From there the mountain can be climbed via the northwest Ridge. November to March is the main climbing season. The summit ridge is exposed walking.Conditions vary annually but usually by New Year, The Ramp becomes cut off and for later season climbs, the Full NW Ridge is the normal ascent route and is viable through to early May. (1), Images Our Mount Aspiring climb is based from Colin Todd Hut on the Bonar glacier at 1800m. A truly epic journey to the summit of Mt Aspiring. It is only a few hours from there to the trail end but most people decide they have had enough long before they get to the hut ... the sight of a soft bunk is too tempting to pass up. From glaciated peaks to river valleys and rolling hills, there’s a jaw-dropping array of different landscapes to experience. Put your mountain climbing skills to test and discover this breathtaking peak at the junction of the Bonar, Volta and Therma glaciers. This is the perfect climb for people who have done walk-up peaks such as Island Peak, Kilimanjaro or Mont Blanc and want to try something more technical. The season varies a great deal since it largely depends on the condition of the ice in the upper couloir. Flights from the U.S. usually depart LAX and land in Aukland, New Zealand. Compulsory items - this is equipment you must have with you. Its glacier-carved icy summit pierces the sky like an arrow. The lower section of the mountain can be climbed either by “The Ramp” - pitched climbing up 40° snow; or up the Shipowner Ridge on mixed snow and rock (more rock as the season progresses). From Colin Todd hut it is a 1.5 day walk out down through the spectacular Matukituki valley. A good endurance training aim is to be able to climb 300 vertical meters in under an hour.The altitude and exposure mean that for most trips you can expect at least some inclement weather: wind, snow, rain and intense sun. The closest major airport to the area is in Wanaka. The South West Ridge is continuous snow and ice arête rising out of the Bonar Glacier directly to the summit. The hut can be busy and in nice weather we often choose to bivi or tent outside. The descent is a mixture of walking, down climbing and abseiling. The mountain guide to climber ratio is 1:1, or 1:2 in exceptional circumstances. Things like your own rock shoes and snow goggles are good things to bring - but disposable eating utensils can easily be obtained in Wanaka. “Good luck and good on you”, I responded and thought ‘may the force be with you and may the lady of the waterfalls sing your safe and exuberant return from the journey’. Routes “I want to climb Mount Aspiring in 2019. From Queenstown catch the bus or arrange transportation to the small town of Wanaka.Walking access to the mountain is from Wanaka and then to the Matukituki Valley where one can stay at Mt. It is a slow start for tired bodies but after a massive breakfast the journey continues. Mt Aspiring is often referred to as the “Matterhorn” of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. It is a thrilling climb as you begin to rise above the many peaks in the area. You can actually walk in on foot and climb it too. For over 25 years Aspiring Guides has been providing guided ascents of New Zealand's highest mountains and iconic peaks such as Mt Cook, Mt Aspiring and Mt Tasman as well as offering comprehensive mountaineering instruction, climbing courses and multi-day wilderness hiking adventures in the spectacular NZ Southern Alps. There are several smaller summits nearby that can be climbed to give the guide time to familiarise you with the equipment and techniques required. Whichever route you do, this is a beautiful mountain and is a highlight of many people's climbing trip in New Zealand. The nerves begin to settle down as you watch the shadow of Mount Aspiring dominate the horizon and stretch out towards the Tasman Sea. Aspiring Hut. From here, a small commuter flight is taken down to Queenstown. Your guide will give you the required instruction on glacier travel and ice axe and crampon use. It is a popular climb due to its shape and asthetic lines of ascent. Mountain (climbing) weather forecasts for 4 elevations of Mount Aspiring, Southern Alps, New Zealand, New Zealand. more, Located at the foot of the Southern Alps, Wanaka provides outstanding access and facilities to create a fantastic winter ski touring & backcountry snowboarding holiday.With a more, Take the road less travelled. Footer menu. This amazing hut is perched high on the side of the mountain at 1800m and is owned by the New Zealand Alpine Club. Join IFMGA certified guide Malcolm for an amazing 6 day climb of the beautiful Mount Aspiring in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The summit ridge takes about 2 hours but it can seem an eternity as your fitness is put to the test. It can be climbed at any time of year. It is a stunning flight into Bevan Col where you begin the business end of the trip. Climbing Mount Aspiring is a significant undertaking and not to be underestimated. Mt Aspiring-(3028 metres) - an icon amongst New Zealand's peaks. It is, however, achievable without much prior mountaineering experience with suitable physical preparation. Aspiring Hut. Mt Aspiring. One of the big advantages of climbing in New Zealand is that there are a million other things to do whilst waiting for a weather window. I wanted to climb a peak in New Zealand so I chose to climb the most beautiful one. This name was given to it by the Maori, the indigenous people. The car and your trip to the nearest shower is 5 hrs from French Ridge Hut or 2 hours from Aspiring Hut. The faster/bad weather option is to cross the Bonar Glacier to Bevan Col and descend this improbable rocky gash of a route to the valley floor. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. Descent is usually by the NW Ridge. There are no permits required for climbing here. In the early season (October to December), The Ramp is the normal ascent route and involves 10 pitches of snow or ice of 35-50 degrees to gain the summit ridge. The other way is to get up on Shipowner Ridge which is a mixed rock and snow ridge. A lot of people use a helicopter to fly to Bevan Col and then walk across the Bonar Glacier to Colin Todd Hut at 1,800 meters. Children refers to the set of objects that logically fall under a given object. On the Mount Aspiring Climb the cost of the flight into Bevan Col is included in the cost of the trip. Bevan Col accesses Colin Todd Hut, which can be used as a base for the North Buttress, North West Ridge, South West … © 2006-2020 Our best advice is that if you already own the items listed in the trip dependent section & you can fit in your pack then bring them along. We include all technical climbing equipment, crampons, ice-axe, helmet, harness etc; you only need to provide your personal equipment like your boots and clothing, pack and sleeping bag. See the gear list on the Mount Cook page.Winter climbing (May to October) is also quite common. It’s one of the few mountains in New Zealand that you can still walk out from, with the glacial recession. It is important to understand that once a trip begins no weather contingency days are included. It can seem beyond belief that you were so recently there. Mt Aspiring National Park. How does the Aspiring Guides Weather Contingency work. The lower part of the climb can be done 2 ways. In early season, snow and ice routes will push ankle and calf strength to the limit. Only clients with previous steep ice experience will be accepted for this route. The climb takes 10 to 12 hours return from Colin Todd Hut (1,220 metres). From ascents of NZ's most challenging peaks to personalized instruction, we understand that all clients are different. Day 1 - Raspberry flats car park to scotts rock bivvy. Aconcagua mountain page is a child of the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits.' Climbing Mt Aspiring is special because it’s the only 3000 m peak outside the Aoraki/Cook and Westland National Parks. If you want to take advantage of this bonus, make sure you allow for this extra day in your itinerary. Mount Aspiring is usually reached from Pearl Flat. The mountain is located in the southern end of the \"Southern Alps\" mountain range. Dec 2012 Aspiring Climbing News: See MtnRec News. Most times this cannot be decided ahead of time. Discover this very special World Heritage Area. Known as the "Matterhorn of the South" due to its asthetic shape, Mount Aspiring stands alone as the only 3000m peak outside of Mount Cook National Park. Use extreme caution. It’s my aim”, the shining young man told us with a determined and hopeful grin while pointing up the valley from where we’ve come. Option 1 is to take the Ramp, a 40 degree snow slope, to the Northwest Ridge. The Weather Contingency does not apply to any Summer Climbing Courses. But please note:The one day Weather Contingency applies only to the start date of your trip. Mount Aspiring and the French Ridge seen from the helicopter "approach". (25), Comments In the interest of safety and quality, we only guide Mount Aspiring as an ascent with one client and one mountain guide unless as part of a longer mountaineering instruction course.After the climb, the walk from Colin Todd Hut out to the road end is a very big, technical descent (1400m) that many people find as challenging as the climb itself. You can either purchase or hire depending on the item. Good cramponing skills are paramount. Jan 20,2002. It is slow work for tired legs but there is an uplifting sense of achievement as you realize that you just might pull off this great accomplishment. I couldn't have asked for more on my trip to New Zealand, and as I write this, I might actually get another climb in before I leave for South America on Monday the 9th. If you climb the mountains, please do not stand right on the summit, as it is considered insulting and is culturally insensitive. From there two routes lead further up one to French Ridge Hut and the other to Bevan Col and then to Colin Todd Hut. 4. Expect to be thrilled by the exciting finish to this wonderful climb. You will start the next day with the full number of days allocated for the trip still available. New Zealand Climbing & Mountaineering. Under agreement with the Alpine Club, Aspiring Guides is allowed to keep equipment at the hut which minimizes the gear you are required to carry. Under 'equipment' on each individual trip web page, we provide detailed information about the equipment required for the trip. Overnight in the Esquilant Biv perched high in an alpine basin. The mountain sees about 100 ascents per year. As you will appreciate - no matter what the weather there is always mountaineering skills you can learn indoors. This route requires a much higher level of skill.An ascent of the northwest ridge from the Colin Todd Hut involves an elevation gain of almost 1,300 meters and can be done in 1 long day. We enjoyed completely calm and clear summit conditions for almost 30 minutes. Detailed 6 day mountain weather forecasts for climbers and mountaineers planning expeditions. An alternate way to get to Queenstown from Christchurch is to take the bus, which takes the better part of a day. The South Face is a sustained 50-70 degree ice. We take pride in delivering a trip that meets your needs. A very nice route, but since it rises from Colin Todd, it can be a daunting route-finding mission in bad weather. The walk out from Colin Todd Hut to the road end is a very big, semi-technical descent (1400m) that many people find as challenging as the climb itself. I was elated to have been successful on both Mount Cook and Aspiring within a one week timeframe. Your trip will to some of the most breathtaking locations on the planet!! This clip shows the final section of summit ridge line and topping out. This park, along with Fiordland National Park, are part of Te Wahipounamu - Southwest New Zealand World Heritage Area, as designated by Unesco.The original name of the mountain is Tititia or "Glittering Peak". This day also gives you some time up your sleeve should the weather not cooperate. PLEASE NOTE: The walk out from Mount Aspiring (particularly the Bevan Col route) is a long, challenging trek that many people find as challenging as the climb of Mount Aspiring. Effectively your guide is holding themselves available for 1 extra day of guiding at no extra charge.While one day may not be the cure for all bad weather situations, sometimes a one day delay at the start of your trip can make all the difference.

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