If you click one of my links I may earn a commission. Here are several custom Zoom Backgrounds we’ve created for you to use on your next Zoom call. Sharp blacks can sometimes be affected by this so ensure you test this one out. West Elm cabin. This is another one of my favorites, especially as a way of introducing the company before you go into your chat. Whatever industry you're in, you can remove distractions during your Zoom meeting by using a Zoom background. Download beautiful, curated free Zoom background images on Unsplash. Not only are the sharp colors easy on the eyes, purple is known to be a color of productivity so you will get a lot more done on your zoom meeting. If you’re using a videoconferencing service like Zoom, which lets you upload your own image background, try saving some of these photos (carefully selected to … Zoom only has a limited number of free stock images you can use in your background. Below you’ll find our 20 best Zoom background images—everything from nature & landscapes, to gorgeous home offices, and much more. Certain people will not take kindly to you using background so you should anticipate this in advance. Your should access it if you should use a zoom background before every meeting. It’s super versatile and can be used pretty much for every occasion. I personally like this background a lot. But, video calls from a home office, your living room or, worse, your bedroom, can be quite awkward. I specialize in helping clients set up home office back drops. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Find the best free stock images about zoom backgrounds office. Yellow as a color is great at making people feel energized and active, and can be a great zoom background image to use if your role requires you to be active. This is honestly the ideal (virtual) home office situation. With remote work as the new normal, it's commonplace to … Work Desk Background. This office I think would suit the likes of teachers, lecturers and anyone who passes on knowledge for a living. This is a great choice if you want to show how exuberant your home office is, eleven if you don’t actually have one. An Elegant Home Office Zoom Background. I love how this background has an empty space you can put your company’s logo in making it seem more professional. The best virtual backgrounds from around the Web, all in one place. Why not change things up by opting to go for a picturesque star background. There are tons more on our Video Call Backgrounds collection. A great alternative to Zoom backgrounds would be to invest in led lighting which can change the colour of your background whilst feeling more natural as it is in camera. I personally love the clean lines of this office and it’s minimalistic approach. Is your living room a bit too messy to serve as an ideal … There you will see more details regarding what operating system and processor you will need. Find home office background stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. By GDC Construction. Keep reading to find out my recommendation on the top 40 zoom backgrounds. For anyone interested in the colors of their home office and the difference that can mean to things like productivity you can check out my blog post here. The most common zoom background home office material is stretched canvas. Maybe your messy kitchen isn’t the impression you wish to put forward to your colleagues and supervisors. The only caveat, ensure you’re not wearing any colors that might contrast the bring colors of the background. Whilst this home office zoom background has a little bit too much grey for my liking, if you want to blend into the backgrounds of your meetings then this could be a great option for the background. If you are unable to use a home office background. Just be careful who you use it in front of. How to Master Flat Lay Photography in 2020, How to Take Product Photos At Home With (almost) No Equipment, 20 Best Free Zoom Background Images to Brighten up your Virtual Meetings, Facebook Posts: How to Get The Most Out of Your Business Page, Facebook Cover Photos: Size & Everything Else a Business Should Know, download the Zoom desktop client or the Zoom mobile app, Ensure that “I have a green screen” is unchecked if you’re not using one, Click on the arrow to the right of your video icon at the bottom of your screen, Select or upload the new background you would like to use, Select your new Zoom Background Image from your files, Select the Zoom Background image you would like to use, or upload your own image by tapping on the. It might not be dense but is a great neutral background to pin yourself against. Drone Choose your favorite and learn how to add a virtual background. Whilst it’s a little bit too brown and dreary for me in certain situations it can definitely work wonders. Now you have to be conscious of how your home--not to mention your hair--looks. Now it’s worth mentioning that this post has a lot of information and so if you’re curious about the best equipment needed to work remotely simply go to my resource page here. Keep connected at home with this calm and tidy backdrop. All of these were found on Royalty