CGIAR is a global research partnership for a food-secure future. Fish is vital source of food, nutrition and income for millions around the world. CCAFS research on climate-smart technologies and practices addresses the challenge of how to transition to climate-smart agriculture (CSA) at a large scale for enabling agricultural systems to be Adriana Varón (51) CIAT Comunicaciones (260) Rosemary Nzuki (23) Sylvia Pineda (235) Maria Eliza Villarino (44) Erika Eliana Mosquera (39) Lizeth LLanos (2) Andy Jarvis (3) Augusto Castro (6) First Name. 2020. Many are just returning from military service, balancing two part-time jobs with their coursework, or heading back into the workforce after time off. CIAT processes and their process owners. Bernal, Johanna, Coordinator, Project Administration Office, Fernández, Julio Mario, Communications Team Leader The Directory of Practices identifies all practices which have CIAT Members as principals, partners, LLP members or directors and are on the Institute's Register of Practices. To log in, your username is your main email address (as held by CIAT) and your password is your date of birth. Local downloads & updates; Other downloads & updates Rodriguez, Juan Manuel, Labor Relations and Policies While it is becoming easier to fin… If you have changed your password and cannot remember what it is, please use the forgotten password link. Ujueta, Camilo, Facilities & Field Operations Change Password Change your password using current password. Roa, Carolina, Intellectual Property (IP) Manager, Legal Office, Partnerships and Communications As a Project Manager of CIAT for the implementation of ERP Unit4 Business World, I can emphasize that the services offered had been highly professional. It is hosted by the International Livestock Research Institute. Escober, Vilia, Finance and Administrative Coordinator, Central America Last Name. Varón, Adriana, Communications Coordinator for Latin America, Finance Santiago Díaz de Sarralde, Dalmiro Morán, Julio López, Gaspar Maldonado. Reset Password Reset your forgotten password Unlock Account Unlock your locked out account Research themes. New password: Confirm new password: CGIAR-CSI is one of the Community of Practices supported by the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture. GCON4 is currently among our trusted suppliers.” - Mario Andres Velasquez, OCS – Project Manager, CIAT WENT LIVE EARLIER THAN EXPECTED September . Quintana, Lina, General Services (Food, catering and guest house, cleaning, conferences and visitors, Bogotá administrative office), Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research InstituteContact: María Estefanía López, Eduardo Tovar, Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA)Contact: Claudia Patricia Vélez García, CLAYUCA CorporationContact: Bernardo Ospina, Corporation for the Development of Biotechnology (Corporación BIOTEC)Contact: Miryam Sánchez, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)Contact: Luis Narro, Latin America Fund for Irrigated Rice (FLAR)Contact: Eduardo Graterol, The Natural Conservancy Contact: Mauricio Castro Schmitz’s – Lands Manager, Copyright © 2019 International Center for Tropical Agriculture - CIAT, Global Director Product Development (Washington D.C.), Agroecosystems and Sustainable Landscapes, Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute, Mauricio Castro Schmitz’s – Lands Manager, Contact our regional and country offices →. Visit our website at CIAT has a total of 968 staff representing 59 nationalities present across three regions: Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. About us 17 February, 2016 Written by: Tomás Torres The Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT) supports the efforts of national governments by promoting the evolution, social acceptance and institutional strengthening of tax administrations, encouraging international cooperation and the exchange of experiences and best practices. At CIAT, we understand that every one of our students is in a different place in their lives. The CIAT Experience. The format for the date of birth is date/month/year e.g. Meneses, Carlos, Information Technology There is limited inter-regional trade in cassava, and many of the cassava products are consumed locally. Camacho, Beatriz, Health Safety & Environment 2020. Jaramillo, Carolina, Resource Mobilization Coordinator Abella, Diego, Compensation & HR Services CGIAR research aims to reduce rural poverty, increase food security, improve human health and nutrition, and sustainable management of natural resources. CCAFS and its partners have processed this data … View outputs and research on … Osorio, Luis Fernando, Manager, Financial Planning & Monitoring Schuetz, Tonya, Head of Monitoring, evaluation and Learning (Kenya) Simon Bentley stated that while both Africa and South America are major cassava producers, only a small portion of the crop is traded internationally. ABW Updates: Contact us. Around 800 million people depend on fishing and aquaculture for their livelihoods. Unit4 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the new name for Unit4 Business World, which was also known for many years as Unit4 Agresso. Environment; Food; Gender; Health; Prosperity; Research programs. CGIAR’s global network of 15 Research Centers contributes to an unrivalled mix of knowledge, skills