Sure, the skyscraper technique was a massive success for Brian. Content without direction is merely another page that only Google crawlers will see. Touching on point #2, AdEspresso is a prime example of producing content that actually relates to what they sell: If their customer segments ain’t interested, they ain’t writing it. Not just the looky-loos window shopping your tactics. Make sure to credit the original author. Look for a piece of content in your niche that’s doing well. Something that shifts the status quo in your niche. Broadly defined, creative relates to how your product/service is presented to … It might sound mythical, but this type of content actually exists on dozens of sites in the marketing space right now. Returning report under “Audience” in Google Analytics. Many of our Bitbar users have been using this framework for a basic acceptance testing that extends the system level testing capabilities with specifications and test cases associated with the actual app testing. Posts are becoming more information dense. So how do you implement this? Different content types to match all of that! By tapping into funnel stage pain points. Content marketing is a pretty diverse landscape. Unless you want to waste the next six months creating content that nobody sees. Yep, it’s tedious and brutal. But they touch on some great markers of what stellar content is today: So, what’s that piece of unique content for you? In a collaborative workshop, breakout groups can each work on different areas of the framework. Where do you find these ideas? The only way we got this chart to go up and to the right is because there are so many smart, generous folks on the internet sharing what they know. To engage prospects at each stage, you’ll need unique social media content at each step. Enterprise Content Management 3. Without those things? You can have this within a few minutes using Buzzsumo or simply by running a few web searches. Does talking about topic X make users interested in your services? So, how do you figure out what inputs are required to achieve desired outputs? When it comes to content, the audience is a significant factor in any content marketing plan. Beyond that, most content usually has no focus. Here’s how we adapted the diagram: This helped us enjoy what we were writing about while leveraging our strengths. So you dive right in: you work hard, brainstorming and writing article after article, hoping that it has some effect, that it’ll move some needle somewhere. See it in action: we saw this great post from Unbounce then put our designers to work in making it into a fun infographic on the ReferralCandy blog. Don’t get me wrong, demographics and ideal customer profiles are great for selling. A framework should also be used to focus areas of ideation and problem solving. This article has just provided some highlights and examples. As of writing, we’re a page 1 result for the query “why do white girls like starbucks.” It was a free for all. Some key questions to ask yourself in development of a content audience are: For example, take a look at Search Engine Journal. If you have on-site search enabled, which you 100% should have for your blog (at least), you can utilize Google’s on-site search keyword report: This is a goldmine of terms that your readers are actively looking for. Then you need to layer that in with content that ramps up in skill level to bring your new reader up to speed and continually address pain points as they shift in the buying cycle. I'm sure we've all been guilty of doing crazy stuff like going for half-mile runs or teaching our cats to roller-skate to try and get our subconscious mind to do its damn job and think of great content ideas. What exactly is a content strategy framework? Don’t overthink it. A content framework you can use Content Strategy Framework. In Google Analytics, look at your current monthly traffic: Sort your report by organic visits and set the date comparison range to “Last 30 days” (or whatever your timeline goal is). But you don’t really know what your audience wants. So merely doing them on your own is counterintuitive. Traditional approaches like examples, cookbooks, overview, etc., focus on static views of frameworks. This framework focuses on driving short-term traffic and brand awareness through social content while also investing in long-term growth through evergreen and link-building content. There’re two broad approaches you can take. Increase conversions from TOFU blog posts to lead magnets by 5%. With a new blog, the most critical thing you can do is get into the habit of clicking “publish” and gaining visibility. (Interestingly, our version got twice the amount of tweets as the original.). Think about the skyscraper analogy it’s named after: this will only work if the new content goes “higher” than the original. To develop a specific goal for your Content Strategy, you need to use the SMART framework: You’ve probably heard, seen, or even used SMART before. No traffic, no sales, and no growth. Depending on your business goals, content can serve countless purposes from brand awareness to closing deals and every step in between. That way, you know where your most of your readers are in the funnel and can plan out your content calendar accordingly. Tofu-Mofu-Bofu is a simple but powerful framework that will help you drive conversions with your content. Probably won’t do much of anything to get you links unless you write in a space with almost zero content. The second is the approach we’d take if we could have a do-over. “Sessions” is the traffic you