free website Dreamstime which has affordable plans you can find more out about here. Opt for a virtual background instead. I personally found the following home office background images are the best ones to use when on a zoom call. Explore. The ocean calms us down on a good day so why not make it even better by choosing to go with an ocean background. Human beings love to be out in nature and what better way to do this than changing up your zoom background to be something a lot more scenic. I chose four Zoom backgrounds from Shutterstock to experiment with. With everything going on in the world right now, your colleagues are sure to appreciate the chuckle! I’m particularly a fan of this nighttime ocean background as the color blue is one of the most productives people I can look at to feel productive. Can’t get enough of our free Zoom Background Images? Close competing applications: The folks behind Zoom have tips for making the best Zoom … Speaking of plants, if you’re interested in finding out what I recommend you can check out my plant page here. Zoom background is available on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. Even disney and dc are fans of zoom's virtual background feature, as they've now shared free images for people to use. Home Office Zoom Backgrounds Virtual backgrounds you can use while you chat with coworkers on Zoom and Skype are having their moment in the sun right now. First, we need to make sure you have Virtual Background enabled on your account: Select the Zoom Background Image you would like to upload from your files. First, sign into your zoom account online. This can make it look like you’re in an entirely different location! 11. The shelved open office is a fantastic option for a zoom background,, position yourself towards the left of the image and let the shelving and doorway frame your body. Sign in to the Zoom Mobile app for iOS; While in a meeting, tap More > Virtual background; Select the Zoom Background image you would like to use, or upload your own image by tapping on the Plus symbol (+) Tap Close to return to your meeting; Download your Free Zoom Background It's the talking head background from The Office is an classic. I personally found the following home office background images are the best ones to use when on a zoom call. Holidays We've gathered the best Zoom virtual backgrounds from around the Web. Just looking at it gives me a sense of the great outdoors. Home office backgrounds are easily the best background to opt for if you would like to be seen in a professional manor. Great if you want to lighten up the meeting! Unsubscribe anytime. Second up is a refined, modern home office space, perfect to cover up your own mess of an office (read: bedroom). The backgrounds are courtesy of the Budget Direct Home … Why not change things up with a lightspeed background to make you zoom meetings (ahem)… out of this world! We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. West Elm has a way of finding the best kitchen images. A Book-Filled Home Office. Don't settle for a boring scene of your home office during an online Zoom meeting. Once you've installed the correct client for your device, be sure to check Zoom’s virtual background requirements. Whilst a lot of us work from cramped spaces this image has a minimalist design that can lead the other person on your call to feel a little more open and relaxed. A Cozy Home Zoom Background. Blue in an office can make you more productive and so what better way to implement this then with a zoom background. This is a “Reverse Office” where all the pretty decorations are BEHIND the camera. Whilst grey isn’t the color I would recommend to paint an office with, the bright and contrasting colors of the orange and brown blend in perfectly to make this background a nice place to look at. Change the boring background of your home office on Zoom with 40 free new moving and still art images available from Niio. I’m being asked to help my clients create professional, nice looking home office background for their space. So if you really want to change things up on your zoom backgrounds from your home office and don’t want to use the ones I’ve suggested above, why not consider using a novelty take on the zoom background. Finally a lot of people reading my blog want to know what products I recommend for a home office/remote working. Finally, we wrote earlier about the great webcam shortage of 2020 . Not only does this look professional it can be a great way of making the room you work from look professional, even if you don’t have a home office for your space. 