It bugged me that there were basically no lenses that fit my shooting needs (in my line of work, I need a good quality zoom lens with a decent range). The Nikon Z50 with DX sensor format is startlingly good, far beyond the $1000 price. Capable in both stills and video realms, the Z 50 features a 20.9MP … I only have two issues: Silent shutter doesn´t work with the built in flash and recovery time between exposures is relatively slow compared to my D500 and P1000. Nikon Z50 Build & Handling. That thing is a piece of garbage. Camera Mode Dial. Buy with 100% confidence and ENJOY!!! If you want to buy your first camera with all great photo and video feature this is great camera to start. Used Nikon Cameras . The Sony - well, it just doesn´t have as many buttons, which means digging into menus more frequently. It´s also pretty soft at the edges. I purchased the Z 50 with the kit option because I didn´t want an adapter to use my other Nikon lenses. Which brought me to the Z series cameras. The color rendering is excellent. You can correct for some of that in-body in the settings, but it won´t eliminate all of it. Perhaps that will come with a firmware update. The one thing I think I´ll miss compared to the D7200 is on-board remote flash control. Flip-Under LCD . Great deal! What a wonderful ´´little´´ body. For now, for me, it´s just the 16-50mm. Introducing the Nikon’s first DX-format mirrorless camera: The Nikon Z50. They are the best lens that I have ever used. Designed for landscapes, portraits and cityscape photography, the lens' slow maximum aperture is … My 750 and all it´s stuff is still my number one camera. At least the Nikon is manual zoom (as opposed to power zoom in the Sony). When you´re trying to get a job done quickly, this matters. Just the mere fact of having the adapter expands your lens options IMMENSELY, and you´ll appreciate having it down the road when you finally save up enough dough for a new lens. At home, I own a Sony a5100, which I love for the compactness and overall image quality. Settled for the Z50 and the mount adapter for my other lenses. The 16-50mm lens kit pairs the small but mighty Z 50 with the smallest Nikon DX lens ever, the NIKKOR Z 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3. I bought a D7500 18 months ago to upgrade my D90. At just 15.7oz, this camera packs a punch for its weight. I am professional wedding photographer for the last 9 years. Learn More Stay up on all things Nikon. Otherwise I love it. Professional looking stills, 4K Ultra HD videos, slow motion, time-lapse and more. So when it was time to change out my work camera, I thought I would go with the Sony a6400, which seemed to be a nice balance of image quality, durability, and portability. The Z50 has a great video auto focus system and also I can use all my F mount lenses using FTZ adopter. LET ME TELL YOU - that hands-on side-by-side comparison changed EVERYTHING for me. Model: Nikon Z50; Sensor Size: APS-C Camera Format; Max Video Quality: 4K 30fps; In-Body Stabilization: None; Configuration: Body & Lens; WiFi: Yes; Edition: Standard; In Stock Free Expedited Shipping $700 Off. We previously mentioned the Nikon Z50 2-lens kit offer for $1100, BUT if you are not interested in the basic zoom kit lenses, and you want a lower entry-price into the Nikon Z system, B&H Photo is offering the refurbished Z50 body only for $749 with free US shipping and a 90-day Nikon … I don´t know where that´s coming from, but this thing has (almost) all of the fine-tuning and adjustment you could possibly need. NIKON Z 50 + NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR @ 32.5mm, ISO … The new full frame mirrorless Z camera. :) Nikon Z 50 20.9MP with 16-50mm + 50-250mm Lenses Kit Mirrorless Camera - Black For the way you actually USE the camera, the Z50 is a better choice. If you love the Nikon Z50 very much and want to get a budget cheaper price, this is a great choice. Reviews varied. The Z50 button and dial layout is excellent, and very familiar coming from the D7200. THE BAD: The kit 16-50mm lens is not good. Nikon appears to be targeting this camera at smartphone upgraders and ‘vloggers’ (for whom it even offers a vloggers kit) but the Z50 has plenty to recommend it to other photographers, including enthusiasts, thanks to a comprehensive suite of controls. Tiny has never been a bigger deal. For me, ergonomics is a big deal. It works, and it focuses quickly and accurately, but you just can´t expect top-notch images from this lens. I have really grown to love the ´´Baby Z´´ - so much so that it has been seeing more action than any of my other bodies. By clicking Sign Up, you are opting to receive promotional emails from Nikon Canada Inc. You can update your preferences or unsubscribe any time. On the top left side of the camera, you will find the standard “PASM” dial. Video. I wanted it to be my daily camera, and I wanted to easily post/send photos without having to connect with a computer. Having used Nikon’s excellent 51-point AF system from the D7500, I know that my hit ratio would have been higher if I had used it instead. The unfortunate thing is that it adds bulk and weight, almost negating the benefits of the mirrorless platform (almost, but not quite). Refurbished Products Look into our full range of refurbished Nikon products for great deals on DSLR and point