The patch may turn white and swell due to absorption of exudation. The size of my spots deceased over night, as well as the redness reducing. Any patch will make whiteheads, blackheads and picked zits to disappear overnight without creating a dry patch. This is my third year shopping with Maree and i am never disappointed!! Safe to Use COSRX Acne Pimple patch is safe for the skin because it contains no toxic substances. I find them effective both before squeezing (as preventative) and after squeezing (as accelerated healing). (verified owner) – 15/06/2020, Fatima Dambatta (verified owner) – 20/01/2020, These patches are so great I love them for my acne prone skin and they help protect and heal my pimples and stop me from picking them, Elizabeth Connolly Great product! Acne Pimple Master Patch: 24 Patches (7mm X 10ea. I will say, if the spot isn't showing the white bit I have found it doesn't work as well. If I have a red and inflamed spot coming up, I put one of these over it and by morning it has reduced in size and usually it helps draw out the gunk. What are the COSRX Acne Master Pimple Patches? I was a little sceptical about these but it is totally worth it and so inexpensive compared to other spot treatments. Best Acne product ever. A pack of twenty-four blemish patches. they saved my life;), It’s been great so far - after use, the redness has definitely decreased and the pimples much smaller. This has been the best out of all the ones i have tried. I literally panic when I run out of these. Bestest thing ever for pimples. Even with good skincare due to hormones I will get the odd spot, by putting this patch on will get rid of the oils and impurities that cause the spot. Stay up to date on new product launches and events and get early access to sales and member-only discounts. I can't make them work under make-up, but used overnight they are very beneficial and really lessen the time it takes for whatever horrible thing has appeared on your face/jawline/neck/chest to go away. While they stopped me from picking at my acne (good!! I use these to make my skin "flat" but then leave it to heal the redness by itself (: Was excited to use this because of the reviews but honestly I was really disappointed. I’m left with two giant red angry spots on my chin which I honestly believe were made worse by these patches. Finally, an acne treatment that treats acne for what it really is, an infected wound. I love these patches especially when i have massive zits! I can’t live without these patches they are fantastic and this is probably my 5th pack so far! Absolutely love these!! Love these I always put them on before bed and the size of the spot is definitely reduced by morning. This doesn’t happen everytime but they always make some kind of improvement very quickly. Best thing ever! The fact that these patches actually work makes the price seem quite reasonable. There’s clearly a reason why similar patches I’ve seen are nearly £20 and these are £4, Silvia Alexandra It cuts spot duration time down so much. These ultra-thin hydrocolloid patches protect your pimples from bacteria (and your pesky fingers), and work overnight to draw out puss, impurities, and keep the area moisturised to promote healing. Perhaps these work best for people with large whitehead pimples, but if you have small painful lumps like me, you’d be best giving this product a miss. RRP: £5.40. Gentle, Caring, Genuine Once after squeezing a really large irritated pimple, I wore the patch overnight and it pretty much flattened the angry red mound and helped heal over the broken skin. Can't rave anymore about these patches, will be keeping them in stock at all times! I'm so glad I found those things I suffer from really painful brake outs of acne that live scares those plasters works wonders heal them without living any marks you just put them when goes to sleep next morning pimple is almost gone I was a bit skeptical about whether these spot patches work, but now ive tried them ive noticed a big difference in the reduction of my acne. VERY sticky but not sore or difficult to remove. Excellent ! Remove in the morning. Will definitely purchase again! What pimple patches like the ones by COSRX do is take that same technology and create small, thin, and often clear, pimple-sized patches that can be used to conveniently and discreetly to cover up acne. It’s never reduced the redness or the spot, it’s never turned white, the puss is still there. Cynthia Fan They really do work like magic! Highly recommended! Overall however I find they are best of all for those spots that have already burst, I find they stop me picking them, they dry out the area gently and help heal them quickly and reduce the hyperpigmentation/scarring that i so frentuently get with my pale skin. This patch is amazing. Buy this is plenty for friends and family. x, Excellent!! All in all a brilliant product. They also last for ages as there are loads in a pack and many different sizes. Excellent