are currently generating from organic search each month. The only way we got this chart to go up and to the right is b… You’ll also see the Tofu-Mofu-Bofu framework at play in our guide to referral marketing, which is one of the ways we’re making sure we’re hitting every part of the funnel. Understanding user behavior, touchpoints, and flow. Still popular, but more relevant and much better at driving leads. Content creation needs purpose, optimization, and most importantly, objective and actionable content marketing goals. Take your user flow and a good ol’ spreadsheet to establish a realistic journey. You know the answer already. Now get back to the drawing board and do it all over again for each end-goal you listed earlier. This type of agreement could be about anything, be it an exchange of goods, services, and other modes of purchase transactions. But that doesn’t mean it will work for you. The Spaghetti Blogging Framework puts you in the right mindset to create an active, living blog. Not even two, three, or four. Use Analytics to see which pages produce more and better traffic based on your KPIs: For instance, carefully look at dwell time metrics like bounce rate and time on site. Without one, chances are it’s the former. Not a chance.Content ne… Reader + type of content + schedule = framework. You may end up on a deserted island or on a white sand beach in Cancun, beer in hand. Non-existent. There is a better way, though, than struggling your way through. So many things go into content strategy. Recreational activities d. Learning to Compete and Cooperate i. The why, the how, and the process of maintaining and obtaining fitness b. It uses themes to guide your spaghetti throwing. The first is to create content about anything and everything. It’s easy to read any number of clickbait headlines proclaiming that content marketing grew a business by 10,000% in a week and start pumping out content.Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it still serves my point.Content without direction is merely another page that only Google crawlers will see.Before blogging was saturated to no end, producing some posts on anything would net you traffic.Now? You just discovered gold in the form of easy topics to write about that your audience is practically salivating over. Highly-specific, actionable things like: These are actionable, specific outputs that you can build a framework around. It’s tempting to jump from “my audience wants information on technical SEO only” to writing dozens of posts on the subject and calling it a content plan. Rather than just adding random ingredients every time, we might have tried out out candy-flavored spaghetti for a month, then if it wasn’t making any sense, try fruit-flavored spaghetti the next time. For many companies, this is the optimal solution because it can create success for almost any high-level business goal that they’re looking to achieve. But trying to craft every content piece around them is a waste of time. But if you haven’t, SMART is basically a way to create goals that are realistic and that can be evaluated. At the time, its purpose was to serve as a high-level view of the principles that govern the world of brand storytelling. Your content is gonna flop. No matter if you’re an authority already or just created your own blog. That means you’ll need 189 more sessions next month, totaling 2,083 visits. But generic, simple content that most create isn’t going to do anything for lead generation. Develop your creative. In this article we’ll give you a complete walkthrough for how you can develop a unique content strategy framework that doesn’t suck. After you’ve listed out your boring demographics and personas, you can dive into the meat and potatoes: Focus on crucial audience factors like experience level, relation to company products and common pain points (which will differ vastly at experience levels), and more. You have to structure loads of unique, high-quality content that’s structured for multiple stages of a user journey. Top of the Funnel = building awareness about you / the problem you address, Middle of the Funnel = teaching people how to choose a solution, Bottom of the Funnel = explaining why your product is the best solution. Luckily though, there are helpful online resources like The HubSpot Blog Topic Generatorto help us out so you can keep those trainers in mint condition and remain friends with the cat. A landmark study, an unconventional way to deliver results, a David and Goliath story where you put your own business on the line. Our earlier content includes a post about SOPA, some random comics by our designers and a piece pondering whether Google had turned evil. Hard. This will drive them to your work and ultimately to engage the onboarding process. For example, by linking out to more advanced content at the end of each post in a given stage will bring their journey from awareness to consideration faster: Remember my user flow example? Creating a derivative work that doesn’t meet the bar of the original will likely fail to succeed the way you want. This tool will assist school corporations and schools in developing locally designed model content frameworks. It’s for well-seasoned experts looking to take their performance to another level or squeeze every last percent of performance from their plan. Finding stellar content is easy. 2. For your framework to pan out as planned, you’ll need content that goes above and beyond daily SERP results or even “evergreen listicles.”