We will come with a new fob and program it in, for prices see New Keys. Lights up when ignition is switched on and goes out when. Glow plugs are fed during preglow phase, whilst cranking engine to start and during postheat phase. 4 Airbag Check Light. Multiple Automotive Warning Lights and Indicators A new phenomenon has emerged in vehicles with advanced systems. 3 High Beam Indicator Light. The three colors of lights include red, yellow, and green, which are similar to traffic signal lights in both meaning and color. Dashboard lights staying on permanently for a couple of days and completely killing the battery, but then it can go for a few weeks without doing it and it'll start fine then and it happens completely random. SMART Warning lights are categorised into colours to distinguish the name oi the problem. What is your opinion bad glow plugs or glow plug relay? The following are warning lights and indicators found in vehicles built … This can happen randomly (although Smart won’t admit that) or because it’s been out of range and pressed several times while in your pocket or bag either way if it won’t unlock the car, it won’t start it either way. Battery / Alternator Charging Warning Sign. Q: The key symbol is flashing on my dash and the indicators flash 9 times when I try to open the car. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. If the light stays illuminated there is a fault in the brake system or the fluid is low. What follows is easily the most complete list available of symbols and warnings that may appear in and on your car’s dashboard or instrument cluster. The computer system in most cars keeps rechecking the problems that activate the light in the first place. I just did a Google search and found I had looked into this problem in 2010. - or did they release easily ? Sadly this doesn’t work on all models and seems to be SAM unit dependant. After a meeting earlier today Mercedes Benz have contributed 90% of the cost as a goodwill gesture and the dealer is sorting the rest, which came as a massive relief. A: Unfortunately you’ve got the most common problem with a Smart Car we know and happens at one stage or another! Replacing the glow plugs was easy, with access to them being gained by moving a couple of pipes on top of the engine (involves undoing a couple of screws) - It took less than half an hour to replace all three. It did on the second attempt, but only after leaving the pre-heat on for an extended period.... Only a very modest expense as glow plugs are cheap. To replace them is a fairly easy task and can be seen HERE. View Full Version : cdi glow plug control. Maybe i have similar problem. Follow our handy guide on SMART warning lights to quickly identify what each light represents on your SMART dashboard. If this light stays on long after your car has started, your light might be faulty or worse, your airbag system may be faulty. Battery warning light. This article will … Cool - I expect lots of penetrating fluid beforehand (on studs and down the holes)? The Smart Fortwo ABS warning light constantly staying means there’s a fault in the ABS system. If it’s a minor issue such as a glitch in the mass airflow or O2 sensor, it may fix automatically, and the light will go dark. If the rings are worn or rusty and broken the ECU cannot work the ABS as it should and causes the warning light. Q: I’ve lost of my key completely or it’s been damaged! A: If your key is damaged we can program a new key in and either swap your blade from the old one to the new key or you can have it programmed and taken to any local key cutting service to have the blade copied. Your Land Rover is designed to monitor itself continuously – everything from engine performance, emissions, brakes and lights to the driver assistance systems that help you stay safe and in control whether on and off-road. Owner Daimler then went on to manufacture a 4 seat variant, the Smart Forfour and later an electric version of the Fortwo and Forfour. See our Smart Car Diagnostic Page for prices and services. See our Smart Car Diagnostic Page for prices and services. Wega is the cheaper make I was thinking of. Thanks Tolsen, I didn't realise the ECU controlled it all, I thought the glow plug controller was a mini ECU control unit.... XTEN10, yes I have a meter and intend to check if it is just the warning light on, or if the glow plugs are on as well.... Hopefully it's just the warning light! Did more than one warning light come on at the same time? I was only able to unlock the car by climbing through the boot (not easy for a 6ft 3 male!) The ‘check engine’ light is the most common. The key can be re-synced with the car quickly using the Mercedes DAS system. Apparently, preglow indication light will remain on if a glow plug is burnt out or failing. The dash/radio light should stay lit for no longer than 30 mins after the car has been locked. Until someone better informed comes along, you could check whether any current is being drawn by breaking the circuit at the fuze, presume you have a multimetre which measures amps. See here for both sensor positions. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Warning Light is on Inspection. Does preglow indicator light still remain permanently on? If the symbol illuminates yellow whilst the engine is running however, it signifies a fault in the engine electronics or the transmission electronics. I'll lend you my special reamer and cable tray release tool if you promise to return the tools. Postheat time also depends on coolant temperature. Main problem replacing glow plugs on the Cdi is the potential of causing costly and unnecessary damage to engine, cable tray, fittings and attachments. Land Rover Warning Lights | Your Complete Guide. I have two glow plug controllers. Have no credible explanation yet as to why the light stays on permanently below 5 degrees C. What’s caused it? Factories in Lomas del Mirador. Glow plugs are being monitored for faults and I guess this is how the ECU is programmed to advise you that something is wrong. I’m stuck! Old threads are the best, they contain all the info you need. Preglow time depends on engine coolant temperature. Glow plugs are being monitored for faults and I guess this is how the ECU is programmed to advise you that something is wrong. The dashboard lights inside your car have different colors, and there are three further classes of the dashboard lights as per color. The ignition must be switched on. engine is started or no more than 4 seconds: System OK. almost certainly due to the poor design of the contact in the connector - two pairs of spring fingers which only exert minimum pressure on a small area of the space connector, yet have to handle high current. Q: The key symbol is flashing on my dash and the indicators flash 9 times when I try to open the car. If the brake pedal seems to work normally, you should be able to continue driving until you are able to take your vehicle to a repair shop or check out the anti-lock brake system yourself. Spark plug/ignition coil issues. Part number of your glow plug & electric heater controller is A4515450432. Your key fob which holds the information for the immobiliser has gone out of sync with the car. Check this by turning on the ignition and disconnecting the warning light wire. Usually what’s required is the car, the key and a TAN code from Germany however our DAS system has the codes already and saves the extra spend and time required and we can have you running with 5 minutes of arriving. Engine ran normal and no check engine lamp but there were one or two fault codes. What can I do? I took the battery out and charged it indoors, subsequently the car cannot be locked. I fitted NGK glow plugs when I renewed mine. It’s an ‘open’ circuit when the best is disconnected and ‘closed’ when connected.The seat belt warning light should go out once you have securely buckled up and closed the circuit. So, what is that light on your dashboard? Sometimes the indicators will flash but the car will still start and run, if this is the case replace the battery in the key fob as soon as possible! Is it normal for the dash light to stay on after i switch the car off and lock it, the panel which displays the time and - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. This light will stay lit only while the vehicle is not under control. Answer: Yes, see section 10- 34 of the of the manual. One on the car and one free issued spare. No – if the battery light's red while you're driving, you need to … The battery went flat and as result the key fob would not unlock the car. Advanced traction and stability control and other systems are dependent on multiple automotive functions to operate properly. Makes you wonder why MBStar machines are needed at all. What it means: This light indicates that a low voltage is … Good news - I don't need to drop the subframe to get at the glow plug module, just jack it up, take the wheel off, remove the wheel arch liner and voila it is accessible. Could the light staying on possibly be related to an engine or powertrain fault ? What happens if you restart engine after it has warmed up a wee bit above 5 degrees C? If the lights noticeably brighten, the charging system is working and the problem lies in the warning light circuit. They are: RED: This indicates a fault has been detected. Once the problem has been diagnosed, you will be provided with an upfront quote for the recommended fix and receive $20.00 off as a credit towards the repair. If this issue has suddenly just happened without warning your gearbox may simply need reteaching and this can be done with a Mercedes Benz DAS/Star Systems like the one we use. Check engine light If this warning illuminates, it's very important to get your car checked, even if it … Light stays on if you unplug the large connector to glow plug controller. :rolleyes: But you have to think that someone turning up with a mouthful of total rubbish will be treated like a blonde woman. Once again Tolsen I bow to your knowledge - thanks! Lights which remain visible, may indicate an issue. This article discusses a few simple methods you can use to get it to reset. If they don’t, your car will fail its MOT test. Thanks - Did you have to part-lower the engine to do this Duncan.e ? These are around £20 from Mercedes and will require the V5 Logbook. If the car is being towed, **the gearshift lever must be set to position N and the dash read N for neutral or you risk terminal engine damage** If you have had gear selection problems do not tow. Put simply, an ignition coil generates the electricity the spark plugs … When I get the time, I'll be hard wiring the power feed to prevent further problems. One possibility is that the warning light wire is being earthed somewhere along its length. See our Key Re-syncing Services. A: Unfortunately you’ve got the most common problem with a Smart Car we know and happens at one stage or another! A: This can happen for a variety of reasons, the main one we’ve encountered is a flat battery on your smart car. ECU also switches on preglow indicator light. Q: I have 3 lines on the dash, how did this happen and how do I fix it? New tougher MOT rules will require your car dashboard’s warning lights to be working. The last thing you want to do is panic the moment you see a warning light illuminate on your dash. Having had a problem with the glow plug controller on mine and having found that the cause was a poor connection of the main feed into the controller, I'd say it is a design issue and very much claimable under warranty. It’s usually sensor related but also means other driving aid may fail to function, such as the electronic stability program. A: The