Benckiser (India) Private Limited or its affiliates be liable for any damages or any other consequence arising from the use of the Material. .popular-moms-world .mom-blue-bg .popular-moms-articleq .article-link-title a:focus { padding: 20px 0px; float: left; Young boys are twice as likely as young girls to stutter, and elementary school-age boys are 3 to 4 times more likely to stutter than girls. The normal flow of speech is disrupted. } .page-user-login.not-logged-in .normal-login-form { .popular-moms-world .mom-blue-bg .popular-moms-articleq a.moms-learn-link { */. padding-left: 0px; background-position: -268px -70px; } margin-top: 0px; .node-type-article .region.region-content { border-bottom: 1px solid #dddcdc; .primary-button.form-submit, .primary-button-large.form-submit, .primary-button.register-link { It's only natural that there may be some disruptions along the way. div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer1] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer1 label, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer2] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer2 label, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer3] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer3 label, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer4] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer4 label, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer5] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer5 label, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer6] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer6 label { .node-type-article .heading-block h1 { If your toddler continues to stutter for more than three months and it affects the quality of communication, then it is time for you to seek medical help. It usually happens when a child is between ages 2 and 5. } } Children who start stuttering at age 3½ or later are more likely to continue stuttering. color: #333; It’s always best to consult a speech pathologist rather than to assume your child’s stuttering will go away by itself. .pane-grid-view.enfamama-grid .article-content h3.articles-title, .pane-grid-view.enfamama-grid .view-content .listview.article-content .articles-title { .reference-section ol { .popular-moms-world .mom-blue-bg .popular-moms-articleq .article-link-title a { } It must have been fun!" According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders , developmental stuttering may occur when a toddler’s desire to speak exceeds her speech and language abilities. You may notice they can stumble on their words or have trouble saying certain ones. div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer4] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer4.radio.error-processed label:after, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer5] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer5.radio.error-processed label:after, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer6] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer6.radio.error-processed label:after { } } “Disclaimer: All reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the published Material (“Material”), however the Material shall not be treated as medical advice in any manner. .tools-hub-page .tools-grid { But, don’t lose heart! ]]>*/, li { .terms-of-use div.sub-section-c { .social-icon.facebook { .basicpage .container } .reference-section h3 { .basicpage .cookie-c .sub-section-c .gigya-custom-reaction .pane-content { } visibility: hidden; There are two main treatment approaches for stuttering: Indirect treatment is when the speech-language pathologist helps the child's parents on how to modify their own communication styles. div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer1] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer1.radio.active label:after, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer2] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer2.radio.active label:after, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer3] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer3.radio.active label:after, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer4] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer4.radio.active label:after, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer5] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer5.radio.active label:after, div[id^=edit-submitted-allergy-answer6] .form-item-submitted-allergy-answer6.radio.active label:after { Between 75-80% of all children who begin stuttering will stop within 12 to 24 months without speech therapy. Model good speech habits. background: #e6e6e6; Stuttering affects people of all ages. .node-type-article table p { Developmental stuttering. Reading out loud to a parent can be great practice for a child who has trouble speaking in class. Children with family members who continued to stutter are also more likely to continue. padding: 2px 0; As long as it comes and goes, leave it alone, and don't be tempted to finish his sentences for him, or discuss it with others in front of him. Speech therapy can help most children with prolonged stuttering. width: 33%; .my-pregnancy-page.motherhood-page .my-pregnancy-hub .view-content .name-learnmore-link { } .terms-of-use h3 { } If your child has been stuttering longer than 6 months, they may be less likely to outgrow it on their own. [CDATA[/* >