They still hold a charge, but they are now incredibly hard to get into and out of any of my tools or chargers. I’m also at a loss for removing the battery from the trimmer. I have a issue with one of my 40 volt Ryobi Batteries. If you still only get a red flashing light and the battery won’t charge, boost the battery some more. Then hold them down again. Has the battery lost capacity? Does the battery go flat when the mower cuts out? I have two chargers and three batteries (multiple Ryobi 40 v. Separate and strip off 1″ of each wire. This is a reply to my original post, and a thank you to Karen for your response to my original post :). Mine started taking the charge after doing it just 3 times. Thanks, again! Also, the average human body is made up of 60-70% water… Google, it :). ~ karen! I actually have a Ryobi drill battery that is dead and was going out to get a new one. Re the video, when it didn’t work on Chrome, I got it to work on Firefox. Karen, YOU ARE BRILLIANT! Otherwise, you might need to contact Ryobi support. Test your the voltage on your battery pack again. Put it apart and charge each bank with 4.1 Volts. You are officially the smartest woman I know. We solved this by having one person depress the button and pull, while another person pushes the battery out. However when i was outside trimming the yard, the trimmer stopped and then started again. Your battery is fine. I have both a weed whacker and a new drill. Look at the positive side though, you will now have two batteries to use! :), Your publicist is going to want more money now after being inundated with all the calls… :). Any chance you can add a link to the tutorial to your post OR respond to me a link to your tutorial? I really don’t know how much experience you have at this technology, but this level of rhetoric is well beyond what is appropriate… maybe, something like:”not following the recommended procedure, or connecting voltages to points other than suggested, can result in damage to the battery pack, and danger of the battery pack catching fire”, Hi Karen – you’re fantastic – I read almost every one of your posts, and the great comments as well. Battery & Charger Warranty: All RYOBI 40V Lithium-Ion Outdoor Batteries and Chargers are covered by a 3-Year Limited Warranty. I’ve already tried your 3rd option & worked for a while, but could I possibly have a bad charger? I’ve been given a Ryobi trimmer with a #OP4026 battery. All of the 4 battery lights blink quickly for 5 times then once for a longer amount of time. About everything. :/ You can try but I’m not sure it’ll fix those. This machine is only 1 year old. If I pull battery out and put back in it runs for less than a minute again and repeat. Over and over. I’m having the same problem. I have a bit of a problem. Ashley, your comment has made my day! The last thing you can try is to put the battery in the charger and then plug it in and unplug it (the charger) repeatedly. My Ryobi 40v charger is flashing red and green with no battery in it. That way you can be sure to get one that you can actually use! Any professional technician is taught this in their training day one. Use a multimeter and set it to measure voltage. I can only imagine the joy of living with a wife who knows this stuff……. Note:  If you aren’t used to doing this sort of thing, or using things like a “multimeter”  this is going to seem crazy and hard and way out of your DIY league. This method should only be used if you don’t have a spare battery or power supply as per option 1. Thanks John. You will either unfollow me due to my pathological boringness or … you will propose marriage. At this time what can I do? I just told the dude that answered the phone that one of my two batteries was showing RED/GREEN flashing on charger. I have, however, a different problem. I will try the tapping trick to a dead lithium Robin battery I have to see if it works but this trick will work to get a Nicadbattery taking a charge again, and no need to tear it apart. Ryobi battery charger and vacuum NO BATTERY (Culver City) Ryobi battery $50. There is a good site here at battery university that covers a few details that might help you. After I put the battery in, it was still flashing red lihgt and not charging. And if you haven’t … you will. 4 years is a pretty good life for any battery – invest in a new one . Can dropping the battery cause it to be inoperable? Press the button on the battery and hold it in, then pull on the battery and in the opposite direction, pull on the tool. I fixed two batteries. Your ring or other jewellery can easily cause such a short. nothing. I’m going to give this a try today and then, if it works, a marriage proposal is definitely on the cards . Want to guess why?? Test your the voltage on your battery pack again. But that does sound suspiciously like it could be faulty circuitry on the batter control board. Then I re-plugged it in and the SOLID RED light came on and stayed. Hey Roy. This time it did not work. It is possible (but not likely) that the motor could have burned out. I used option #3 to fix my battery’s sleep mode. Once they heat up, they can melt or deform the insulating layers inside the battery cell causing an internal short, then the battery will ‘run-away’ and completely discharge in seconds generating a huge amount of heat, often it is enough heat to ignite the lithium or the other materials the cells are made of. Try using a different browser. I cannot release the battery. Battery shows levels of charging as I would expect. I’d used the refrigerator option a couple of times in the past to get the temperature in range. It’s not the big “muscle” kind like Karen’s, it’t the lil’ one that has the battery inside (i.e. You could try opening the battery houding (just the plastic bit) up to see if you can see anything – but do be very careful as it can be dangerous. 2 Methods Tested. Essential Home and Garden provides trustworthy reviews, guides and tips for anything and everything to do with the home and garden. I have a 40 volt Ryobi that displays a 100% charge, but only has 19 volts on the terminals. It took a lot of patience (a good 15 minutes), but worth the time inserting and removing the 40 volt battery. The charger was only 2 years old and had to buy a new one. Seriously, marriage is not really an option for us, but I just this evening decided that I had probably charged the battery for my drill for the last time. Still doesn’t make sense logically – but am going with their recommendation to replace battery. I want to replace them. I put a multi meter on the + and – terminals on my 40v charger and it is only putting out 26ish volts. Bravo! As with any DIY fix with cordless tool batteries – it does have some dangers involved. It’s not about current, even a 1 amp charger can blow up a battery. Had to return the charger (full refund) but then had to purchase a new drill ($79) and chuck the old one, which also had a great hand vac with it, but without a chargeable