and research facilities able to respond to emerging development issues. Data Provided by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) The data distributed here are in ARC GRID, and ARC ASCII format, in decimal degrees and datum WGS84. CIAT The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) is a not-for-profit organization that conducts socially and environmentally progressive research aimed at reducing hunger and poverty and preserving natural resources in developing countries. To log in, your username is your main email address (as held by CIAT) and your password is your date of birth. ; Webinars Learn more about Unit4 solutions in our online and on-demand webinars ; Events Come visit Unit4 at one of our upcoming events. To use this tool, draw polygons on the map below, or select a pre-defined area from the drop down boxes. Advances in geospatial data science provide CGIAR with a new opportunity to accelerate research and impacts. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Try out our new explorer tool to search, find and view knowledge in this repository. Then select the input parameters you wish to use. Guardia, Victor, Director, Finance Lee, Ysabel Anne, Communications Officer for Asia (Philippines) CIAT has a total of 968 staff representing 59 nationalities present across three regions: Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. Peña, Jorge, Manager, Financial Operations, Kareri, Alice, HR and Administration Coordinator, Africa Mateo-Vega, Javier, Director, Partnerships and Communications If CIAT does not have your email address, you will be unable to log in. We work to improve food security and reduce poverty through research for better and more sustainable use of livestock Better lives through livestock Livestock in developing countries contribute up to 80% of agricultural GDP; 600 million rural poor people rely on livestock for their livelihoods. Choose country for local software • Australia - local updates: View • Benelux - local updates: View • Analytics and Reporting CGSpace is a collaboration of several centers, the CGIAR system management office and research programs. ; Blog Stay up-to-date on our latest thought leadership and industry news. CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information (CGIAR-CSI) is the geospatial science Community of Practice that facilitates CGIAR’s use of geospatial data and analysis in research. Should you be unable to successfully log in please contact the Communications Department, by clicking here, © Copyright CIAT 2020 | Web Design and Development by Pixl8 Interactive Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. If this is the case, please inform CIAT so your details can be updated. 3,000+ partners Unequalled partnerships network of more than 3,000 partners from national governments, academic institutions, global policy bodies, private companies and NGOs. Wageningen University & Research Lumen building Droevendaalsesteeg 3a 6708 PB Wageningen The Netherlands Email: Contact person Diego Osorio Phone: +31 31 7485493 or +31 6 390 88813 Email: Browse our course catalog! WorldFish is an international, non-profit research organization that strives to strengthen livelihoods and enhance food and nutrition security by improving fisheries and aquaculture. El Comité Permanente de Ética del CIAT es un espacio para el desarrollo colaborativo de materiales, métodos, manuales y técnicas diseñados para la adaptación y uso de las administraciones tributarias en el fortalecimiento de sus programas éticos. Salazar, Juan Pablo, Logistics Mattson, Sean, Global Communications Officer Florez, Nelly, Advocacy and Partnerships Manager WP-02-2020: Revenue Report COVID - 19 (RRC). Hoang, Thao, Regional Administrative Coordinator, Asia (Hanoi) Unit4 Financial Planning & … CIAT is a CGIAR Research Center. The format for the date of birth is date/month/year e.g. After months of hard work, preparation and training, CIAT went live on January 2015 with the new CGIAR cross-cutting operations platform (Unit 4 Business World (UBW) formerly Agresso). Qualifying as a Chartered Architectural Technologist, MCIAT, CIAT Insurance Services/McParland Finn information sheets. Carrillo, Ana Marta, Global Talent Manager ; Library Find everything you need about Unit4’s products and services. What is a Chartered Architectural Technologist? CIAT | The International Center for Tropical Agriculture is a not-for-profit research and development organization dedicated to increase prosperity and improve human nutrition in the tropics through research-based solutions in agriculture and the environment 2020. Voices. CIAT/AEAT/IEF. Rajasekharan, Maya, Director, Program Management 12/02/1965 12/02/1965. Mwanzia, Leroy, Chief Data Officer (Kenya) Email Address. Many are based from our regional offices located in Colombia (HQ), Kenya, and Vietnam. News Get the latest updates and headlines from the Unit4 team. High-resolution remote sensing imagery and spatially-explicit multidisciplinary datasets help researchers to work more efficiently and effectively than ever before in, for example, mapping agriculture, better targeting investments, real-time monitoring of impacts, and spurring innovations in agricultural research and development by adding location context and intelligence. Decision and Policy Analysis Research AreaJarvis, Andy, Research