Magnetic shielded Synthesizer im Studio aufnehmen – in gut! Noch nicht registriert? To see why People who want to have an active Auratone should keep the hands off that Avantone. Look alike doesn’t mean sound alike. Avant Electronics and Avantone Audio. Before we start, we have some news of importance for you. That’s clearly: the prime father and the classic Auratone, in my ears they one step ahead. I have to fix that, push that bottom rubber with great pressure round the tripod. Die heißesten News undVerlosungen monatlich per Email. For this test I use a Samson Servo 120a, a fan less amplifier, with very well audio quality and measured values and a reasonable price tag. What comes around, follow in our comparison. Er darf maximal 1400 Zeichen lang sein. We use a monitor speaker, which doesn’t reflect deep bass or highest high frequencies but rather the mid-range and lower mid plus higher mid-range frequencies. Es sind momentan noch keine Kommentare für diesen Artikel vorhanden. The Auratones are iconic and that’s for sure. Ein paar Sachen haben funktioniert. Der Klang und die Optik vom Gerät nunja. Die Länge der Kommentare ist aber leider begrenzt. My 4mm cables fall in smoothly. I've read a lot of praise from bigger engineers about the auratone 5C and avantone mixcubes because of how crappy they sound. Die Tastatur war ähnlich der einer Monotribe. Die ist Ihr Forum um sich persönlich zu den Inhalten der Artikel auszutauschen. Find out how their latest model performs. On another a rubber on the bottom wasn’t fixed well, so in the end the speaker stands crooked. Learn more Hey there! It’s not. Workshop Kompression: Was genau macht ein Kompressor? In a numerous comments our readers wished a comparison between the would-be same models from Auratone, Avantone, Behringer. When Avantone's BV1 multi‑pattern tube mic turned up for review, I thought somebody had sent me a Fender amp: the mic comes in a huge, tweed‑covered case with faux alligator-skin trim, and it is pretty heavy! They can reproduce vocals very well, otherwise they sound “flat” and on dimensional. Mittlerweile sind ein paar Jahre ins Land gegangen, geblieben ist immer noch die Liebe zur Elektronischen und Anderer Musik. Meine ersten Gehversuche hatte ich in der Jugend... Left to Right: Avantone MixCube, Original Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube, Behringer ("Behritone") C5a Powered Monitor This entry was posted in Gear Reviews , Recording Techniques and tagged 5C , Auratone , Avantone , Behrintone , Super Sound Cube . The results as well as the objectives are different. Many comments above seem to say that mixing in mono with Auratone/Avantone/Behringer speaker(s), is the same as mixing in mono with crappy speakers. Wir freuen uns, dass Du einen umfangreichen Beitrag beisteuern möchtest. Es sind momentan noch keine Kommentare für diesen Artikel vorhanden. The problem is simple: Many devices don’t deliver high end or high fidelity sound. The Auratone 5C Super Sound Cubes are passive speakers and need a separate amplifier. Their plain purpose, how the mid-range frequencies sound to … Microphones, studio monitors & accessories. Cabinet: 16 mm MDF Avantone Active MixCube Single Cream, aktiver Mini Referenz Monitor full-range (Stück), geschirmt, 5.25" Driver, Frequenzgang : 90 Hz - 17 kHz, Leistung: … Haben Sie eigene Erfahrungen mit einem Produkt gemacht, stellen Sie diese bitte über die Funktion Leser-Story erstellen ein. Haben Sie eigene Erfahrungen mit einem Produkt gemacht, stellen Sie diese bitte über die Funktion Leser-Story erstellen ein. And very often, this range is unbalanced. Avantone MixCubes, manyetik korumalı 5.25”lik full-range tek bir sürücüye sahip referans stüdyo monitörüdür. Workshop: Recording und Mixing 3 – AUX-Wege, Effekt-Routing. Although Avantone points on the website the inspiration from Auratone 5C, they have a very different sound and character. So in a sense, the C50A is a “clone-of-a-clone”. They sound different. The cones from a C50A had a dent although he was in his original packaging. Here are the technical data of the Auratone 5C: Cone:  4,5’’ full range speaker I never worked and mixed with them and now I know why they are a real enrichment in a monitoring speaker unit. Auratones used a five-inch driver with a stamped steel chassis, whereas the Avantones use a slightly larger 8Ω 5.25-inch driver with a die-cast aluminum chassis. There was also a lack of the fun factor. They win over with a foundational “modern” sound and the performance of the amplifier. Für persönliche Nachrichten verwenden Sie bitte die Nachrichtenfunktion im Profil. All tested monitor speakers Avantone MixCubes Active, Behringer Behritone C50A and Auratone 5C weren’t built for hearing final mixes. So let’s go ahead to the full range speaker comparison. Meine ersten Gehversuche hatte ich in der Jugend... In various studio reports and corresponding photos it’s obvious that the used speakers are very often the Auratones. Mittlerweile wird das Equipment wieder mehr physisch, will sagen ... Lieber Leser, dein Kommentar ist zu lang. Wir empfehlen Dir daher für ausführliche Beiträge die Funktion. The competitors within our comparison review broadband speaker: Auratone 5C, Avantone MixCubes oder Behringer C50A. Let’s say it very polite. Spotting a gap in the market, Avant Electronics began manufacturing the Avantone MixCube, their own updated take on the Auratone concept, in the mid ‘00s. Die Avantone ist ebenfalls ein professionelles Werkzeug, geht vom Klang aber in eine andere Richtung: Härter, sehr direkt, auf Wunsch lauter als die beiden anderen, aber insgesamt auch unausgewogener. Avantone MixCube vs New Auratone 5C (again) So different! Neither sparkling high frequencies nor deep sea deep abyss bass frequencies will be proofed. The cable connectors are gold-plated big screw terminals, which probably take 8 mm diameter cables. Sich daraus ergebende Diskussionen sollten höflich und sachlich geführt werden. Du musst angemeldet sein, um einen Kommentar abzugeben.

auratone vs avantone

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