. I.e., are you solving all of their problems for free or presenting value and tools to guide them on their journey from awareness to a decision? Work the plan. We started off with no idea what we were doing, then we luckily stumbled onto a bunch of frameworks that changed everything. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it still serves my point. Domain authorities of 80+ dominate even your coveted long-tail phrases with peewee league volume. Framework documentation should begin from the very beginning of the framework development and evolve with the development of the framework. We communicate effortlessl… Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The key with content marketing frameworks is placing everything in a real timeline. It’s easy to read any number of clickbait headlines proclaiming that successful content marketing grew a business by 10,000% in a week and start pumping out digital content. Or are you blogging about. Exploring community offerings c. Lifetime Low Skill Activities i. Robot Framework is a generic keyword-driven test automation framework for acceptance level testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD).. “So, when is this content marketing thing supposed to kick in, exactly?”. You can select a product in your niche and write a detailed post on what makes it a good product. Becoming Fit i. Use the New vs. This framework ensures that you’re delivering the right content to the right audience, through the right channels, at the right time to achieve your core marketing objectives. Eureka! According to the user flow, most people jump straight into stealing content ideas with Link Explorer. Content marketing is largely a solved problem — it all comes down to execution and persistence. Goals come in all shapes and sizes, so let’s set some ground rules on good … Document Management 4. This is the digital content strategy of most content creators. The timeline? You need to know what your loyal readers like. Start from the first point of contact that you notice: You need lower level, entry content to bring people through the door. Set goals for your content strategy to achieve organic growth. David and Goliath story where you put your own business on the line. Where most go wrong is immediately trying to copy it. While that’s higher than most can produce from the ground up or at the startup stages of content creation, they still start to generate content about their passion, a definite step in the right direction. At ReferralCandy, we’ve been running our blog for almost two years and have made plenty of content marketing mistakes. Our traffic grew 2,000% in that time, with our content getting featured in places like Forbes, The New York Times, and Business Insider. I wanted to pay it forward by showing you four content marketing frameworks that helped put us on the path to growth. Knowing that, take a look at what content pieces are bringing in the most traffic. If your goal is to increase traffic, that’s overall pretty easy: just post more great content on different platforms, and you’ll probably get a bit more traffic. And so, we came up with The Spaghetti Blogging Framework, which gets rid of all these questions and just makes it very simple: Just throw stuff on the wall and see what sticks. Knowledge Management 2. It does so by making sure that you’ve got content that addresses every part of your marketing funnel, from the Top to the Middle to The Bottom. The complete content framework graphic above illustrates some of these comparisons as an extension to the original SiriusDecisions framework. Instead, you should be focusing on creating content that your audience actually cares to spend their time reading. Not when millions of posts get published daily. Figuring out your Hedgehog Concept isn’t easy and likely will require some debates and several arm wrestling matches within your team. In short, it’s a structured plan of attack on how you will go about creating content, why you’ll be creating it, for whom you will be creating it, and how it factors into the buying process. Beyond it, you need to start developing a tangible framework with journey-esque steps. Refer back to your user flow that you analyzed in Analytics. Not unless you’ve spoken to them and directly asked. Now that you know what the TPACK framework is and why it’s important, let’s look at how it can be applied in the classroom. The content fra… The content isn’t meant for a noob. These shoes are supposed to help cushion your joints as you run, and their bottoms are extra tacky to prevent slips and falls on an indoor track. Is your goal to increase that by 10%? Or you could just let us handle your content framework plan too. Like I said earlier, content is only improving and exceeding what it did last week, month, and year. You’re left to end up wherever the current takes you, good or bad. The Hedgehog Concept also ensures that you’re writing content that drives the business, as opposed to churning out high-traffic content that attracts the wrong audience. In this situation, a framework can be used to review your hypotheses or explore if you can scientifically prove a particular idea. The plan? Unless you’re living under a rock or haven’t upgraded from dial-up internet, you know that content is only getting better. On the last point, does the content you make segue naturally into your services? The content framework provides a structural model for architectural content that allows the major work products that an architect creates to be consistently defined, structured, and presented. Not when top SERP spot holders have thousands more links than you: Think you’ll