service. The patch may turn white and swell due to absorption of exudation. I sometimes find if I use a spot target treatment that is too drying, I end up breaking more. Amazing The uniquely developed hydrocolloid material effectively extracts impurities and creates a moist environment, which makes the healing process faster. Sometimes it takes a few days of constant use for the cysts to settle down completely but they do work. it does what its supposed to and i was so happy with the result, i wasn’t sure if it would actually work as nothing has ever worked for my skin but i took it off in the morning and wow! Then replace it with a new one. Very good for reducing size of spots, works better when left overnight. Amazing !! Left it on maybe half a day, afternoon to evening, when I removed it the spot was now HUGE, so red, but I went to sleep & woke up & it was like it had never been there at all! They work best for those that have a head. clears spots overnight and stops me from touching them. Highly recommend these patches. They're not designed to be invisible or to go out in but I'm happy walking round the house in them in front of my housemates and don't feel like they are super noticeable. Amazing product, super simple and been a life saver many times. In fact, many of its fans are touting them as the best pimple patches. They're only good overnight or a day spent hiding in the house, otherwise they look worse than the spot! Overall, I’m kind of disappointed in this product. (function() { Lucy Harris Would definitely recommend! I suffer badly from under-skin spots, particularly on my chin. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch protects a wounded or troubled area from getting worse and maintains the humidity of skin to prevent further breakouts. Flattens whiteheads overnight and so satisfying to see the white mark on the plaster of the junk and liquid drained. (verified owner) – 25/06/2020, Just tried patch. Love this product. If this happens, replace with a new patch. Work well to target little attacks, fairly invisible. I applied patches to some pimples and went to bed, and when I woke up in the morning there was no difference. Remove in the morning. All in all... an essential! Love the product! SKIN TYPES GOOD FOR: - All skin types, especially pimple-prone skin BENEFITS - Comes with 24 patches in three different sizes on: function(evt, cb) { Volume: Cosrx Clear Fit Master Patch: 18 Patches (10mm X 18ea.) They work best on whiteheads but I’ve used them on other spots too. A lifesaver for a young adult like me whose skin still breaks out like a teen. I've been using these patches for a while now and they're fab! Shop now. These pimple patches are amazing! So I put a couple of these patches on and they cover them right up! FREE tracked delivery on UK orders >£20. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch is a hydrocolloid type of patch that focus on treating partial skin troubles. If you are the sticker gets sticky and stuck to your skin which peels off the scab that is total avoid! It does make the big (red and angry) spots smaller the next day. Great product. (verified owner) – 10/03/2019. I adore using these magical things! Very happy with the results. The spot had visably shrunk and skipped from stage one to the last, really impressed! The patches help the spot heal faster also! Plus really good for skin pickers (like me) to wean yourself off of picking your spots and pretty invisible, even during the daytime. These are brilliant, have made a massive difference to my skin. I was sceptical at first, but these are just fantastic. On Amazon, the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches - with each pack containing 24 blemish patches in three sizes - has over 600 customer reviews, with … This is amazing! I highly recommend this product for anyone, they are amazing. Love the COSRX pimple patches. It literally gets rid of the acne, helps heal the skin or affected area faster. I originally found these on Amazon looking for little round plasters. It helps to dry out the pimples, reduces the size, it stays on very well and it’s barely noticeable. amazing!! Doesn’t break my skin out. Do exactly what they say on the packaging. I put one over the spot in the evening before I go to bed and wake up in the morning to find it's almost gone! I have never seen something make such a difference so quickly. Love this product. Sophie Malcolm Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. After 8-10 hours, COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch would turn white after it absorbed pus and impurities. Superb acne product. – Good product Great Product 10/10. It is my favourite face product I own as it is effective and is easy to use. I would recommend for overnight use because it is a little too thick to sit under makeup. Definitely going to buy more. These work well on small pimple and white heads I wouldn't suggest for big pimples. If you have a spot with the white bit showing, pop a patch on and the next morning it is MAGICALLY gone and soothed! love these!! These work well if it's a new spot that's just coming up but if it's already fully surfaced then they don't really do so much. Wish each sheet had more medium sized patches on! They seem to suck out the bad stuff without needing to pop them. It is an amazing product, it’s a real life saver. 