8 Working From Home Accessories For The Deaf: My Top Picks. Why not get close to nature by opting to go with a rainforest background. While you wait for Yellowstone to return for season 3, play around with these virtual … Finally, if you are interested in a minimalistic look but want everyone to marvel at how open your office is, consider using the minimalist chair office which definitely helps give a nice professional breeze. Download a free virtual Zoom background to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting. One of the reasons this background works so well for zoom is because it is both striking and can very easily sink into the background. Background Instead opt for either using your own images, or use royalty free image providers like pixabay, getty image or dreamstime to purchase your background images from. The most popular color? Especially if you are wearing darker colors to help you stand out from this background. So hopefully this blog post has helped give you some insight into the best home office backgrounds for zoom calls. Don’t worry though, this isn’t necessary for your every day conference call. Some days I barely feel like an expert, but I do have full-time experience, so hopefully I can make working remotely a little bit easier for you! I’m definitely getting a nordic vibe from this home office and the pictures on the wall do a lot for me. If your vacation is around the corner and you want to blunt your craving for a beach trip consider using the bright beach background as a way of staying focused. If you were to extrapolate this out zooms 300 million meetings per month  to around 60 million users who use zoom backgrounds every month. Browse All Background images and Videos for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Skype, including Private Offices, Shared Workspaces, Boardrooms, Home Interiors, Public Places and Skylines. It's designed to automatically differentiate between you (the subject) and your background (anything that’s behind you). For any wannabe pioneers out these consider looking at the mountains and forest background. Home office zoom virtual background images. Dreamstime, Getty images, Canva and Shorpixel all have millions of royalty free images you can use for your zoom backgrounds, all at an affordable rate. The colors are distorted and definitely give me a feeling of calmness. They feature designs inspired by Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson and other highly visual film directors. The Instagram-Worthy Office. Consider using if therapy is a part of your profession. What a great home-office video-calling setup looks like. The website LifeHacker introduces us to seven digital renders of home offices which are available to download as Zoom backgrounds. No one can go wrong with this zoom background. Just be careful with any meetings that might have people who are sensitive to fur as the fur carpet may throw them off. Who doesn’t want to be an action hero, now you can ke it look like your diving at the last second from an exploding building with this zoom background – your inner Arnie will be happy for you. If you just want an empty clean background to work from then this is definitely the choice for you , simple lines, plenty of light, what more could you want! Google hangouts has a great array of backgrounds you can use, including images you can upload yourself. Another great flowerfield that can be great for therapeutic purposes. The background (or backdrop) is whatever your clients/colleagues see on their screen behind your head, … So next time you have a teleconference or meeting and need to spruce up your home office, why not swap it with an image of your (well-lit and gorgeous) dream home? A bright, cheerful apartment from West Elm. To get the best results you want to make sure your background is bright and evenly lit. I mean, look at … If selected properly, home office zoom backgrounds can do this. "I like to infuse color and vintage inspired design to take you back to a more … License; ... home window blur living room free background abstract zoom backgrounds office zoom background office dark background city landscape texture sky library technology skyline Zoom Background Some @zoom_us backgrounds for those of us working from our kingdoms of isolation. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about zoom background home office? Choose from hundreds of free virtual Zoom backgrounds. One of the things I’ve been doing a fair bit during the lockdown, is changing things up by adding backgrounds to my zoom meetings. Word to the wise however, be sure to avoid wearing white as it could cause you to blend into the background on this image. For any of you who are artistically included look no further then the painting office, This is a great option if you want to highlight your creative side without showing off your work directly, What better way to get some greenery on your zoom call then with the garden office background on your zoom calls, This background really does help bring the outdoors in so if you’ve been on a zoom meeting for a few hours and at getting a little frustrated, this is a great option to make you feel like your on the great outdoors, You can’t go wrong with a dark blue office and this zoom background image takes it one step further, Consider using this background for any zoom meeting that you may need to have where you really focus in on busy work, for example if you are using a zoom meeting to do admin work together, This background should help get it done much faster. Source: TechRepublic. Marvel/MCU. If you want to give off a classical yet experienced look even if your office in reality looks like a cupboard under the stairs