Area Director, LeadersLäderach, Peter, Climate Change (Vietnam)Lundy, Mark, Sustainable Food SystemsJimenez, Daniel, Digital AgricultureReymondin, Louis, Digital Agriculture, Agroecosystems and Sustainable Landscapes Research AreaQuintero, Marcela, Research Area Director, LeadersVerchot, Louis, Landscape RestorationFrancesconi, Wendy, Ecosystem services and environmental impacts, Desta, Lulseged, Landscape Restoration (África)Imbach, Pablo, Landscape Restoration (Asia)Da Silva, Mayesse, Soils and water management (LAC)Lesueur, Didier, Soils and water management (Asia)Nyawira, Sylvia, Ecosystem services and environmental impacts (África)Imbach, Pablo, Ecosystem services and environmental impacts (Asia), Agrobiodiversity Research AreaTohme, Joseph, Research Area Director, LeadersBecerra, Luis Augusto, CassavaBeebe, Stephen, BeanAlvarez, María Fernanda, RicePeters, Michael, Tropical Forages (Kenya)Wenzl, Peter, Genetic Resources, CIAT–AfricaAraba, Adebisi, Regional Director (Kenya), Chirwa, Rowland, Regional Coordinator Research Beans (Malawi)Rubyogo, Jean Claude, Seed Systems Specialist Beans (Tanzan)Zulu, Rodah Morezio, Nutritional Facilitator Beans (Malawi)Maguta, Job Kihara, Senior Scientist, Agronomy And Soil Fertility, Soils And Water Management (Kenya)Kizito, Fred, Senior Scientist, Landscape Restoration (Rwanda)Girvetz, Evan Hartunian, Senior Scientist, Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area (Kenya)Notenbaert, An Maria Omer, Livestock Systems SSA, Tropical Forages (Kenya)Pan-African Bean Research Alliance (PABRA), Robin Buruchara, Director (Kenya)Waswa, Boaz, Program Coordinator (Kenya), CIAT–AsiaCampilan, Dindo, Regional Director (Vietnam), De Haan, Stefan, Researcher – Agrobiodiversity And Food Systems, Cassava (Vietnam)Laderach, Peter Roman Django, Team Leader Climate Change (Vietnam)Douxchamps, Sabine Olivia B, Forage Based Crop-Livestock Systems Specialist, Tropical Forages (Vietnam), CIAT–Latin America and the CaribbeanNavarrete Frías, Carolina, Regional Director Latin America and the CaribbeanWiegel, Jenny, Country Manager Nicaragua and Honduras (Managua)Van Der Hoek, Ringenerus, Forage Based Crop-Livestock Systems Specialist (Managua), CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), Campbell, Bruce, DirectorRivera, Julián, Finance, Contracts & Liaison ManagerBonilla-Findji, Osana, CCAFS Flagship 2 Science OfficerLoboguerrero, Ana María, Head of Global Policy ResearchMartínez Barón, Deissy, Program Coordinator for CCAFS in Latin AmericaDe Abreu, David, CCAFS Knowledge and Data Sharing ManagerTobón, Héctor, CCAFS Knowledge and Data Sharing Technical ManagerAmariles, Sebastian, CCAFS Knowledge and Data Sharing Multimedia EngineerGarcia, Angela, CCAFS Knowledge and Data Sharing Data Manager, HarvestPlusPfeiffer, Wolfgang H, Global Director Product Development (Washington D.C.), HarvestPlus Crop Product Development ManagersVirk, Parminder, Manager Crop Development (India)Andersson, Meike, Crop Development Specialist, HarvestPlus Regional ManagersMavindidze, Donald, Regional Director AfricaUbomba-Jaswa, Patience Acanda, Market Development Manager (Zambia)Katsvairo, Lister, Manager, Africa Regions Partnership Countries (Rwanda), HarvestPlus Country ManagersBashar, Khairul (Bangladesh)Lubobo, Antoine Kanyenga (DR Congo)Ilona, Paul (Nigeria)Cherian, Binu (India)Bux Baloch, Qadir (Pakistan)Mulambu, Joseph (Rwanda & CIAT Country Representative), CGIAR Platform for Big Data in AgricultureKing, Brian, Platform CoordinatorMcDade, Mariane, Head of Communications, Management TeamEcheverría, Ruben G. (, Director General (See biography)Araba, Adebisi, Regional Director for Africa (Kenya)Campilan, Dindo, Regional Director for Asia (Vietnam)Navarrete Frías, Carolina, Regional Director for Latin American & the CaribbeanJarvis, Andy, Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area DirectorTohme, Joseph, Agrobiodiversity Research Area DirectorQuintero, Marcela, Agroecosystems and Sustainable Landscapes Research Area DirectorRajasekharan, Maya, Director, Program ManagementGuardia, Victor, Director, FinanceMateo-Vega, Javier, Director, Partnerships and CommunicationsCampbell, Bruce, Director CCAFSMuñoz, Mauricio, Head, Legal OfficeVargas, Alejandra, Governance Officer, Office of the Director GeneralGil, Luz Stella, Executive AssistantMuñoz, Mauricio, Head, Legal OfficeRayo, Carolina, Administrative AssistantVargas, Alejandra, Governance Officer, Program Management Manual sobre Gestión de Riesgos de Incumplimiento para Administraciones Tributarias . Many are based from our regional offices located in Colombia (HQ), Kenya, and Vietnam. Nzuki, Rosemary, Communications Officer for Africa (Nairobi) Sweitzer, Elizabeth, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer At CIAT, 100% of our courses are available in person & online for the most convenient and flexible learning experiences possible. More than one billion poor people obtain […] CGIAR (formerly the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research) is a global partnership that unites international organizations engaged in research about food security. You may change your password once you have logged in. No matter where you are in life or where you’ve come from, we’ll meet you there. CIAT/SII-Chile / FMI. Changing password for null.

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