4.41 Stars 56 Reviews 4.41 56. Kate Guina The different sizes mean that I can handle whatever my face throws at me!. These were a great find! If you’re a fan of COSRX’s original Acne Pimple Master Patch, you’re going to want to add this variety to your collection. (verified owner) – 19/05/2020. Works super quickly! I have really been struggling with acne, and these plasters are the best thing for them. Kayleigh Edwards Also, you only get one sheet of patches, which for the price is really irritating. Crafted to reduce redness and inflammation, these waterproof pimple patches reduce acne scarring and infection. Highly recommend this product. These tiny circles are hydrocolloid dressings. As the name suggests, these are adhesive “patches” that use hydrocolloid technology to absorb toxins within the blemish, as well as create a moist environment for enhanced – and speedy – healing. Gabriella (verified owner) – 30/04/2020. I love this product! An absolute life saver! These little patches are life saviours! I will 100% be buying from here again (especially as I love COSRX products). I recommend steaming the spot or warm cloth and then remove the sticker. Thanks a lot Maree! (verified owner) – 14/05/2020, Works fantastic overnight! Definitely recommend, Shannon Patterson With a pimple patch. Even if they can't be left on longer than overnight, the area does improve and heals quicker than other pimples. These little pimple patches are an overnight fixer to make whiteheads, blackheads and picked zits disappear by morning.The thin clear hydrocolloid patch will stay on through showering and washing I love these little patches and they are true miracle workers when it comes to taming pimples - I have not found any other products that works like this one! Then skin heals way faster after using them! The patches reduce inflammation and redness, and there's satisfaction in seeing spots that usually last a fortnight come to a head overnight! I highly recommend trying it out. They suck all the gunk out and help with the healjng process. As another reviewer has said, these work well for spots at any stage. I normally use mine overnight and they are so effective. It comes in different size and it really does help to reduce my pimple over night. + 12mm X 9ea.) It’s all over with in 48 hours. Will be buying more! *The 10% sign-up discount cannot be combined with other offers and discounts. I still give five stars though as it has saved me annoyance many times. Amazing product! I rarely get pimples but when I do I pop one of these on and it gets rid of it so fast! It does the job, usually I just wear it overnight and the next morning I wake up with the pimple cleaned. But all I'll say is that If you suffer from any form of acne no matter how bad, these are worth giving a try. Definitely buying from here again! Do it the Korean way! My Holy Grail Product for spots! I've tried patches before from other brands and have ALWAYS been left disappointed. These patches are amazing!! COSRX Clear Fit Master Patch (18 Patches) Save 20% + extra 10% off - use code: CMBEAUTY Save 20% + extra 10% off - use code: CMBEAUTY. Helped reduce / get rid of spots overnight . Leave it overnight and the spot comes to its head in the morning. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { Hydrocolloid bandages are used medically to suck infections out of wounds so naturally these patches work great if they’re used on pimples that need to be drained. These really do great things for spots at several stages. Amazing!!! (verified owner) – 18/09/2020. (verified owner) – 11/12/2018. ), Elise Minto Used a couple of times and it has reduced the swelling and redness very well. I could not be without the Heimish Cleansing Balm now and I love the new packaging! (verified owner) – 17/02/2020. 2. If this happens, replace with a new patch. These save me a whole lot of waiting time when I get spots; one night and I'm happy! For the under-the-skin spots, I've put it on as its first developing and every time its stopped them from getting any bigger. As featured on The Strategist The thin clear hydrocolloid patch feels similar to a hydrogel sheet mask in texture, adhering your skin strongly. It works like magic. (verified owner) – 22/11/2020, AMAZING!! Will have to stock up on some more soon! If you place it on a pimple that doesn’t have a white head or an opening it will not work to suck out the gunk inside. Use the ultra-thin Clear Fit Master Patch throughout the day to keep blemishes clean and hydrated. Love these! Make sure your skin is clean. + 10mm X 5ea. Does exactly what I expected