consider the mahogany office. Another one of my favorite zoom backgrounds has to be this stars and mountains peace. Zoom Virtual Background is a free feature included on all Zoom Plans. So I don’t think I’m brave enough to ever paint my home office burgundy red but hey, the good thing about backgrounds is that they are only temporary right. To do this, make a list of your interaction with the person and gauge if they are positive, negative or natural to the idea of you having a zoom background. I am also a participant in the Amazon affiliates programme and I will also earn a commission from qualified purchases. Zoom recommends that you use bright, even lighting and avoid wearing clothes that are the same colour as the walls behind you. If you want to change things up use the lounge office background as a nice way to represent who you are. Most of us don’t wear clothes so you should be able to stand out effectively against the backdrop nicely and can help if you have been locked in zoom meetings all day and are craving the great outdoors. This is a great option if you want to show off a little of your personality in your home office. You guessed it: blue. To convey the message of absolute comfort, set your Zoom background to the image of a comfortable living space. Shop-local Find your next virtual background among these creative options. This allows you to give the impression as though you are in a strict working environment regardless of your location. People work from home and spend so much time on Zoom (or other video conferencing), that a new need has emerged. Should you ever use novelty backgrounds? Get first access to free photos and other Burst content. You will need to download the Zoom desktop client or the Zoom mobile app. Curated just for you Instantly recognizable. Certain colors in backgrounds such as watching the sunrise or looking into a rainforest can actually have a direct link to modd. Consider using one of these Zoom backgrounds. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Home offices used to be private, now they are semi-public because of video calls. First up is the Ben Franklin bridge because I’m a Philadelphia native. Sunrises are one of the more common backgrounds you are likely to see on zoom backgrounds so why not do something different and opt for a purple sunrise. Host a call from outer space, from under the sea, or from an interior that looks straight out of Good Housekeeping magazine by using any of these free Zoom meeting background templates. Sand dunes have no real strong lines and so make for a great zoom background. In a report produced byt the world health organisation in March 2020, over 5% of the world’s population (approximately 466 Million) are deaf, and it is predicted that by 2050 potentially 900... 10 Reasons Why Working From Home Is Reducing Pollution. Yellow walled office Yellow as a color is great at making people feel energized and active, and can be a great zoom background image to use if your role requires you to be active. It’s  worth noting that people also have the following questions about zoom backgrounds so I thought it would be good to answer them here too: People who work from home often use zoom backgrounds on zoom video calls in order to improve upon their existing backgrounds. I can’t use my home office as my background for legal reasons (because my wife is an attorney and she uses the back of my office to store empty boxes, old mops and broken lamps). We’ve split these 20 Zoom backgrounds into the following five categories: View of boats on the ocean at sunset in Thailand, Looking straight down a pathway in a forest in autumn, Beautiful view through flowers of a lake and mountains, Sun shining over gentle waves that are breaking on a sandy beach, Large suspension bridge seen from the city streets below, Looking up at the Sky Reflector-Net in New York City's Fulton Center, San Francisco's famous "Painted Ladies" Houses, Sunlight creeps through a window in a bright and minimalist living room, Long haired cat sitting on couch in front of brick wall, An assortment of vintage posters inside a home, Pink jellyfish swim against a bright blue background in a mirrored tank, Yellow background with black filigree pattern, A geometric painting in various shades of purple on a brick wall, A jet of black ink mixes together with thin wisps of pink ink, Modern red sports car on a harbor, overlooking the city buildings, Four pineapples hang out at a pineapple party, A white dog looks emotional in a wizard hat and princess dress, A closeup of a pile of spiraled, colorful marshmallows. Here come our Zoom virtual background templates to the rescue! Don’t wear any clothing the same color as your background. Whilst I thought it was all beach trips and early finishes, this couldn't be further from the truth. Minimize network and computer disruptions. The most professional zoom backgrounds would be a home office. All of these were found on Royalty free website, For anyone interested in the colors of their home office and the difference that can mean to things like productivity you can check out, Speaking of plants, if you’re interested in finding out