Be the first to write a review. According to reports from users, this setup introduces noticeable sibilance to the sound. And dual drivers?! NOTE: This review discusses "ZS5 v1", with a single BA in the nozzle and the other one inside the housing. It is a public brand for the Shenzhen Yuanze Electronics Company located in Guangdong, China. But to understand where we are now (the ZSN Pro), we need to look at where we came from (the ZST and ZSN non-Pro). Other than that, they are … I must have approximately twenty different models of KZ in-ear monitors (IEMs). In fact not only did he turn up the KZ ZS10 but he also brought me 15 other earphones to test during my stay. I must have approximately twenty different models of KZ in-ear monitors (IEMs). About Knowledge Zenith. Knowledge Zenith, or KZ as most people know them is a large manufacturer of budget friendly earphones with nice performance and/or specs. It features 2-pin 0.75mm (C-style) connectors to fit over the protruding sockets on the IEM body. Disclaimer: This review is based upon a sample unit provided to me by a manufacturer or distributor in exchange for my honest … Again, these cost less than $20; I’m not expecting quality of a custom molded IEM that cost $700. They weren't simply using them casually. KZ ZST X Review Fun and exciting listen Best kz iem I have ever heard, replaces my fav kz zsr V shaped sound signature Slightly bright but not sibilant Bass that hits and sounds good Mids … Disclaimer We find important to note that sometimes manufacturers do modifications to their earphones models but still sell them under the same model name. Well they were right. Knowledge Zenith which is more infamous as “KZ” has been the king of sub 1000 php ($20) IEMs in the Philippines for at least 2 years. Equipped with the KZ latest dynamic driver “XUN” and 30095 high performance balanced armature, along with the upgraded cable and classic innovative transparent cyan and purple color, ZST … (Hey KZ Fans: Check out our review of the new KZ ZSX Terminator!It’s probably the best KZ IEM out right now!). The HF5 by comparison shows a more mid-forward frequency response with less bass presence and significant treble rolloff. All the earphones reviews, earbuds reviews, headsets reviews, in-ear monitors reviews (iem), in-ear headphones reviews are made as objective and thorough as possible to provide our readers a way to choose the best earphones, earbuds, iem, in-ear monitors, headsets and in-ear headphones. They have a passable sound quality but will be better suited for bass-heavy genres. They are slightly V-Shaped with a boost to the lows a back from center midrange and … Mids and vocals become fatiguing with some type of music, you can fix some of it by dialing down frequencies in the 1kHz to 3kHz range, but they start to sound muffled quickly if you overdo it. The standard for this generation of KZ earphones is a tiny black cardboard box with a transparent plastic on the front and basic accessories included. These headphones are great! KZ ZS3 – plays the low end a lot better than the ZST as it is punchier and deeper. Based on that, our team has upgraded it to the new hybrid king - KZ ZST X. Earlier this year we saw the launch of Knowledge Zenith’s (KZ) ATE earbuds, which turned … Based on that, our team has upgraded it to the new hybrid king - KZ ZST X. I grabbed an Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter and plugged into my iPhone and played a few tracks and I was pleasantly surprised that these were producing sound quality that is comparable to my other IEMs that cost nearly $200. I couldn't believe this kind of tone could come from $20 earphones. Disclaimer : The KZ ZS5 was sent to us by, a Vietnamese store, in exchange of this review.The current price is 25$. KZ announced a good few headphones in the last several months, including their new flagship the KZ ZS10.A litte after the ZS10, the company also announced what looks like a directly-derived IEM for a lower price tier: the KZ ES4.Being similar in terms of design and a similar yet simpler driver configuration, … However, the ZS6 is not a bad earphone by any means. They share the same housing of the KZ ED12, with different aesthetic design, The KZ ZST has an exceptional design with features of many high end brands. The KZ ZST‘s dynamic driver is taking care of bass reproduction and it does it exceptionally well. The shape and form of the KZ ZST is exactly the same to the KZ ED12 and the comfort they provide too. Disclaimer: AK Audio sent me a free unit in exchange for this review. Mid-bass is present, adding nice punchiness to songs and sub-bass is wonderfully deep and impacting.

kz zst review

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