it to – product clears my acne in a day!! I always have to have a pack of these around just in case a nasty spot decides to show up. Do not apply any essence or lotion beforehand. – Helps me not pick at spots (verified owner) – 12/03/2019, Covers up pimples pretty good plus heals them too. Obsessed with these patches!! Carole Lopez Save 20% on selected COSRX. Really impressed with this product! Yuck! It deserves the name Master! (verified owner) – 08/06/2019. Absolutely amazing product! Make sure your skin is clean. These magic patches really help calm down those nasty pimples - in the morning they are much less angry! } I saw no difference in redness reduction and barely any difference in it extracting the gunk... (ew I know! Shop the best Korean beauty & skincare at Nudie Glow Australia. I usually get whiteheads that take many days to go away. It also stops you from picking and touching. These are great: so effective. The only lifting I got was trying to peel these off - think ripping off a pore strip (yikes) - which took off some skin. } These patches are absolutely amazing! They also shield the pimple from any bacteria which is great if you touch your face a lot. The COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch is a thin clear hydrocolloid patch that helps treat acne, pimples and acne scars. They are also great for those spots that are ready/almost ready to burst. The product contains one sheet of patches with 24 patches. I tried wearing it once to work but wouldn't recommend it, as applying the concealer on top of it makes it much more evident. Great to wear overnight, helps getting rid of spots, makes them smaller and less visible! (verified owner) – 13/05/2019, These are a life-changer!! When I have a no makeup day they stop me from picking at my skin, whilst also healing the spots and reducing the redness/swelling. I had been worried that the stickers would come off during the night as I move a lot in my sleep, but I didn’t need to worry as they didn’t budge at all. It’s an amazing product, however I found them a bit too thick. Discount has been applied to the RRP. Also to mention, absolutely fantastic service from Maree with super speedy delivery - thank you! These are so good! Gabriela It made my acne even worse. I have bought now a stockpile of these to always have on hand for pimple emergencies! I leave mine on overnight and I can definitely notice the difference the next day. (verified owner) – 03/01/2020, Life saver. very happy as these are my favourite acne patches to use always works for me! Bonus, it stops me from touching them and making them worse and also prevents any bacteria from getting in to already open spots. I have found out they work preferably on spots on top of skin rather than ones underneath! Korean skincare in UK. !xxxx, Great quality I keep on ordering them! Choose a right size patch and apply it directly to skin imperfection. ), i woke up with the spot was hardly “gone”. These patches are amazing!! "Whenever I feel a spot coming on I put on one of these bad boys and leave on overnight. My spots are gone or considerably smaller overnight. This patch works like magic, the spot disappears overnight. It works! For spots coming to a head, I leave a patch on overnight, and by morning its flattened with just a small remnant. Removes spots overnight. While it doesn't completely get rid of the spot, it helps protect it from picking and minimises it so that it's less obvious the day after even without makeup. For these they really help to 'melt' them away so they dont ever come to a head. Grace Holtom so handy and feel like im giving a spot or inflammation a gentle hug. Great , takes in oils and sebum, comes in various sizes, overall good product so far, Ciara Power The patches blend into my skin so I can get away with wearing them during the day and they don’t come off easily (I’ve worn a patch for over 24 hours). Sharon Raitt They do a great job of calming down and flattening breakouts. Kate Guina I struggled to find these in the UK - often having to wait weeks to get them in the post so I'm so glad that Beauty and Seoul are stocking them! realy works. Combat spots and blemishes with the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches; a pack of innovative stickers that work to eliminate spots overnight. { Spots didn't disappear at all. (verified owner) – 05/07/2020. They come in a ... COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch. A must have and I will be stocking up! Caterina These little patches are life saving. I saw this product and thought to give it a go and I am amazed at how well it reduces the size and the redness of the spots overnight. They really are life savers!! listeners: [], everyone needs a packet or five. Description These thin, clear patches adhere to your skin and work to protect blemishes against infection whilst extracting the bacteria and gunk from your blackheads and pimples.

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