what I recommend you can check out, My recommendations for all my lighting can be found on my r, link to 8 Working From Home Accessories For The Deaf: My Top Picks, link to 10 Reasons Why Working From Home Is Reducing Pollution. I think this is a great idea for geography teachers or anyone who is typically outdoorsy who is now forced to work from home. Zoom Backgrounds. So what are some great home office backgrounds for zoom? Using an external HD camera will  be more beneficial than the built in camera on your laptop. A Free Background to Make Your Zoom Colleagues Jealous. Directly, they also have more images to use then zoom has to offer. For any superheroes amongst you why not change your background to make it look like you are in the batcave, photoshop a batmobile in there and you’re good to go. Let your co-workers think … You can't go wrong with this one, especially when you're in … This website is supported by its readers. Why not take this up a notch by opting for something that has been purpose built for zoom meetings. Pexels. Zoom background work on Linux, mac windows and ios devices. Simply position yourself in front of the light and you’ll soon find yourself having an angelic like appearance. The content on this on this site has been written by Fehed Nicass who has over a decades worth of experience in sales and has worked remotely for the past 2 years. There are 757 zoom background home office for sale on Etsy, and they cost $4.11 on average. I’ve gone through several versions of home offices over the years, and here are some of the important rules I’ve learned about home offices: Have one-touch lighting. I don’t know about you but this one strikes me as a office an older person would be happy with and so if your video call involves someone slightly older, this could be a good option to use. Find high-quality virtual backgrounds for your Zoom meetings at https://www.zoomvirtualbackgrounds.com With carbon dioxide levels massively... Let's face it remote working is tough. My personal recommendations then would be the following: Who doesn’t love looking up in the night sky gazing at the sense of wonder the cosmos brings. The idea is to not be distracting in your meetings, however if you do not want to use home office as a background in zoom the following are what I would recommend. Relive your inner model by opting for the catwalk zoom background, just don’t be afraid to strut. How to Change your Zoom Background on iPhone or iPad. If you’re into a bright and cheery look, this cute little desk situation is … In Zoom, you can go into general settings and adjust the audio, to pick your accessory mic instead of the mic from the webcam. Avoid a zoom background for any meetings with senior managers or leadership teams or very important meetings of organisations that you are trying to do business with. The other big comic company stuck to the "realistic" side with multiple images pulled … (And honestly--who's really in the mood to declutter your office space before an early morning video chat?) This can be a great background to use on a video call if you use it in front of the right person. and are other zoom backgrounds okay to use during conference calls? Let’s face it, most of us would much rather be on a beach then working from home. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. A cozy yet totally work-appropriate backdrop is a great addition your video … This will give your Zoom Virtual Background the best chance of knocking your coworkers' collective socks off. Zoom backgrounds are incredibly popular with almost one in every 5 zoom users at my place of work using these on a regular basis. So hopefully this post has given you a fair bit of insight into my recommendation for zoom backgrounds, both home office and novelty alike. The Zoom background feature, which is included in every version of Zoom including the free version, is very helpful for professionals in all sectors, including finance, education, law and technology. Christmas So for anyone who wants to have an old school teacher vibe consider using the chalkboard as a zoom background,  it’s a great way to bring the school into the home office especially if you have  one to ones with your students. Download all photos and use them even for commercial projects. Pretty Pink Balcony. This background also looks like an office someone actually owns so kudos to this designer. Once you’ve downloaded your virtual background images, upload them to Zoom. Consider using the giza background as a natural background to appear on that everyone will recognize. Another great zoom background as an alternative to home offices is bringing the outside in with the leafy green background. The algorithm isn’t perfect, however. Not everyone works from an office when rocking remotely and neither should you. Who needs to travel when you have zoom backgrounds? Yellowstone. Certain devices such as chromebooks will allow you to participate in zoom meetings but not allow you to amend your zoom background. You may see interruptions in your background, or parts of your face disappearing on occasion.

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