battery… Cheers. Check battery fuel gauge, 3 lights illuminate. The charger will plug into any outlet that is of normal household voltage, or 120 volts. One of these being the narrower range of temperatures that they will operate, and charge in: Li-Ion batteries will generally charge between 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C). It is fairly new (the other battery works fine). Excellent! If the charger were to start pumping power into it, there is a VERY good chance the faulty cell would go WHOOSH, and take the other 4 cells with it. old one battery works fine the other stops with 1/2 charge showing on the indicator can it be fixed or should i replace it ? However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. . Your email address will not be published. You took a lot of time in making this and it shows. This is what happens when peoples cell phone suddenly burst into flames in their pockets or in their bags. If I release the trigger, and tap the outlet or remove and replace the battery it will start but only runs for 30 seconds or so. Thanks for letting me know. I also want to commend you for not having the background music on at the same time you are talking. Dedicated research after being INFURIATED with Ryobi batteries. Here is our list of recommended non-genuine parts: Pricing last updated on 2020-12-03 at 18:12 / affiliate links - Details. Ryobi 40V battery (96 Wh), 3 years old, will charge. Ha! Love this article and indeed, sign me up. Glad it worked! First, I loved this article…. My name is Pablo and I am very swarthy but I smell okay. A wall wart can easily charge a 18650 cell to above 4.2 volts which at best will just shorten the life of the cell, worst case you have a fire on your hands. I learned to unplug the charger on hot days when I was using the battery after that the tool ran fine. Stay safe. If the vacuum battery is lower than that it would just take less boosting to get it to be recognized by the charger. Thanks for sharing your insight. Set the Multimeter to read volts. I had same problem with generic batteries in my Ryobi mower, runs for less than a minute and cuts off. If you have any sort of cordless power tool, but especially one powered by a Ryobi 18V battery, you have no doubt encountered  the dreaded flashing red charger light. One of my Ryobi 40v lawnmower batteries only works until it is half discharged. The green light on the charger and battery flash for hours without charging the battery. I cannot remove the battery from the hedger to charge. Remember polarity of batteries as lithium ion will blow up if reverse charged. When I place it in the charger there are still 3 solid green lights with the 4th flashing green which goes continuous green eventually, so you have 4 solid green lights, then it goes through the sequence again as described above. They should have new chargers in stock to test your battery on to work out which is at fault. ), it shows 4 lights as being fully charged. With the short-period contact with the output of a 15V wall charger, it is not likely that you will cause any damage to the battery pack. And thank God! You need to pry the plastic off to get at the screw underneath. Hi Marlene, I have never considered that before – but I am sure it is a problem that many people face when using these tools! Jump straight to the tutorial and how to video. Unfortunately you probably need to get a new battery. But often, if a battery pack sits for a while, it will simply have dropped below that 15v threshold due to natural loss of charge. I’ve logged out and am viewing t he video like a “regular” reader and it’s there. Maybe your blower contacts are not connecting with the battery. One thing though- I tried to order the screwdriver kit you mentioned (one for my husband and 3 for gifts) but it links to and I’m in Canada. I tried in another charger but it did the same thing. Suel, Exactly! You’re crazy and we love you. The battery works as expected. You probably left it in the charger too long which weirdly drains the battery. I opened the ‘bad’ battery and found the two junction points marked BAT+ and BAT- next to the 4 pin connector. New battery on way. RYOBI is the brand of choice for millions of homeowners and value-conscious professionals. Very often I stop watching videos because the “background” music drowns out what the person is saying. If the battery is almost entirely gone (reading close to zero volts as in the post) the controller won’t be able to read detect and relay power to the cells. I love FRAGGING love this site! It does this over and over. Any ideas? More info here. Now all I need is a 21st century cordless… anything. CPSC PRESS RELEASE. Let me know the model number of your unit and battery here and I can find you a suitable replacement. Help. I have had to replace my battery ( 40 volt lithium Ryobi ) three times luckily through warranty. Thanks! Was this a post that I missed? This morning I used it until it quit and tried it again and it quit again so I put it in the charger and got no lights. I have a working battery and charger again. Any suggestions? Have you tried the suggestions in the article? But would certainly be interested in hearing about your results if you try it. Good luck and let me know how it works for you. I picked it up second hand. I have a 40 v mower with 2 batteries about 4 yrs. Using international brand LG batteries cell, the same as OEM batteries. thanks! So none of your 3 batteries are working? I would think that a new battery would solve your problems. The problem is that the battery is completely dead. – normal voltage at end of run-time 8.1 V -9 V Initially, it had 40 volts across the terminals, and would not power a trimmer, so I assumed the trimmer was bad and replaced it. (Again, if you don’t have a multimeter don’t worry about this – you’ll just have to press on without one). The first one showed as faulty on the charger. Thanks. The second thing I would do is try to ascertain whether it is the charger or the battery that is faulty. Replace the FET on the heatsink. Seems like a memory issue. I’ve just build up my knowledge over the years. This is a sign that your batteries are on the way out. Be careful though, because you CAN overcharge each cell with a 5 volt charger. Bad charger? The first thing I would check is if the contacts on the mower or the battery are dirty. I havent tried this. Amazon has other batteries such as Ryobi OP4030, or Lasica OP4050A. When I check the battery gauge, it shows it’s full and flashes. Took a while to figure it out but flat I discovered it. that these cost more than the appliance to replace. - YouTube May be the switch, just guessing. ~ karen! On the bad battery, the green status lights do not function at all anymore. When we try charging the I called support, they said thats not normal and to try fully charging 3-4 times and it “should” last longer.

ryobi battery charger problems

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