get 3.3k inbound marketing links from 1.4k domains to overtake them? The top organic SERP position holders (1-5) are capturing 90% (or more) of the attention. Only need 189 more visitors? Content needs a laser-like focus to bring success. For example, someone searching for “social scheduling tips” is clearly in the awareness stage, just starting their searching history on the topic. Our traffic grew 2,000% in that time, with our content getting featured in places like Forbes, The New York Times, and Business Insider. What purpose does each piece serve in the greater goal of growing sales and the business objectives? The content framework provided here is intended to allow TOGAF to be used … The content framework provides a structural model for architectural content that allows the major work products that an architect creates to be consistently defined, structured, and presented. Django is another framework that helps in building quality web applications. They read HubSpot’s benchmarks and see that 16 blog posts a month are a good start. Don’t get discouraged, don’t stress out, and keep at it. A critical step of putting Tofu-Mofu-Bofu to work is by having very well-developed customer personas. Once you apply the concept, your content strategy instantly gets a lot smarter. I.e., are you blogging about Facebook PPC strategies when you sell organic social tools? Use on-site search topics to help develop your content plan and even understand the level of technicality that your audience is looking for. Depending on the funnel stage of leads visiting your site, pain points can vary widely. How do the pieces connect and serve to drive action from TOFU to BOFU and every micro-moment in between? Content Without the Right Audience Is Just Content, Audit Your Existing Content and Analytics First, Fill Your Framework Plan With Unique Content. This is like trying to find the perfect spaghetti recipe by adding anything into the mix: jelly beans, bananas, chocolate. A content strategy framework is essential to prepare for these inevitable epiphanies. Sort your secondary dimension to “Page” to see what pages your returning visitors are browsing: Now analyze those same dwell time metrics, like: This should shed some light on what specific posts and topics your regular readers enjoy. It’s been three years since we unveiled the Content Marketing Framework. Start by listing off specific outputs, or end-goals, for your content. Developing a content strategy framework plan can feel tiresome and (honestly) downright boring. That means you’re only speaking to certain segments and potentially missing out on huge swaths of potential customers. And that requires a custom content marketing framework. Their pain points likely center around finding good ways to consistently publish on social media. Pre-Hedgehog Concept, we would publish articles on topics with very weak links to our business, like why there should be more women in venture capital — popular and shared widely, but barely generates any leads. Most businesses that start to create content do it in-house. It led to better team morale, which meant higher quality and quantity of output. To conduct content analysis with film sources, you can follow the same steps outlined in this article; the main difference will probably be your units of analysis. The good news: You get to learn from those mistakes and improve your content and your strategies. They test it out and give this whole digital content deal the old college try. Don’t have existing content for some of the searches shown? This gives you a clear picture of what a single content piece might do for your traffic in a month. No longer are the days of launching your content out into the social media ether and watching the sheep flock through the gates. Getting lost in the weeds of “24-45 years old” and “likes fishing on the weekends” is setting you back. Architects executing the Architecture Development Method (ADM) will produce a number of outputs as a result of their efforts, such as process flows, architectural requirements, project plans, project compliance assessments, etc. Still, it’s key to any successful content marketing that is done today. And then finally, they engage with our “Get Started” CTA: This is a prime example of our content marketing framework plan in action. You need goals for your goals for your goals. Now, take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back. I’d love to share my experience and strategies with you to give you a leg up in the content marketing game. Whether constructing a conceptual framework will be a helpful exercise depends on the type of research you are doing. Using a product use cases content framework is a good idea to increase user engagement. You need a subgoal and sub-sub-goals and so-on. Reach out to everyone who shared the original and let them know about your spinoff. Washington Post's List-based Article. For example: Now you know your required input for this month (a kick-ass blog post) and the expected output (189+ visits). Does the content you already produce or want to produce relate to what you sell? You can utilize the Content Strategy Template provided by Moz. 1. If someone new to SEO stumbled on their site, they’d probably be shakin’ in their boots: Why? Worth it? If people are spending nearly 10 minutes on average reading your post, it’s a sign that your content is captivating them. Content marketing can be hard. You can’t expect to land clients, grow your sales funnel, or attract customers with a single post.

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