most common cause of this issue is faulty reluctor rings (Also known as ABS rings) which help the car measure how fast the car is going and if the wheels are slipping. I've run mine without glow plug controller. So here's what the different yellow and red warning lights on your dashboard mean, why they come on, how urgent the problem is and what you should do when you see them. Therefore best doing it yourself or getting a specialist to change them for you. Have no credible explanation yet as to why the light stays on permanently below 5 degrees C. Perhaps to do with how the ECU monitors condition of glow plugs and change in resistance with drop in temperature. It’s important to know what car dashboard warning lights mean because you might be able to avoid a car breakdown or full-on failure.. Is this a much needed safety improvement or a route to more rip offs? I bought a 2nd hand 2003 City Cabrio Smart with only one working key. When the red light comes on, it is an indicator of a safety concern signaling the driver to stop the vehicle immediately. When i turn on the car the glow light turn off in 3-4 seconds and it doesn't light up again. See how you can fix the battery warning light on dashboard with this five problem that you can look at. Q: I’ve got the ABS/ESP Warning Light on the dash. Generally, the light will illuminate when the computer is actively trying to maintain traction control. In this video I show how to easily replace a light bulb for the speedometer in the instrument cluster on the dash of a Smart ForTwo/ City, 450 generation!! On the 600cc fortwo it is located underneath the car and on the 700cc Fortwo it is underneath the carpet under the nearside seat. Forgot to ask. Light stays on if you unplug the large connector to glow plug controller. Perhaps worth while to test wiring for shorts that could have damaged your existing controller. So, you've filled your tires with air, but that annoying low tire pressure indicator light on your dash still won't turn off! As we have only had the car for 3months I refused to pay a penny because, as power is only sent the glow plugs when needed the if power was their all the time it's the control unit falure which caused the loom to burn out. If the yellow exclamation comes on and stays on, there's a chance you'll lose power too. Illuminates when full beams are on or full beams are flashed. Postheat time also depends on coolant temperature. When i make a long distance and then park the car when i go back to take the car after 1-2 hours the car starts very difficult and the most times it start with 500 rpm for 5 seconds and then goes to norma 850 rpm. However, if it still stares at you after three days, you have to apply the methods mentioned above to reset it. A dashboard warning light is often the first sign of an issue, and is designed to indicate trouble early to prevent further damage to your car. You're most likely to see it when you turn your ignition on, as all the dashboard lights come on and quickly go off again as your car starts up. What If The Light Stays On? Done a parasitic draw test and it's running at 0.50 when dash lights stay on but runs at 0.18 when they're off. Check the rear reluctor rings. Smartz Smart Car ForTwo, Roadster and ForFour. Glow plug relay also controls your electric cabin heater. This Vauxhall Astra car with spanner warning light illuminates when the ignition is turned on and should extinguish a few seconds later. :). Vauxhall interactive driving system (IDS) warning light Modern Vauxhall cars are filled with lots of sensors that monitor how each system in the car is behaving. When i use the car for a short distance all is ok. What the ESC light means. In most situations, it is perfectly safe to continue driving with the ABS light on. If every Smart owner invested in a Scangauge fuel computer, fault codes or problems associated with lights staying on your dashboard could be easily diagnosed. All glow plug controllers I've worked on are purely switching current to glow plugs at the command of the ECU. Interesting that they say it is not covered by warranty - the failure of the glow plug controller and wiring loom has to be caused by a manufacturing defect, so surely must be a warranty issue. These lights stay on as the instrument cluster will be 'winding down', i.e slowly shutting itslef down while arming the immobilser system. When yours was faulting , did it ever go off after running for a while? The lights on the dashboard display what systems are in use and they also highlight when one of those systems is not working as it should. Price was less than 8 pounds each if my memory is right. Is making this because the diesel is not heated. On later 450’s and the 451 we’ve found that sometimes simply selecting neutral without the engine running and hold your foot on the break will re-organise the gearbox. Astra car with spanner warning light. Let me describe the problem. The MOT test now includes a ‘Malfunction Indicator Lamp’ check. NO POSITION of this switch causes the INSTRUMENT lights to remain ON. Discounts for a key re-sync and spare can be negotiated if you contact us. However if you’ve lost your key completely, don’t worry….give Mercedes a call and they can order a replacement blade for your Smart which can then be put into our keys. Now, can someone please organise some good weather so I can do it... Forecast is quite good for rest of today and tomorrow: I think I prefer our weather forecast - Norway looks a little too chilly for my liking! Other causes include gearbox fault, failing actuator and wiring/earth faults and electrical spikes causing a loss of memory on the SAM (Water Ingress on Smart Roadsters). Seat Belt Warning Light Stays On Think of your seat belt as an electrical circuit.

smart car dash lights staying on

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