and shoot cameras, refurbished telephoto and wide-angle lenses, as well as rangefinders, binoculars, fieldscopes and other sports optics. The Z50 and Z6 can record 4K video up to 30fps using the entire width of the sensor. I´m getting comfortable with the camera´s features but what I really love is the size and weight. I picked up a Z50 on release day, just one day prior to a trip to southern Florida. If you are looking for a great mirrorless do eventing camera, this is the one for you. I loved that camera, but it was big and heavy, especially when you add on a Nikon Speedlight. Yeah, if you´re comparing the Z50 to a Z6 or Z7 or any other full-frame camera, it´s going to be more ´´entry-level´´. I´m enjoying my Z50. SHOP SPORT OPTICS Expand your creative playground. Selfies, sure. The one bright spot is that, for as bad as it is, it is still better than the Sony kit lens. Image quality superb, all aspects of interface and operation excellent. * As of October 10, 2019. All in all, the Z50 is a great daily camera for the advanced hobbyist as well as for beginners. The Z50 does so much that I will probably never use everything. The LCD screen also can flip down so you can see yourself when taking a selfie or filming a vlog. Here´s why: So I ordered one. Like all the ´´Z Bodies´´, I would love to gain the ability to custom cfg different ´´AF-On AF Area Mode´´ settings to different programmable buttons (like I can with the D500, D850, etc.). The regular price of Nikon Z50 with 16-50mm Lens is $896.95 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama. I purchased the Nikon Z50 after an enormous research on the web. And that´s where the issue takes place. 20.9 Megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor Which is the main reason why I decided on purchasing the Z50. Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens. Also with the adapter all my other seven lenses work well, most used is my 40mm DX Micro, excellent results. There´s a tremendous amount of vignetting. For the amateur photographer carrying lenses / changing lenses / deciding which lens to get on the trip or the walkabout / taking care … To me, the Sony feels more like a cool toy for hipster-millennials; the Nikon feels like a purpose-built tool for professionals. I´m looking forward to additional Z-mount DX lenses. Sporting an especially sleek design, the Nikon Z 50 is a DX-format mirrorless digital camera revolving around the versatile Z Mount. I hope that your company will release more lens for Z50 and I’m happy with your kit lens now. I could go on an on about the things I love about this camera, but my fingers are tired of typing. But vlogging, I find the fold down screen to be an obstacle. But I guess I am really partial to Nikon since I have been shooting with this brand for more than ten years. Its ergonomics are perfect, it´s light and compact and takes photos every bit as good as my D7500. That´s going to be the case with any crop-sensor camera. Nikon has announced an 18-140mm, which would fit my needs quite well, so I´ll have to wait and see where it comes in from a pricing standpoint. Yes, the Sony was smaller and lighter, but sometimes that´s not necessarily the best thing. images are great and the different video settings such as the 120fps slow motion is a lot of fun to play with. The Nikon Z50 is the third of Nikon's Z family of mirrorless system cameras. Super hot: Adorama is now offering the refurbished Nikon Z50 with 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR Lens for $644.99. It will become my family vacation camera, with the two kit lenses it´s all I need. Much prefer to use one of those flexible tripods to hold it. Photographing slower birds like flamingos while they were taking off and landing was not a problem though – the Z50 focused mostly well, with a few missed focus shots here and there. If you love the Nikon Z50 very much and want to get a budget cheaper price, this is a great choice. Posted by lynGOphoto on February 26, 2020. Recently I decide to learn videography and I found that Z50 is best all rounder camera with great video features. Super hot: Adorama is now offering the refurbished Nikon Z50 with 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR Lens for $644.99. The Nikon Z5 camera kit I received included the new Nikkor Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3 lens ($1596 as a kit), touted as the shortest and most affordable full-frame zoom in the Nikkor Z lineup. $255 off on Refurbished Nikon Z50 with 16-50mm Lens: $644.99 at Adorama. This is a feature that seems great at first – until you realize you can’t see the LCD screen if the camera is attached to a tripod. It´s well built, feels good in hand and is perfect for travel. Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® plus Nikon’s SnapBridge app make it easy to send photos and movies to any device for sharing or storage. 5 Stars (379) 4 Stars (94) 3 Stars (10) … Z6 and Z7 were just too far out my price range. Top Rated Plus. Ratings Distribution. Here are some photos shot by your camera and original kit lens. Because I can´t fold the screen out to the side, I can´t really view myself to make sure the framing and focus is right when the screen is being covered by the tripod or gimbal.

nikon z50 refurbished

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